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Richard Dane Shoots And Kills A Burglar In His Living Room, Setting Off A Bizarre Chain Of Events It Starts When The Thief S Father, Russell, Threatens To Take An Eye For An Eye By Slaying Dane S Son Then Dane And Russell Are Thrown Into A Violent Race Without Rules, Heading Toward A Grisly, Dark And Inevitable Truth From The Author Of Mucho Mojo HC Bantam

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    4.5 5 stars It s July, but it s anything but cold here in New England In fact, we re smack in the middle of a nasty heat wave, so it was a great time to park myself by the pool and read COLD IN JULY was perfect for the occasion Hearing a noise during the night and grabbing his gun to go investigate, Richard Dane ends up killing an intruder in his living room Understandably he s rattled and feeling a bit guilty As such, he decides to attend the funeral of his victim and winds up meeting the dead man s father, Ben Russell Russell is upset and seeking revenge If this were any other author, the reader would be safe in assuming that the rest of the tale was going to be about Russel and Richard coming to terms But we re talking Joe Lansdale here, and this story turns in a completely different direction.What happens next You ll have to read this to find out I loved the characters in this book, most especially Jim Bob, a redneck expert in the martial arts, who drives a cherry red boat of a Cadillac, and is a private investigator His down home sayings were hilarious and it provided that twisted humor Lansdale is known for I also loved how the story changed throughout and how the characters developed.I m not sure why this book was available through NetGalley at this time, since it originally came out in 1989, but I hopped on the chance to read it for free There is also a film of it, starring Don Johnson as Jim Bob, and I believe that is something I MUST see COLD IN JULY is a fast paced crime novel, with humor and horror mixed in as well as a well developed sense of honor Set in LaBorde, a place Hap and Leonard fans will recognize, this is a Texas story, told by a Texan in the most entertaining way possible I highly recommend it Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it.

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    The father Sam Shepard of a Texas mobster, a man Michael C Hall trying to protect his family, and a southern fried private detective Don Johnson from Cold in July 2014 I kind of messed this by seeing the movie first It is mostly the same story.The book gives Ann a slightly significant role and leaves out that unexplainable incident with the police Lansdale takes places with an all father approach to your responsibility as a parent.

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    Well This just fucking rules Shootemups and badguys turned goodguys and goodguys turned badguys and snuff films and twistyplots and crooked feds and tough, mean dudes who look in my head like Danny Trejo, and all that stuff that makes crime fiction fun, but with to it than bam bam and dames and bam bamming dames and dames getting bambammed It s a smart little study of suburban malaise, nature nurture, parental ineptitude and the dynamics of male relationships, tucked inside what appears at first to basically be a regurgitation of the regurgitation of Cape Fear Is not Addictive and fun and surprisingly nuanced, with a memorable, hilarious, almost William Gay esque in his dialogue private investigator character who s just begging to be played by, I dunno, Don Johnson I can t wait to see the movie version featuring a moustached Dexter Morgan Fisher, the closeted undertaker frame builder cowboy serial killer blood spatter analyst whose day gets made in Texas.

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    This is a re release of a book published in 1989 tied to the movie version coming out It is the tale of an ordinary man whose life is shaken up by a crime that threatens his family who then becomes obsessed with resolving a mystery and proving himself in the sphere of violent action It taps into feelings of purpose behind protecting home and hearth and forces you ask how far you would go to seek justice Richard runs a framing shop in rural East Texas The first scene has him waking at night in his home with wife and four year old child and being forced to shoot dead an armed burglar His response with his family in the aftermath is moving and well done He wants to feel normal and not subject to scrutiny and attention of folks in his community, but things have changed for him Now he is both vulnerable and potent When he is told the identity of the culprit and learns that the young man s father is getting out of prison and likely to seek revenge, those two responses are ramped up and begin to diverge Things are not what they seem, and he is drawn into a dangerous quest with two others Does Richard have what it takes to do what it takes in the face of evil that comes out of Pandora s Box I liked the relative purity and simplicity of the tale, with its shades of karmic parable and classic mythology The author reports in a sidepiece how the story sprang relatively fully formed from his imagination while in the middle of working on another book The supporting characters are colorful, however they eventually felt a little too cartoonish to me Still, it entertained me well and was a fast and thrilling read.This book was provided by the published as an e book through the Netgalley program.

