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A Sweeping Medieval Adventure The Castle Town Of Dansford Is Poised On The Edge Of The Welsh Frontier In Th Century England During A Daring Night Attack, A Simple Merchant Inadvertently Becomes A Hero And Is Taken On A Journey Of Self Discovery To Find The Courage Within Him That He Never Knew He Possessed With New Friends And A Mistaken Identity He Is Thrust Into A World Of Nobility And Manners Where One Wrong Slip Of The Tongue Could Be The Death Of Him Defender Of The Realm Is An Exciting And Often Humorous Ride Through England Of Old That Breaks Down The Social Barriers Of Class Distinction By Examining What Truly Makes One Noble It S The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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    I m not good with words, but this book is so good I m going to try and share my feelings.The book starts with great visual descriptions and just enough background information to solidly ground the story.The action starts right away and continues to carry you into the storyline with well described characters and personalities The many storylines are kept in sequence with just enough decriptions to keep you from getting lost, yet you need to pay attention to keep everyone straight I loved that, it kept me enthralled and I even snapped at my husband because he interupted me in a crucial scene he didn t speak to me for 24 hours after that Even though this is basicly a historical action adventure, there is romance, human interest and battle detail to interest just about anyone.I have to say, I was so moved, I even shed tears at the end I know corny but the best books do that to me when they end.I am looking forward to the further adventures of James and Allyn Please don t keep me waiting too long.

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    I must admit that I do not usually read historical fiction set in the medieval period However, reading Corey Holst s Defender of the Realm made me rethink my reading preference My interest in history initially pulled me in However, as the story unfolded, I found so much than a historical account of the period The novel mixes adventure, action, and even humor in just the right combination The rich detail and compelling narrative drew me in and didn t let me go In the process, I was treated to an adventurous trip that took me through the struggles of daily life to the heroic battles of the period through castles, and fields and towns Highly recommended for readers looking for an engaging story and richly drawn characters.

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    I found this book off of as a recomendatiom and I am really glad that I found it I really liked this storys character development and it s surroundings of the middle ages in England This book was very fast paced and I found myself wanting to read it when I was at school I finished it in two days and found myself wanting a sequel I fully reccomend this book to anyone who loves adventure, castles, and action Great Read

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    The book defender of the realm, by Corey Holst is not only a wonderful glimpse into a historical period and culture, a time when legends were made, but is also a great story The book started off interestingly enough, giving me a taste of castles and kings, great characters and adventurous tales set in the middle ages Then as it warmed up it pulled me deeper and deeper, and I had a hard time setting it down By about half way through, I just plain had to finish it The characters in the story were well developed, and so interesting that I now want to know what the rest of their lives were about It left me satisfied, and yet wanting The story was full of exciting times, tense suspenseful events, romance, and humor, and yet also people that you just want to get to know I am by nature a people watcher, because people are just plain entertaining, and Holst s book allows us to get to know a cast of characters that both come alive and invade our hearts as if they were loved personalities in our own lives I almost hated to turn the last page, as if to say goodbye to new friends, and am looking forward to any sequel or series that Holst may write, so I can read about them.It s been a while since I read a book that left me ignoring the phone, email, and TV, but this was just good plain fun to read My son, who also loves a good adventure tale, has let me know, having seen me trapped within the pages of this book, that he has dibs on it next.

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    My thoughts on this book are rather complicated The premise was interesting and fresh not many writers have tried to take on the perspective of a layman from this period, and it was a bold move Holst s style is very modern and approachable, and he has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge of medieval tactics, society, and weapons, all of which he relates with enthusiasm and narrative composition is choppy, shifting from action sequences to background information and back again These transitions are rather abrupt and, while informative, cause the story to progress rather haltingly Likewise do the characterizations progress one moment humble and apprehensive, the next, jocular and bold Overall, it was an entertaining novel While the narrative flow could be improved, it was both entertaining and informative.

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    Fantastic read Great modern style of writing dialog, but with all the historical background settings and events Characters are vivid and real the ones you love and the ones you love to hate Very exciting and visual battle scenes Feels like you re watching a movie while reading the book Great for anyone who likes historical fiction, action adventure Perfect for young adults.

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    I learned about life in early England The author really did his homework When I watched The Tudors on HBO, I heard many of the same terms used, and saw a lot of the same war strategies used The personal lives of the characters really drew me in I loved this story.

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    This was a joy to read and not because I know the author I love to be teleported to places I would, otherwise, have no chance of visiting A great read

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    Adorable story Lent my copy to a friend Highly recommended.