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Westerns are not my kind of read and most of the horror novels I have read were not very good This book wasthan I expected I don t want to give anything away except to say if you like horror novels this one is definitely one to read. Hang with the Reverend as he battles dark agents from hell with his trusty converted, of course.36 Navy Colt pistol in one hand and his Bible in the other He doesn t shrink from whiskey the devil s pee and his religious views are not what one might expect from a preacher man He always takes care to rub down and curry his horse, and he notes that he doesn t joke much, so I m poor at it That last reminded me of something the taciturn Captain Woodrow Call of Lonesome Dove might say.Characters are written in such a way that the reader can almost smell the stench emanating from them Deputy Caleb ate flies, had no manners, and was unrefined Jud, sheriff of the tiny town of Wood Tick, has pores in his face large enough to hold pooled water and a nose that has been broken so many times that it moves from side to side when he talks He also has a goiter on his neck that he has tied off in a filthy rag And then there is poor simple Norville, whose daddy killed his mama over turnip soup He didn t like turnips, let alone in soup The monsters were hideously excellent and scary This was loaned to me by a Goodreads buddy who won it in a giveaway, thank you It was a hoot This is my second book by Joe R Lansdale, and it was completely different from the first Versatile writer Ready to readfrom him. Deadwood Meets Cthulhu In This Wild And Profane Western Romp Featuring Zombies, Werewolves, Evil Spirits, And One Pissed Off Gun Slinging PreacherThe Wild West Has Never Seen The Likes Of Reverend Jebediah Mercer, A Hard Man Wielding A Burning Bible In The Battle Between God And The Devil, In An Endless Struggle He S Not Sure He Cares Who Wins Laced With Fast Paced Action, Nonstop Humor, And Spine Tingling Horror, Deadman S Road Is Your Ride To Hell, In Which A Vengeful Shaman Curses The Town By Conjuring A Seemingly Unstoppable Army Of The Undead An Ill Advised Shortcut Leads To A Bees Nest Of Terror A Man Stands Condemned, Not For Murdering His Wife But For Raising The Lovecraftian Horror That Killed Her A Woman Is Attacked By Werewolves And Left For Dead In A Ghost Town And A Mining Camp Faces Off With A Horde Of Cannibalistic Fiends Wood Tick wasn t so much a town as it was a wide rip in the forest The Reverend Jebidiah Mercer rode in on an ebony horse on a coolish autumn day beneath an overcast sky of humped up, slow blowing, gun metal gray clouds they seemed to crawl It was his experience nothing good ever took place under a crawling sky It was an omen, and he didn t like omens, because, so far in his experience, none of them were good Deadman s Road is a collection of five stories featuring Reverend Jebidiah Mercer, a gun toting, alcoholic preacher with a penchant for violence and hunting supernatural beings Jeb reminded me of a mixture of Roland from Dark Tower and Jesse Custer from Preacher He is struggling with his beliefs and finding it difficult to stay on a.honest path, one might say.This is full of ALL THE BEASTIES Zombies, demons, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, kobolds and MOTHER FUCKING KILLER BEES There is blood and brain splatter galore If you have yet to read a Lansdale novel WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR than I can t help but think that this would be an excellent starting point Especially if you are unsure if you would dig his style.In typical Lansdale fashion, this is a wonderful amalgamation of genres Western, horror, humor, fantasy, weird fiction and even a touch of unexpected romance I ve said it many times before and I ll say it a shit ton , undoubtedly. no one writes dialogue like Joe Lansdale He s a fucking mad genius with his witty banter and sharp humor injected through everything he writes.My favorite from this collection was Dead in the West, which is the first and longest story, made up of over half of the book It s this tale that defines the Reverend and why he is the way that he is It gives you an idea of what you can expect going forward Of the shorter stories, I loved The Dark Down There, the final adventure These two bookends are the strongest, in my opinion However, the middle sections are still great fun and sure to put you in a groovy mood Deadman s Road is a delightfully pulpy, wickedly funny, satisfying read.Saddle up, because you are in for one helluva ride Really fun book, very gory and brutal in places, as you might expect Kept me turning those pages. Ooooookay, what have we got here We have a bitter preacher who roams the west killing evil paranormal threats and complaining about