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When Seventeen Year Old Isis Martin Is Having Trouble Sleeping Due To Perturbing Dreams Of A Horrific Growling Beast, She Decides To Confront Her Fear But What Isis Discovers Is Something Other Than A Menacing Entity The Human Like Creature Offers Isis Assurance That He Is Not A Figment Of Her Imagination Unwilling To Accept His Avowal, Isis Sets His Words To Contest By Asking The Entity To Prove Himself A Dare, He Readily WelcomesIt Is In Her Dreams That Isis Innocently Stumbles Upon The Silent Existence Of The Divine Lineage Of Those That Man Has Long ForgottenIn A Quaint Town, Deep In South Texas, This Story Leads Isis Onto The Path Of Impermissible Love And Captivating Life Changing Truths Isis Martin S Journey Is Sure To Leave Any Reader Ravenous For

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    There are trends in Young Adult Paranormal Romance literature directed at adolescent girls that I cannot help but be appalled by These trends include anti feminism and possessive and controlling male love interests Anyone who has read Twilight, Halo, Hush, Hush, or any other scorned YA book that has been frequently reviewed by members of the goodreads community knows exactly what I am talking about Whereas some people might enjoy these books, others, like myself, cannot overcome these unhealthy themes in literature directed at an easily manipulated audience.I was excited when I bought this book on for my Kindle Fire earlier today The amount of five star reviews was astounding, especially for a book I had never even heard of I love mythology, I love PNR, and I love YA literature I did not love Creatura I did not even like it It was unfortunate that this book had not received attention from any of the reviewers I do follow, as those reviewers would have likely warned me away from this It was unfortunate that I had to experience this story for myself Hopefully, my review will enlighten those who are drawn in by the ambiguous summary and numerous five star ratings.To begin with, I love strong female characters Isis, the main character of Creatura, had potential unfortunately, this potential fell short, and any respect I had for her in the beginning half of the novel faded as her love for the main love interest, David, grew Creatura takes place in the small Texas town of Los Fresnos We are introduced to the main character and narrator of the novel, Isis, who suffers from insomnia She is too afraid to sleep because a terrifying and ferocious beast plagues her dreams Isis insomnia also takes its toll on her mother, Claire, who constantly worries about her daughter s health Claire is described as an attractive thirty year old single mother She had Isis when she was eighteen, and she married her husband high school sweetheart after graduating from high school, but was constantly cheated on and eventually filed for divorce when Isis was twelve Claire s husband died a short while later I didn t really understand why Isis called her mother Claire, but I m not going to fault the author for doing so even though I was constantly reminded of Twilight s Bella constantly calling her father by his name However, in that story, they were not close In Creatura, the mother and daughter act very close to each other.With help from her best friend s, Andy s Andrea , father also the town s psychiatrist, Isis attempts to overcome her fear of sleeping The sleeping pills her doctor prescribed aid in this attempt.In the dream, Isis learns to conquer her fear I admired her for this Instead of shying away from confronting the beast in her dream, she stands up to it Instead of a beast, a handsome man with wings is the actual perpetrator behind the bad dreams This handsome man goes by the name of David, and despite being the cause of her insomnia for three months, he s actually been monitoring her dreams for an entire year Although I did not think this was as creepy as Edward watching Bella sleep, it was just about up there on the weird factor.Isis is convinced that David is a figment of her imagination He, however, decides to prove her wrong David does this by enrolling in her school as a student When Isis understandably freaks out at his appearance as she still thinks he is a figment of her imagination , David abducts her He pacifies her with a kiss, which manages to numb her into complacency He then explains who he is and why he is there he is a divine being akin to a mythological god, and he s there to find out how Isis managed to enter in her dreams a land under David s rule known as Terra Somnium Her being there goes against Divine Law, but David is curious to know about her, and it seems he has fallen in love with Isis Cough, insta love, cough.This is, of course, after telling Isis about the Creatura, which are the reason divine beings and mortals cannot be together Once upon a time, mortals and immortals copulated and produced beings known as Creatura who are described as awful monsters Eventually, the Creatura were wiped out from existence, and the immortals separated from the mortals, but some immortals do live incognito among the humans However, they know not to fall in love with humans.Despite David