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    It s pretty well known by this point that Joe Lansdale is probably the most versatile author out there, able to successfully jump at whim between so many genres and make it all seem so fresh Cold in July is a straight up crime thriller, with a completely different feel and tone from other books I ve read by him, including his recent westerns or the comedic adventures of Hap and Leonard.The novel is initially about the clash between family man Richard Dane, who kills a man trying to burglarize his house, and that man s criminal father, recently released from prison and seeking old school revenge But once they realize that they ve both been played for fools, they form a shaky alliance to seek out a different sort of vengeance.Another talent that Lansdale has is the melding of different genres, which he pulls off in this book like the pro he is This crime thriller is of a classic western story with a dogged pursuit of revenge, themes of honor, justice, and the effects of violence, and there s even a great climactic showdown very similar to Unforgiven and The Searchers The only thing missing are the period elements and the horses At the heart, the most important thing that Lansdale is interested in here is the exploration of fatherhood, the fear of paternal failure and leaving behind a legacy that you might regret.

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    COLD IN JULY starts out with a bang literally when everyman Richard Dane is forced to shoot an intruder intent on robbing and possibly murdering his family Never having murdered someone, Richard is having a hard time of it He s replaced the bloodstained couch and painted the wall but he still can t forget that awful night.Overwhelmed with guilt, he attends the funeral of the small time crook and is spotted by the dead man s dangerous ex con father Dear old Dad is none too happy with his son s murderer and while he s not dumb enough to come right out and say it he alludes to what a shame it would be if something were to happen to Dane s four year old son An eye for an eye and all that.This is only the beginning of Dane s weird introduction into a world chock full of bizarre goings on Dane s quiet little life will never be the same as he comes face to face with the darkest side of human nature.Although COLD IN JULY is by no means a light book it s dark and as suspenseful as a books gets the best thing about it is it s well drawn, flawed characters and the wickedly funny dialogue I would excerpt some of my favorite lines but going back through the book I realize they re all pretty nasty Lansdale s humor probably isn t for everyone but those who like humorous, earthy dialogue will be in for a good howl.

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    Metamorphosis is a term used to describe the process whereby a caterpillar becomes a butterfly It is also a term for what Lansdale does with Cold in July, a novel that starts out in a suburban father s worst nightmare Woken in the dead of night by an intruder, he shoots the intruder right through the eye Shock and guilt give way to fear as the burglar s father vows revenge upon being released from prison Then the story flips as Rick busts the ex con father out of jail, and they join forces with a crazy Texas private eye, eventually turning into an action packed men s adventure tale Along the way, Lansdale touches on many themes such as how safe are we really against the real predators, and what kind of secrets is the government hiding And, what makes us who we are Is it our actions in those brief moments of madness or how we go about our daily lives And, then there s that desperate longing for adventure that lies buried within us I ve never read much Lansdale before, but he makes this crazy story work with the keen thoughtful narrator s voice.

