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This is a novellathan a novel, clocking in at only 97 pages on my ereader Pretty much your typical western with zombies thrown in for good measure, it has all the usual culprits, the drunken buffoon, corrupt Sherriff, plucky young sidekick, and of course a badass gunslinger in the form of a Reverend that s lost his faith I enjoyed this for what it was but honestly it was too short for me to really care about the characters much Zombie action doesn t really start until about halfway through the novella, and could have been muchfun and gruesome, I felt The big standoff scene felt rushed and should have gone on a bit longer It was a fun read but nothing special. What are the things that you love in Lansdale Let s count, and then find out how many of them are present in this novella.1 Weird West Setting It s not only there, but acts as a template for all the new Pulp and new Western writers.2 Dark Humour Definitely there, and in such a manner that enriches the characters rather than diminishing them, despite the entire novella belonging to the horror genre.3 Profanity Accept it or not, it s the lurid colourful language leaping out of the lines and grabbing your throat that hits you squarely between your eyes, and it s there, lovingly.4 Characters The best thing about Lansdale s story telling is that he draws characters in three dimensions without compromising with the pace, and that s definitely here.5 Story Once again, the story that he tells may not be terribly original, but after reading it, all of a sudden I am finding all other weird Westerns rather watered down.6 Pathos Every character you come across in this novel would make you feel as if you are able to understand them, because the writer takes us beyond the dust grime, to the red core throbbing inside the human heart.7 The Hero Take away the external deformities of Jonah Hex, and place them inside, and there he is Reverend Mercer is one hero for whom we can wait.Then why dropping one star Because now we are in dire need of other stories featuring our hero And this time I would love to read something a little less dark, and maybecomic.Recommended, obviously. Not much time Say something Write something Think, think, think Nothing doing, nothing coming Zombies Yes, good Zombies This book has zombies Fearful, frightful, bodaciously hideous, skin falling off them zombies And a preacher And the preacher s an alcoholic And he has a big secret And he comes into a town that s a lot like my hometown, but displaced to east Texas East Texas Lots of creeps with lots of secrets Sex secrets, violent secrets, tight lipped secrets And there s a doctor, the Doc, who begins studying ancient books like The Necronomicon and De Vermis Mysteriis, and those are super cool references because they harken back to Lovecraft and Bloch and Weird Tales Okay, good, something s coming don t falter Don t think about it You re thinking about it The beginning of this short novel is a little disorienting as you re thrown in with very little backstory, the backstory coming much later in a terrific, need to know story within a story Even early in his career Lansdale could write Depending on the edition you read, a nice introductory essay about writing may be included Though Lansdale says this is meant to be a nod to pulp fiction, particularly akin to that found in Weird Tales, the characterization is very well done At first I wasn t sure what to expect The quick fire nature in which the story begins leads you to believe characterization may be left behind But like the eventual backstory, everything in good time, and everything based on action rather than exposition Nice The staccato sentences quit hitting the wrong keys gah, can t spell for shit today are reminiscent of the best hardboiled crime fiction and send the story s images slap bang into your imagination Time Good Good Reward Oreo break Mmm For such a short novel, approx 130 pages, depending on the edition and minus the introduction, Lansdale packs a lot of story, a lot of action, a lot of emotion You really care about the characters and their individual fates But the writing Man, the writing is good stuff. Once again, Lansdale proves he s the master of the Weird Western Really enjoyable here It s an old west zombie tale with a twist Nothing incredibly ground breaking, but Lansdale puts so much into his characters it still seems fresh and new He always manages to add just enough to make it seem fresh The ending wasn t my favorite, but really fit the western mold If you like Weird Westerns, or really horror in general, you ll like this one. 4 to 4.5 stars to this sum bitch A helluva good time It s a zombie western, so if that doesn t say enough then mosey the hell on out of my review you lily livered son of an un dead redhead For all y all that understand, pick this one up today Only Joe R Lansdale could make this premise work in the late 19th century, a zombie outbreak brought on by a hanged Indian s curse spreads through a small East Texas town, and it s up to a gun toting Reverend to save the day Only Lansdale could make this work only Lansdale could make it entertaining as hell.Like other stories by this author, this one is populated with colorful small town life, from lazy sheriffs to corrupt town officials to drunks to curious children Mud Creek