insta loving Isis, I was able to continue to respect Isis for keeping her distance because she actually understood how futile it would be to be together Unfortunately, she gradually fell in love with him and lost all my respect for her in the process.Now onto discussing my big pet peeves Controlling boysBut it s okay, because jealousy is attractive, right Wrong Let me quote something for you, from 26% Hey, Isis Simon, one of the football players greeted me as we passed each other in the hall Hi Simon See ya later I waved David grasped my hand and stopped walking I tried to let myself loose, but his grip was far too tight David, you re hurting me, I pleaded He loosened his grip but did not release his hold Whowasthat His jaw was tight and his eyes were infuriated He s a guy in my class Let me go I was partially whining Do you fancy him His mouth was a flat line That s none of your business, I said, trying to pry his fingers from my hand He took hold of that hand too Giving up on the custody battle for my limbs, I looked up at him questionably Why was he acting this way Let me tell you why he s acting that way, Isis.BECAUSE HE S BAD NEWS If that doesn t send off warning signs in your pretty little I m taking advanced classes for college credit head, then this next quote from David should Isis, I am envious of every male that sets his sights on you, and if I could, I would tear out their eyes 28% Oh, and a third whammy from David Promise me you will never love anyone than you love me Are you saying good bye My heart began to hurt No I m securing my treasure 89% Ahahahahahaha.Idiot main characterOkay, so our main character is a Mary Sue She s described as smart I fail to see the evidence behind this , beautiful, loved by everyone, and then the author goes on to put her in situations where her overwhelming kindness is revealed.Isis has an ex boyfriend named Gabriel He graduated from high school a year before her, and shortly dumped her afterward Via text message When he comes back over spring break after Isis and David are finally getting together, he wants to get back together with her Plot twist he s bat shit crazy, and he s carrying a gun.Despite the fact that he forcefully kisses Isis against her will and harasses her constantly, she feels bad for him and wants to help him overcome his troubles, which she assumes is a drug addiction Even after he ends up pulling a gun on her best friends Andy and Bill, she still races to help him when he texts her need help view spoiler He then proceeds to beat her up and tries to rape her But she forgives him for that too Why Because demons were telling him to, so it s not his fault hide spoiler

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    This was an amusing book for fans of Paranormal Young Adult High School Romances taking a deep breath However, I want to stand before you and admit that I am not the target audience of this book Somehow I missed the YA warning signs in the book s description before I picked it up That is my fault, not the author s, and I regret that it kept me from enjoying the book And importantly, I regret that it affected my rating of the book, but I feel compelled to write an honest review.I d like to start by saying that the description of this book provided by the publisher only addresses the first one or two chapters, and fails to describe the plot of this book It had a fun and original premise Isis is a lucid dreamer able to control her dream state her control seems to be slipping because a dark figure is haunting her dreams When she finally gains the courage to confront the intimidating specter, she states out loud and to the creature you are not Real The creature decides to prove that he is real by showing up at Isis s high school and enrolling as a student The plot improves from there a creation story, ancient Gods, star crossed lovers, jealous ex boyfriends, etc.If you are a teenage girl, sure, you should read this book It s romantic It s age appropriate The male love interest is cute, sweet, and possessive without being eerily creepy If you are an adult, perhaps you should consider skipping this little gem.The heroine and her friends are 17 years old and seniors in high school, with all the trappings of the age group school functions, clique y teenagers, angst absurd dialogue taking another deep breath I am not the target audience of this book. repeating this as a mantra throughout the whole book Is anyone else weirded out by a 300ish year old God hitting on a 17 year old virgin high school student Just me Oh One reason I am obviously not the target audience.I didn t enjoy over the top cringe worthy teenage poetry when I was a teenager I assure you, I have not warmed to the medium over the years either And there was A TON of it That s kind of the cherry on top of the sundae worth of reasons I was not the target audience for this book.Every single little plot twist in this book was obvious.With the exception of one view spoiler If I ever got a text from a dead guy who was threatening my friends with a gun the last time anyone had seen him alive I would NOT answer his pleas Just saying hide spoiler

