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JUPITER'S BOUGHT THE DOME Donal an Irish lad and Myron a Cockney Jamaican mix meet aged seventeen as book reviewers and trainee journalists Before long they're onto the hottest stories in London DEATH CAUSED BY CAFFEINE In their future Stansted Airport has been converted to a space shuttle base and Londoners are recruited to mine the asteroids AHOY NEPTUNE ESTUARY BOMBS TO BE CLEARED While exploring the other planets we found that they were all inhabited Now those people are coming to Earth and looking for work They're also opening ethnic restaurants in central London THE SMOKING GUN Befriending immigrants makes Donal and Myron unpopular with some while their investigative reporting lands them in trouble with wealthy organisations criminals and the Home Office Their romantic prospects are compromised But you can't keep a good team down especially when they report for London's Eye and they've got every book ever digitised at their disposal STOWAWAYS FROM SATURN

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    Dining Out Around the Solar System by Clare O’Beara follows the story of Donal who along with his best friend Myron grows from a teen with a love of books into an important investigative journalist His published stories dig ever deeper into the political morass of Great Britain’s underpinnings making life for the friends dangerous The story runs across decades and the arcs for Donal Myron and their lovers friends and associates twist with their investigations If you fancy longer books this one will keep you happy for an extended period I found myself reading Dining Out on my cell whenever I traveled and at home in the evenings Donal is a nascent hacker and novelist living in the London of an alternative future where humans have discovered sentient beings on every other planet in the Solar System and trade with other planets is starting to flourish It was easy for me to suspend disbelief at the notion of advanced life on other planets think Star Trek O’Beara’s writing is approachable and well researched If you enjoy suspense stories with science fiction twists I believe you will find Dining Out Around the Solar System by Clare O’Beara to be your five star cup of tea

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    What a relief to read about a future that isn't the usual grim dystopia This is cozy science fiction where humanoid aliens from every planet in the solar system have immigrated to an already over crowded London Of course they open restaurants Two young reporters from a local 'zine who write reviews soon find themselves covering stories from bigotry and racial violence to deep seated governmental corruption A mix of humor mild cynicism and pointed social commentary keeps this very long book very readable

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    This was a whimsical non traditional story that was enjoyable to read As both a lover of science fiction and of food I especially enjoyed the reviews of alien food and culture interspersed throughout the tale of two journalists growing into their own in a familiar yet very different London There were moments here and there that felt a little like the author peeling back the world to speak to us directly but overall the story had enough wonder and heart to carry it through Your mileage may vary but if you want a taste of something new and different you should definitely try this outI received a copy of this book for an honest review

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    Epic tale of journalism in a near future London Could also get tagged crime and suspense but a little too drawn out for the genre Brilliant but best read second Review to follow

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    This is a long novel chronicling the careers of two journalists in near future or it it alternative future not sure London While I would have preferred that it be broken up into two or three shorter works I do recommend the effort it takes to read The plot consists of many short vignettes as the journalists pursue their stories bound together by the progress of their personal lives This makes it difficult to summarize and I can only say give it a tryThe author herself recommended that I try the second volume in the series Dining Out With the Ice Giants because the length was manageable I did that some time ago and you can find my review of that volume on Goodreads also I enjoyed that book enough to try this book in spite of its length and you might want to approach the author's work in the same way Either way give it a go

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    Story and format just were not to my liking