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Cotton Becoming President of the Satan’s Fury MC was a bittersweet moment for Cotton When his Uncle Saul died he passed the gavel down to him and while Cotton took his death hard he immediately assumed the role with integrity and pride He considered leading his brothers an honor and the MC uickly became his main focus until the day Cassidy walked into his bar and became a distraction he could not deny She captivated him in a way no other woman ever had He tried to resist her—to keep his walls up—but it was futile It always seemed like she saw right through him All it took was one night of passion with her and he knew he’d never be able to get enough He was determined to have her He thought he had it all figured out He thought he could let his walls down and have it all until his past suddenly came crashing into his future Cassidy When Cassidy walked into a room all eyes were immediately drawn to her She exuded a beauty and youthful energy that lit a spark in everyone she met She was a woman who knew what she wanted and was willing to wait for it The minute she met Cotton she was drawn to him He was older mature and so good looking he took her breath away Where most people only saw a hardened MC president she saw a man who lived his life with strength and determination filled with an unwavering sense of loyalty and who had earned the admiration and respect of his brothers She longed for Cotton to be close to him So when he began to let her in she didn’t hesitate She wanted him—all of him In his arms she felt safe and protected She trusted him with her heart until he broke it nearly destroying her in the process Can she ever learn to trust him again? Cotton is the fourth book in the Satan’s Fury MC series It is intended for readers 18 and older due to bad language violence and explicit sex scenesCotton is a standalone romance but you may also be interested in reading the other books in the series Summer Storm Maverick and StitchJulia Goda EditorMarci Ponce Editor

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    This was a nice fast book to read I enjoyed getting to see Cotton and Cassidy finally together and I liked the sweet times between them It wasn't my favorite in the series but I did like it and would recommend this series to and MC lovers

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    3 starsThis book was a nice reading It was a low angst book with 2 good characters and some steamy scenes It was easy but nothing special I liked Stitch better but that doesn't mean it wasn't good It was just a short story with the Prez of Satan's Fury MC having some issues with his past coming back and trying to mess with this club and his girl I've tried to stay awaythough it was the best way to protect you I though I wasn't good for you I wanted you to have only the best but I can't do it anyI'm just too selfish Cotton was Satan's Fury MC Prez and he had too many responsibilities and some serious things going onHe wanted Cassidy but tried to stay away because he thought he was protecting her You're my favorite part of my day Cass Just one look at you and the rest of the world just fades awayCassidy was the Satan's Fury MC's bar woman and had feelings for Cotton They had some sweet moments but they were afraid to show their true feelingUntil they couldn't take it anyI want youall of you Your taste your smell the feel of your body next to mine and I won't spend one night in this bed without itThey were some stuff going on but in the end everything returned the way it was Cotton and Cass opened up and found their HEA I liked the end it was really sweet They were a good coupleI love you CassI love you tooWith all of my heart and soulEnjoyxxx

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    25 StarsWell It's safe to say I liked this one the least of the first two in the series and I couldn't connect to either character and the story kind of fell flat for me There wasn't much going on There was so much build up for there to be some good action with what a creeper his cousin was but it was over so soon and very anticlimactic What a shame too It had great promise that could have taken this to a much darker and edgier route Unfortunately like the other books this one was just too safe and vanilla for my tastes when it comes to a good biker book Cotton is the president I expected him to be of a badass and to be an Alpha He was stubborn and bossy But that's about it He didn't do it for me He was just too nice Ugh That's the worse in a biker book He had no edge Then there was Cassidy who just was blah I didn't like or dislike her I just found her forgettable I'll probably read the next in the series since I like Stitch's story Maverick's book was OK too So hopefully the next one will be the best For those who don't like a lot of blood and the rougher biker reads this series is for you Happy reading dolls xx

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    45 StarsLoved Cotton and Cass's story It was pretty straight forward with a dash of suspense and drama Now I say a dash because for me I wanted to have a bit angst and there were a few things that definitely could have amped up the angst factor to add a bit to their story but that was where it fell short for me The storyline was great the characters all were fantastic and it flowed perfectly but for me I would have liked a little bit excitement I think Cotton got off fairly easy and uick and Cass could have stood her ground I guess that part was over and done with fairly uickly leaving me wanting from that whole partsounds crazy I know but again just wanted excitement to their story All in all another GREAT book in this series and I can't wait for Clutch's story is next and I am dying to see what will be in store for him in the love departmentCongrats Author L Wilder on another fantastic story in this truly great series

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    I read this full series back to back and thoroughly enjoyed it My rating is for the full series as a whole as is to be expected some books capture you than others

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    sounds like he is too hung up on his ex for me to enjoy

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    Wish I had shelvesWishy washy hero Pushing away the heroine after sleeping with her many times doormat heroineEmbarassing her in front of his exLuckily the ex did not want him so the drama was his asshole behaviorThis book is lucky it got 2 stars I did NOT like Cotton I could actually forgive him for being an asshole in the hospital But the year before? No wayCassidy needed to move on from this indecisive jerk

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    Cotton is the Prez of Satan's Fury MC and after reading his story there is no one better suited to handle that responsibility He has every uality that I THINK a good MC leader should possess mutual respect for his brothers; intelligent decision making; strong willed in body and mind; loyal to a cause; badass alpha who has nothing to prove to anyone; commands with just with a look; possessive and dominating; a father figure who puts his club first and foremost; mature panty melting swoon worthy and smoking hot; and last human enough to realize his mistakes With all those ualities in his back pocket why is it that he can't get a handle on his relationship with Cass? How can all those traits that a man in his position owns be readily accepted and looked up to by his club but misunderstood or not tolerated by her? I feel that Cassidy who has been around club life a while should know her place well enough with Cotton to realize that he has her best interest at heart Did he say some stupid things? Yeah maybe but you'll have to be the judge and decide if the attitude fits the crime I still say that Wren Stitch's woman is my all time favI loved how Cotton has so much involvement with many of the club members Stitch Doc Smokey Guardrail and lots of Maverick Henley Clutch steals the show I know a storyline wrapped around him could be extremely hot and possibly heartbreaking The brotherhood and camraderie of the guys in Satan's Fury MC is so strong because all of them have each other's back and bring something to the table Leslie Wilder has something really special going on here with this series Solid storyline attention to detail impeccable grammar and characters to swoon over have easily made this another five star read for me I received this ARC for an honest review and honest it is

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    I love books written in male POV but this one did not work for meThe hero starts with a prologue about a situation with a Sara Well the reader finds out about the hero and Sara later Not for meThen the hero and heroine already know each other when the story starts I prefer when I see the couple initially meet and see how they fall in love If I don't see their initially meeting then I have to feel something I felt nothing I don't think Cotton the hero even liked Cassidy the heroine The whole thing with the ex girlfriend and other stuff just felt miserable and not in the angstydrama kind of way that I crave I loved the cover and I liked the sound of the premise but the rest did not feel rightYou may love this but it did not work for me

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    Love the cover but the story I couldn't find a real connection with Cassidy and Cotton I didn't buy Cotton's feelings for her if anything you would think there was no real love lost between them I was very much over all things Sara related Really that was frustrating and what made me not believe in Cassidy and Cotton I loved Clutch and my heart goes out to him Glad we see he has his own story