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    It was very, very nice Originally posted on my blog, feel very lucky, and there are a few reasons for my sudden burst of luck First, Creatura is the first book that I actually WON on a giveaway Second is because this book was great, and I feel very good apart from the usual sadness that comes with the last page of a book like this and the beginning of waiting for the sequel, of course when I have the chance to read and review an awesome story.Isis has had a happy childhood and a normal teenage life, but in the last three months her sleep is tormented by horrible nightmares Tired literally she decides to confront the beast that appears in front of her every time she closes her lids The result of the confrontation is as stunning as possible the creature takes a human form and assures Isis he s not a figment of her imagination, but a real young man To prove it, he shows up at her school and enrolls as a student under the name of David Chios I m going to tell you my name, since you re too shy to ask It s David He slowly leaned in toward my face, and I m real I suddenly recognized that voice I win, he grinned Isis really tries not to like him, part because he s not like her and part because she knows it won t get her anywhere Although he looks like an eighteen year old boy, David is actually about two thousand and a deity Romantic involvement between a human and a deity are strictly forbidden But will David leave her alone It is as forbidden as is the illicit fruit of Hades, and yet, even he has eaten from it I beg you to abnegate me because I don t have the strength to renounce you The Isis David dialogues are smart and fun When all the other girls would have let down their guard for a guy like him, she stands her ground and makes it difficult for him to get her But David is persistent and ready to sacrifice a lot for Isis and their relationship development is smooth and natural You ll love the way David treats Isis, he s the perfect boyfriend material intelligent, handsome and charming You can not have your toes curl and your heart melt when you see all David does to win her over Careful, he smiled, I m lethal My heart will not beat again until my sight rests upon your emerald eyes, he whispered into my ear Another thing I loved in this story is the family interactions They make the story very real and help the reader to connect with the characters in an incredible way Isis and her mother love each other very much and it shows in all the things they do You ll say that all the children love their parents and vice versa, but this seemed somehow deeper They don t keep secrets from each other, at least that s what Isis thinks, and there are some endearing moments when she plays the parent and her mother the teenager It s cute how Claire listens to her daughter s advice and how she s a real drama queen sometimes Mom, I have to tell you something, Oh my God, you re pregnant In the Chios family the main word is RESPECT One mother, three sons Nice All of them love and respect her and they love each other as well, although they try to look indifferent at times Erix and Galen will have David s back anytime, whether they approve of his decisions or not Their father is also an interesting character, you ll see what I mean.Creatura is a story about family, trust, pure love and sacrifice spiced with mystery, suspense and mythology I truly appreciate Nely s eye for details there s a specific tea scene with David s family that comes to my mind when I say this all the scenes in the book are awesomely described You ll love her fabulous, lyrical writing style We also get to know some cool stuff about Texas, like the school schedule which is very different than ours and really interesting and how great Hispanic people are This book is a must read for all of you.Happy reading

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    WARNING this review contains spoilers and cursing If you liked the book, don t read my review Go worship your boyfriend husband or something Last night, when I finished this book, I was confused Now, I m angry as hell I tend to respect authors, because I admire their hard work but this This was not hard work, this was shit Who the hell would publish this I mean, I write too For fun Whenever I m sad or angry, I just imagine a different world, where my main character is a Mary Sue and everything is fucking pink But when I read it, I realize it s not a novel, it s just shit Maybe Nelly Cab was too in love with her story to realize it s shit Well, that s what editors are for.The story itself is boring as hell The idea that the Greek Gods are real may have been interesting, but it s not You can skip half the book and you d still get it The climax is shit To have a climax, you have to build some tension, but throughout the book, the author tries her best to make you forget that Gabriel even exists, so you can t worry about him even if you try But the real problem with this novel is the relationship between Isis and David.I get that he s a God Does that give him any right to be an abusive boyfriend I think not I read the book in Romanian, so I can t prove my point with actual quotes, but I was so enraged that I remember passages Right at the beginning, Isis