comes alive in this short novel, and it s satisfyingly horrific when everything falls apart.Most zombie outbreak stories are set in modern times or so it seems Are there other zombie stories set in the south, in the 1800s I have yet to come across any For that alone, this should be read The excellent character work and gruesome weirdness is a bonus This was written early on in Lansdale s career, and it is obviously the work of a young author it s a story of great energy and excitement, but it is also one of immaturity I can t help but feel Dead in the West would be an all time classic, had it been written by an older JRL It just lacks a certain emotional clarity though I am not sure emotional clarity is necessary, given the subject matter Still, this is an excellent novel, and I had loads of fun with it Recommended I waited a long time to get my hands on this one, and thanks to a sale at one of my favorite online booksellers I finally managed to snag a copy of this gorgeous limited edition hardcover version of Lansdale s classic zombie western the story originally appeared in 1986 as a 3 part series in Eldritch Tales Magazine then later as a softcover trade paperback This is also the first time I ve read Lansdale don t shoot me full pun intended , although I did see the film version of his book BUBBA HO TEP does that count.DEAD IN THE WEST is Lansdale s tribute to the pulp magazines of old The simple plot involves an Indian s curse on a small town, and a drifting preacher the sin plagued Reverend Jebediah Mercer who comes to Mud Creek not only to battle the living dead, but wrestle with his faith The story moves lightning fast, and it s easy to see why Lansdale has such a devout following even a story that s basically a been there, done that midnight b movie on paper shines in his hands His characters are rich, especially the relationship between the Rev Jeb and a young boy named David who becomes his gun slinging protege And any writer who can get me interested in any type of Western gets my respect and admiration.While zombie fans may not find too much new here by way of the zombie stuff , no one can deny the brain splattering fun level that s on display and after all, what else would someone who buys a book titled DEAD IN THE WEST be looking for However, in this case, there s a bitthan blood, guts, and gunplay Lansdale takes a look at two different men of the cloth and how each one deals with an unusual situation on spiritual as well as physical levels Tis a true underground classic, and for me, the perfect introduction to an author I m really looking forward to catching up with. Finally, I got the chance to read Lansdale s zombie western without throwing down a big chunk of change Thank you eBooks I love Lansdale s prose He writes in concise sentences that build up the story detail by detail Some authors labor to describe a setting, and the resulting prose is an equal labor to digest not Lansdale I felt like I was walking through Mud Creek myself, taking in the storefronts and the people.Lansdale also establishes a small universe of characters in a short amount of space The picnic with the Reverend, David, and Abby is a nice scene, and just enough compassion is laid out to make the zombie apocalypse that later follows significant I chuckled when the Reverend and company stumble across a zombie at the end of their outing leave it to Lansdale to pull off a silly scene with cool talent.In fact, Lansdale himself is the epitome of the calm, quiet stranger who walks into town proceeded by a long, dark shadow and the glint of sunlight flashing off his gun belt A wide hat brim conceals his face, but somehow you know that once he starts talking, you best listen. Reverend Jebediah Mercer, Lansdale s alcoholic gun toting preacher, comes to town Too bad a dying Indian medicine man put a curse on the town and it s crawling with zombiesIf you re a zombie fan or a Joe R Lansdale fan, this slim volume isthan worth the cash It s got everything you love about zombie stories, set in a western town, and written by the Master of Mojo hisownself, Joe Lansdale. Dead In The West Is The Story Of Mud Creek, Texas, A Town Overshadowed By A Terrible Evil An Indian Medicine Man, Unjustly Lynched By The People Of Mud Creek, Has Put A Curse On The Town As The Sun Sets, He Will Have His Revenge For When Darkness Falls, The Dead Will Walk In Mud Creek And They Will Be Hungry For Human Flesh The Only One That Can Save The Town Is Reverend Jebediah Mercer, A Gun Toting Preacher Man Who Came To Mud Creek To Escape His Past He Has Lost His Faith In The Lord And His Only Solace Is The Whisky Bottle Will He Renew His Faith In Himself And God To Defeat This Evil Or Will The Town Be Destroyed Skyhorse Publishing, Under Our Night Shade And Talos Imprints, Is Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of Titles For Readers Interested In Science Fiction Space Opera, Time Travel, Hard SF, Alien Invasion, Near Future Dystopia , Fantasy Grimdark, Sword And Sorcery, Contemporary Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternative History , And Horror Zombies, Vampires, And The Occult And Supernatural , And Much While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller, A National Bestseller, Or A Hugo Or Nebula Award Winner, We Are Committed To Publishing Quality Books From A Diverse Group Of Authors