[[ download Textbooks ]] Der Tiger: Schwere Panzerabteilung: Volume 2 (English and German Edition)Author Volker Ruff – Autowiringdiagram.co

Schwere PanzerabteilungFought On The Battlefields Of Russia As The First Tank Unit Deployed With The New Tiger It Saw Its First Action On The Leningrad Front Line At The End Of AugustThis Was Followed By Combat Around Leningrad And Ladoga Sea Front Line And Then In The Baltic Countries This Second Volume In The DER TIGER Photo Book Series Uses Images Taken By Photographers Of The Propaganda Companies And Private Photographs Taken By Members Of ThePanzer Abteilung The Photos Are Arranged In Chronological Order By Place And Sequence To Show The Tiger Tank In The Field, Under Maintenance, And In Action OverWartime Photographs Formation In MayFirst Action At Leningrad Frontline Winter Second Battle Of Ladoga Unit Completion In AprilMove To The Leningrad Front SummerThird Battle Of Ladoga Autumn Winter Pustoshka Nevel Narva SummerOstrov Daugavpils D Naburg Riga Courland Winter Spring Memel Bridgehead

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