says Hello to a guy friend David just grabs her by the wrist, makes a scene in the middle of the school and acts all violent She is mad for about two hours But because he has a really cute puppy face, she forgives him Even worse, she ends up apologizing because she overreacted Girl, are you retarded You take college courses in high school, so you should have a brain Guess what, you don t You are retarded Go kill yourself Throughout the book, whenever she does something he does not approve of, he uses logic to prove he is right and if that doesn t work, he acts sad mad until SHE apologizes Even if he was an asshole, SHE always apologizes The scene I hated the most is when he stars kissing her on the couch, caressing her and they hear her mom s car He gets up and says something like Don t ever do that again, I wouldn t want to be caught in such a compromising position Girl, just kill him Please Later in the book, Isis slaps David because he admitted he asked another God to make her love him Two seconds later, her hand starts to disappear Then her arm and her shoulder follow Her freaking heart is next All because David can t forgive her She almost dies, before that admitting she loves him, and only then does he manage to forgive her for slapping him SHE ALMOST DIED And guess who apologizes Yep, her For slapping him KILL YOURSELF She writes in her fucking diary that she is a fucking slave And she s super happy about that I want her dead, now It should be illegal to be this stupid.In the end, I don t think I have a problem with the fact that some chick thinks that being in an abusive relationship is the coolest thing ever That s her problem My problem is that she wrote a book that someone published so TEENAGERS would read it What if they start thinking this is normal Worse, this shit has been translated to multiple languages This is usually a sign that a book is worth something But THIS IS SHIT I would totally do a This is Sparta on the author Thank God this book didn t have a sequel I hope it s not because Nelly Cab hasn t written it yet, but because some sane person from her publishing house realized this is shit Don t read it Really If someone on the street gives you the book for free, don t read it You are wasting your life and if you have a brain, you will be angry only by thinking at this shit I finished it because I hoped in the end, it won t be shit It is Just a big pile of stinking shit They killed trees for this shit

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    This review must begin with a tip of the hat to all the authors that are able to capture the worlds that exist in their heads and share it with us Without these creative, imaginative people my world would be a dull one indeed As one might deduce, I respect authors and therefore really hate giving out bad reviews I am compelled however to give an honest and probably brutal one for Creatura I was really looking forward to reading this story and judging by all the positive reviews I thought I was in for a wonderful read I wasn t I really struggled through this book truly, considered putting it down after Chapter 3 The concept, although not original, is something I thoroughly enjoy re reading time and time again I truly wanted to adore this book Because 1 I m a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast storyline 2 I enjoy the reimagining of Creation stories, especially when there is a love story and a Pantheon involved But probably, the most compeling reason I went into this story with high hopes, is that,3 Ms Cab is from my neck of the woods and is a representative of my Latina community, which in my not so humble opinion is sorely underrepresented in the publishing world Sadly, even with all of these factors in play, the book fell short of even being a mediocre read.I think that the problem was that the concept was a little bit too big for a novice writer While reading it, you get the sense that there this really wonderful story underneath the rubbish dialogue, but it never emerges And the dialogue, I think, might be what kills the story The author tries to weave vernacular language with 5 words and phrases It doesn t work The author needs to stick with one, and run with it Are you cool and like, totally able to relate to a YA audience or are you a high browed elitist who prefers to use words like matriculate Then there s the characters Isis, the main character is the proverbial flip flopper OMG, I 3 him Ugh, he s so not the one for me He s going to be the perfect husband,sigh Get married I m 17 I can t get married I need to live my life David, the lead male, is too perfect for words Except when he s kidnapping our heroine, squeezing the life out of her Oops, I forgot what a delicate thing you are, my mortal love Otherwise he s the perfect tween hero, who writes sappy poetry that sets hearts a flutter The parents, the brothers, the friends ugh, I don t think I can go on, but I think my point has been made.I don t like to tell people not to read a book, because tastes differ BUT I will tell you not to spend any money on this book Borrow it from your public library, borrow it from a friend, you and your wallet will surely thank me in the long run.