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    Note I first wrote this review in 2010 when I first started reviewing books at Goodreads It was a brief review simply for the fact I read the novel in the late 90s and the details were not as vivid at the time Now, thanks to the release of the film in 2014 and the rerelease of Cold in July by Tachyon Publications, I was encouraged to read it again The first part of this review are my first thoughts in 2010 followed by my new assessment.This hard nosed thriller by Joe R Lansdale is easy to dismiss as a pulp fiction suspense novel and nothing Yet the author is actually writing a haunting character study about fatherhood and all the problems it entail This is the genius of Lansdale He writes thrillers that can be read for pure entertainment yet at the end you are thinking twice about what you read and what it means And, as usual, he never pulls punches While not as riveting as the Hap and Leonard novels, Cold in July is still very memorable With the movie Cold in July coming out in May, I decided to reread this suspense novel written by Joe R Lansdale It didn t hurt my decision when Tachyon Publications, through Netgalley, offered me a review copy as their release of the book coincides with the release of the film It s been over 15 years since I read it and my original review above for Goodreads was on spot but without much detail On the second read, I must say it was as good as I remembered and better But I may have been flippant when I referred to it as pulp fiction Cold in July is certainly within the tradition of pulp mysteries and, precisely, crime fiction It is also firmly in Lansdale s typical East Texas setting full of blue collar families and characters from the dubious sides of life Yet Lansdale has hit a literary note in this novel as he uses the plot and themes to explore father son relationships In that way, this novel may be one of his most subtle and maybe even personal Considering Lansdale s novels are full of tough and eccentric characters, Richard Dane is fairly mundane He lives with his wife and son in a small Texas town and owns a picture framing shop One night he hears an intrusion into his home and ends up shooting the burglar in self defense He is uncomfortable about the notoriety he receives and feels guilty despite the fact it was self defense Soon Russel, the father of the man he killed, has just got out of prison only to find his boy is dead He places himself into Richard s life in the most sinister way A life for a life as he puts it.So now we have a typical story about a man placed in a dangerous situation and protecting his family But Lansdale is never typical As the story developed, Richard discovers something have makes him and Russel uncomfortable allies It s a beautiful if suspenseful buildup to this point and Lansdale makes it work One of those reasons is that Russel is old enough to be Richard s father and Richard s actual father killed himself when he was young That made sound strange saying that there exist emotional connections between Richard and the man who wants to kill his family but it s that sort of thing that makes this such a emotionally satisfying book The loss of a son The loss of a father The fear of losing youe child in death or sometimes in other ways than death These are the themes that drive this excellent story And no one tells a story better than Lansdale.Lansdale s grit and wits is evident throughout Halfway through we meet a private investigator that is one of the colorful characters the author has created and, of course, has some of the best lines Richard s wife lends a different kind of protective spirit to the book She in realistic and provides a bit of grounding to Richard s odd quest which she fears will destroy the family It s that quest that becomes the only weak, if minor, link in this novel Even with Russel s background, it is hard to accept he would make the decision he does and even harder that Richard would go along with it Yet Lansdale have built up the delicate rapport each has with the other so well that it does not become an insurmountable leap and certainly does not slow down this exquisite thriller.So I have to say I enjoyed this book on the second read and, maybe because of my own older age, felt closer for the relationship and the emotions of these men I originally gave this book four stars but now I would increase it to five It s a crime fiction classic.

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    I received this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I m not sure how to rate this one, so I m going with a middle of the road 3 stars It s a reissue of a book Joe Lansdale wrote in 1989, early in his career It s divided into three distinctly different sections all tied together by a couple of significant events and several really bad decisions I struggled with this a little bit, maybe because it wasn t as clean as his other books i.e., Hap and Leonard , possibly because it was an early work There are snippets of brilliance, but overall, the characters didn t seem to be well rounded, and made odd decisions to drive the plot into places that felt awkward or forced.Still, not a bad read, and a good book for a summer vacation.

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    Review copyWhile it s true I haven t read all of Joe R Lansdale s books, I ve read enough to know I love his stuff Whether he s being serious or off the wall, there s always a level of believably in his stories.I guess you could call Cold In July a crime novel, but it certainly has elements of horror Not monster horror Real horror The horror we read about in the newspaper or watch on the nightly news The kind of horror that makes any sane person ask, How could someone do something like that It all starts with a noise in the night An intruder As a reader I am drawn into the story immediately It seems pretty straight forward, butwhat if That s something Joe R Lansdale is very good at, taking a story in unexpected directions I found myself asking what if that happened to me, what would I do, and the answers made me uncomfortable Cold In July has some memorable characters, Richard Dane and his wife Ann, ex con Ben Russel and especially P.I Jim Bob Luke Each with their own distinct identities and personalities drawn to perfection from the author s mind Plus, I believe Lansdale is one of the best at writing a conversation Here s an example between Dane and Jim Bob Luke You re a lucky man, Dane Got a family Someone to care about you I got what I do and the red Bitch and it s got a dent in it You got pigs Yeah, but every now and then I eat them, so it s hard to form any kind of relationship I don t think they trust me In the Afterword, Joe R Lansdale says, No novel has ever come to me full blown than Cold In July The end result is a perfect story, well told, start to finish I enjoyed every word.Cold In July is being re released by Tachyon Publications in tandem with the new film being released in theaters on May 23rd 2014 The film stars Michael C Hall Dexter as Richard Dane, Sam Shepard as Ben Russel and Don Johnson as Jim Bob Luke Having read the book, I definitely want to see the movie, but by all means read the book first.Strongly recommended.