read online ePUB Deep Sea Hunters: RAF Coastal Command and the War Against the U-Boats and the German Navy 1939 -1945Author Martin Bowman –

Beginning With The Disastrous Norwegian Campaign, It Takes In The Numerous Attacks On The Bustling German Submarine Base At Lorient, The Attack On Brest, As Well As Many Other Pivotal And Memorable Events To Enliven The History Of The Sea Lanes During The Second World War Battles With The U Boats Are Brought To The Fore, With Details And Experiences Not Only Of The RAF Pilots Of Catalinas, Whitleys, Hudsons And Sunderlands, But Also Those Of The Targeted U Boat Crews In Scenes Reminiscent Of Das Boot German And Italian U Boat Crews Tell Of Their Fears And Experiences While Under Depth Charge Attack And Fire From Above By Liberators, Fortresses, Halifaxes, Sunderlands And Mosquitoes The Big Game Sport Of Hunting U Boats , As It Was Termed, Is Relayed In Full And Gripping Detail, With First Hand Accounts From U Boat Attackers Punctuating Bowman S Dramatic Prose And Resting Alongside Those Of The German Submariners This Two Sided History Is Sure To Appeal To All Enthusiasts Interested In Gaining A Balanced Insight Into Second World War Naval History The information and stories in this book are good and give a good insight into coastal command operations However, the book constantly jumps from one place to another and has no real structure But the worst thing about this book is the editing, it s a joke It is difficult to believe an adult has produced it, let alone an author.Won t be purchasing a Mr Bowman book again. Very good To my mind, Martin Bowman s work of late have resembled loosely organized, large data dumps rather than books Case in point DEEP SEA HUNTERS A 2014 Pen Sword Books release, it tells the story of RAF COASTAL COMMMAND AND THE WAR AGAINST THE U BOATS AND THE GERMAN NAVY.After a rather disorganized introductory chapter on Coastal Command, Bowman unleashes scads and scads of detailed accounts of air sea action in a series of chapters entitled Norwegian Campaign, Wimpys over the Waves, Bombers Against the German Navy, Queen of the Boats, etc You d think the Wimpy chapter would detail Wellington ops but other Coastal Command a c are thrown in as well Likewise the Queen of the Boats supposedly centers on Sunderlands but includes air sea combats by other aircraft.What s also annoying is either Pen Sword s awful proofreading or Bowman s deliberate re use of material throughout the book Several paragraphs and several sections are repeated verbatim Reading this book, you get a definite sense of deja vu Likewise, after an account of the final Coastal Command combats flights, the book just ends with no attempt to summarize what all that action meant i.e what was Coastal Command s record and what was its contribution to victory.If you re looking for endless slam band air action, DEEP SEA HUNTERS is just what the doctor ordered If you re looking for abalanced, insightful account of Coastal Command s air war, you might want to look elsehwere Your call folks 8,150 Helpful Votes