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    After much deliberation, I m still not sure what I can say about this book to really convey how much it has affected me Reading the blurb you assume you ll be reading a typical YA paranormal romance story There is not much typical about this world of Creatura Nely has created It is finely crafted with lively characters, touching and realistic relationships, beautiful prose especially when David is speaking , and jaw dropping shell shocking my heart just fell through the floor and was stomped on by a giant gut wrenching uncontrollable out and out sobbing inducing emotion I am not exaggerating here.The feelings Isis and David s story brought out in me were not just felt in my head My heart was literally aching.I ll admit, I get emotionally involved with all my favorite characters, but something about Creatura touched me deeply It wasn t just the relationship between Isis and David, but also between Isis and her mother As well as the colorful dynamics among David s family They all have strong bonds The kind everyone hopes to have The kind that makes you feel secure in your life and yourself Unconditional Unyielding The story was fast paced and exciting At times frightening and maddening But always entertaining and enthralling More than hard to put down And of course, there s the completely, COMPLETELY, unexpected cliffhanger Creatura is spectacular in it s uniqueness It is beautiful and lyical This a book I will be talking about for a very long time I recommend it for everyone I anxious to see where Nely takes us next I wait with bated breath

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    AMAZING This was one of those books where once I started I just couldn t stop No eating or sleeping til I finished which was about 1 this morning However even when I was finished I couldn t stop thinking about the book, I looked it that much I couldn t sleep after finishing it because my mind kept playing out different scenarios of what could happen in the sequel OH I hope there is a sequel And then when I did finally go to sleep my dream continued on the same path as my mind was on so of course that meant I dreamed about David soo blush worthy OK so ill stop being a teeny bopper for a minute and try to right my review and post it soon MY REVIEW Creatura was super exciting I mean come on it s got several hot guys gods Nely Cab really did an amazing job I fell completely in love with the characters Creatura was one of those can t eat, can t sleep, can t stop thinking about, and stalking my dreams kind of book All in a good way of course And in case you re wondering what I mean I m talking about a book that s so good you don t want to eat or sleep til you re finished and once it is finished, all you can do is think or dream about the book and how things will play out in the next book Except when I dream about said book I became the main character with the hot boyfriend So, obviously I have a new book boyfriend named David lol.Isis has been having trouble sleeping She s been having a recurring dream starring a dark figure, who is always scaring her.After a few months, Isis finally decides to stand up for herself and confronts this dark figure only to find out he s just another teen boy Or so she believes.When David shows up as the new student in school, Isis is in shock to see the boy from her dreams Once David is able to prove to Isis, that he is real and she hasn t gone crazy, he explains that he is a deity god He s in charge of Somnium, the place where Isis kept visiting in her dreams David fears for her safety, because humans should not be able to enter Somnium.David makes it clear from the beginning that he has feelings for Isis She fights him at first and denies she has any feelings for him at all, even if she does feel a bit jealous when other girls notice how extremely hot he is.Then Gabriel shows up, he is Isis s ex boyfriend He wants her back and he s acting all crazy and psychotic, which is totally out of character for him Gabriel starts harassing and threatening everyone, David takes it upon himself to help protect Isis This is when things start to heat up between her and David However, since David is a deity, he is not allowed to harm a human Therefore, making it harder for him to keep his temper in check when it comes to keeping Isis safe So, when it came time to protect her against Gabriel, David did what he did best, he focused on Isis.So, the big questions are Why is Gabriel acting the way he is How can Isis be able to enter Somnium To find out you MUST read this amazing book.

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    2 stars I am giving this book two stars, mainly, because I think the concept was really good and had the potential to be awesome but I just think the author is not experienced enough to carry it through Thus, what could have been great turned into a giant mess of a novel.The story revolves around a seventeen year old girl named Isis Martin who is suffering from nightmares In her dreams, she meets this creature and as a result, ends up falling quite ill from her insomnia With the help of her psychiatrist, she is put on sleeping pills This helps her to confront the demon in her dreams which she soon realises is a Greek deity and that she has been traveling to another realm This sets off a confrontation where Isis claims he is not real, thus, he uses this contest as a way to prove her wrong.I found the MC Isis to be a real Mary Sue Although, the author claims that she is really spunky and level headed, she isn t She constantly makes the stupidest decisions and she has no real personality Even her reason for not being in love with David is nonsensical and has no real bearing As when push comes to shove, she just caves in to his advances towards the end of the book.David, on the other hand, is your usually perfect guy But he has a major flaw For someone who is supposedly model like we are given this description all the time in the book , he is decidedly grandfather ish I found his formal tone of dialogue to be very clunky and not at all convincing Some might think it romantic but it wasn t Couldn t he be a deity who spoke like an everyday guy from the 21st Century Plus, that would have made him swoonworthy I wanted to get all these feels but I got none Major disappointment there really On top of this, I also felt that his character was depicted as being overly possessive and almost aggressive A gentleman would never behave that way at all Plus, his constant jealousy was nauseating The minor characters were average, at best Nothing to write home about Many of the conversations sounded really formal and very old fashioned It was not in the context of the modern world or an urban setting This made the writing very tedious and stilted I also found that the plot twists were very cliched and were just used to create some drama but held no real significance to the story The only thing I would say that was positive about the novel is the length and pacing It was quite a quick read and doesn t drag at all But overall, this book lacks real substance At the end of the day, it is just a romance novel with some fantasy elements with no real action or major storyline.Will I be reading the next book I hardly think so I don t think I could stomach another sappy badly written love poem or conversation.