God.Actually I ve known some Christians who got bitter and sounded a bit like this guy by the way as the writer explains in his forward the preacher has 2 different names in the stories He justforgot So this is a collection of stories where each follows the other in the life of Jebediah Mercer Preacher,gunslinger, guilt ridden Bible teacher who claims to be preaching the God of David and the Old Testament rather than Jesus so actually Christian is a misnomer.These stories are written to evoke a certain level of revulsion a lot like the language Stephen King used in his Dark Tower series.I do want to include in this review, DO NOT GET YOUR THEOLOGY FROM THIS BOOK Look, these are stories basically everything said about the Bible and God here is incorrect Other than that if you re reading it for the stories it s not a bad read and the preacher is a fairly interesting character. I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads.This book is a slugfest As the author says it isn t a book of deep thoughts In one corner you have the avenging spirit of an Indian shaman and his growing army of undead In the other corner you have a tarnished reverend who isgunslinger than preacher of the Lord s word In between these two are the townsfolk who lynched the shaman and his woman and are now cursed.The characters are mainly in the crass, crude or vulgar range They are definitely not from the politically correct era So if you are overly squemish or easily offended, you should probably read something else And this was just the first story There are 4adventures of the Reverand in this volume Each is another harrowing tale of Reverand Jebidiah Mercer facing off against evil in one of its many guises He makes no promises about saving you, but he will doing eveything he can to stop the evil.If you like this book and the weird west in general, I also suggest you try the Merkabah Rider series by Edward M Erdelac. I won this book as a Goodreads First reads book I am so glad I did.Those who are easily offended should not read this book Everyone else This may be the book for you if you are into horror stories, the old west, and mash up stories The book is a few separate stories with the same character, Reverend Jebidiah Mercer,a quick drawing, gun toting, man of God who kills all that is un natural in Texas In separate stories he gets rid of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and goblins He questions his faith but brings justice to those who are tormented by things that go bump in the night, and things that will kill you when the sun goes down I loved every single story in this book and it was a great mixture of old west and paranormal horror I definitely recommend it to people who do not mind some swearing, racial slurs because of time period stories are set in, and violence in the most extreme The book is very pulp fiction novel in style and a lot of fun to read. I checked this audio book out from my local library and I thought it was a lot of fun Even though I own quite a few books written by Joe Lansdale, I m sorry to admit that I have read nothing by him, with the exception of one or two short stories When I came across this audio book in my library s catalogue, I decided to give it a shot and I m glad I did.This gun toting, irreverent, Reverend Jebediah Mercer is a badass and he s funny as hell There were a number of times where my coworkers directly outside of my office came in to see what I was doing because I was laughing so hard These stories were just plain fun Western horror is a thing I have recently discovered and was one of the reasons I picked up this novel It wasn t as western y as I had hoped, though Meaning there were no moral lessons to be learned, or any of the type of historical fiction where you accidentally learn stuff This was all out western fun with the addition of werewolves, zombies, ghosts and such Combined with the wicked sense of humor of Jebediah, this book was a good time.I liked the narrator, even though I didn t think I would when I started this book However, as it went on, his voice grew on me, and if I read anystories about Rev Jed, this is how I will always hear him I don t know if there even are anystories about Rev Jed, but when I m done with this review, I m going to go find out Overall, this was a successful venture for me and now I m going to have to move up all those Lansdale books in my TBR Recommended for those who enjoy humor and western type monster tales I think Jeff Strand fans would also get a kick out of this book. A horror western by Lansdale has so much potential Maybe my expectations were too high Still entertaining and worthy of 3.5 stars except for the first story because I can only read a set number of survivors barricade against zombies tales before I claw out my eyes in boredom.