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    I am sitting here now b c I have finished Creatura I don t have just one single word that can truly grasp exactly how I feel about this book.I am hoping that I can explain it to you.A little over four years ago I joined goodreads and fell in to books again I have loved it During this time, I have read some good books, no GREAT booksThese are books that have embedded themselves in to the very fabric of your being They are the ones that you recommend first and they are the ones that my standards for other books have to meet up with So with that said, I sit here now letting you know that Creatura has done just that and now sits among the GREATS on my bookshelf I was sooo looking forward to reading Creatura To begin with, the cover is so intriguingly beautiful that it captured me and forced me to open it up to see that the actual beauty was in fact inside As I started with the first page, I was engrossed as I turned page after page, reading word for word of the world that Nely Cab had given us I was drawn in, mesmerized by Isis and David, as well as the Chios family, and when the final page of Creatura came upon meI knew right then, that each word was stamped on soul, my heart, and in my head for eternity Creatura is written so eloquently, vividly depicting the lives and emotions of Isis and David, that I am physically aching because it has ended and I am now going to have to wait for the next installment If you are looking for a book that tells of a love that is full of passion, a love that reaches down to touch the deepest parts of your soul to show that you are truly alive, all while surrounded by the mythological and supernatural world, then get Creatura today You will not regret itI HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK If I could give it than 5 stars, I would

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    I won this as a free ebook last month And I have to say Thanks to Nely Cab, with all my heart, for this gift I Love you This book is A M A Z I N G REVIEW What can I say I just finished to read this book and WOW This is one the most amazing books ever read in my life It went straight to my favorites shelf Where to start I fell in love with this book after reading only the 1st chapter I had a smile stuck on my face for almost the entire time I was reading, and I even chuckled like silly many times Isis and David were just too funny Like this scene one of my favorites I tried opening the door to the car again, forgetting the darned thing would not open You need to get this door fixed, I nagged It s not broken, my lovely, David grinned Then why won t it open Child locks to keep the princess from opening the door herself He gave me a crooked smile Oh, I blushed I just couldn t stop chuckling for about 10 minutes He reminded me of someone I know Going back to the book Golden boy or Dream boy David is just fantastic D He is just to die for Why Tall, black hair, blue eyes, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, sweet sweet sweet and caring He is a God Ha D I loved his sweetness, his ways he always made me smile and his actions and the way he courted Isis made my heart melt Wow He is perfect Needless to say, I fell in love with him What about this I ll not tire until I ve claimed your heart, he whispered into my hair And that is both a promise and a threat I could feel his warm breath against my cheek as he spoke.Or this Will you be mine forever The words escaped my lips And ever He replied kissing my forehead.Ain t he delicious Let s talk about Isis I like her Not always though. like, sometimes she is so naive, for God s sake She acted like a silly girl without sense of preservation when it came to Gabriel She really couldn t see the danger she was putting herself and other people into But that issue aside, I found her quite funny and sometimes she reminded of me Let s not talk about the hilarious scene of her showing up for breakfast in front of David with her t shirt inside out and backwards xD hahahaha Couldn t stop laughing at her silliness Poor girl I think I ve had poor figures quite alike hers or even worse in my life Like, falling from the stairs at school in front of two girls never seen and having them laughing at me while I blushed like a tomato No comment, please _ Claire was okay And I envy their mother daughter relationship too Even though sometimes Claire got on my nerves for overeacting too much too many times For God s sake Isis s not going to get pregnant at seventeen Nyx was also okay, tough she kinda creeped me out a little at firstThe Gemini Eryx is okay I guess. we didn t get to know him much better but he seemed a nice guy Galen No comment Alezzander Well, let me just say I was terrified when I we first met him And I almost clapped at Nyx for doing what she did Like I m going to tell you what Not gonna happen But after he understood he was wrong and asked Isis for forgiveness, he wasn t that bad.What about the end Nely, I love you, you know that, but why did you do that to me You left me there hanging on that cliff not knowing what is my fate erm Isis fate What and how happened to her To her eyes Was it a dream Or reality Just tell me it was a dream And now I want to read the 2nd book You can t leave me here this way I m going to cry When will I be able to read the sequel Please tell me SOON A Christmas gift Or a Birthday s gift since they re close anyway Oh, please Nely I beg you to let me read the next book big sweet eyes