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10 thoughts on “Casketball Capers (Vampire School, #1)

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    Cute gothic story with a nice moral lesson about how being different is okay

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    Lee Price goes to school But not just any school Vampire School That is because he is a vampire At vampire school the learn all sorts of things like how to turn into a vampire bat or hang up side down when being a bat Another thing that Lee does at school is play casketball which is a game somewhat similar to basketball But they try to get the ball in a casket instead of a basket Lee and his friends are great vampires I like how there is a good mix of girl and boy vampire friends Also the teacher and parents are great and the mummy ref at the casketball game is super I really like how the grownups are good solid characters who are as likable as the vampire friends Lee also has a friend that is a werewolf and he does play a game of casketball against his friend's werewolf team The brilliant thing about this book is that it is a smart well crafted book AND it is a bridge book or a transition book Which means that this book is perfect for those that are just getting out of the beginning readers section but are a little too intimidated by older chapter books A funny chapter book for beginning chapter book readers? Yes please And bonus this is the first in the Vampire School series How lucky that there will be of these smashing chapter books to look forward to Huzzah

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    Lee and his friends go to Vampire School They learn how to become bats and play a game called Casketball Interspecies friendships are allowed but kids are segregated by species at their schools I enjoyed the bat Boris parts but Casketball didn't really make sense One werewolf continually cheats but no one calls him on it And he still only manages to score once It sounds like a super boring gameAnywaynothing wrong with it but not my favorite

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    I think it is a nice simple book for kids to continue reading with There is a nice balance between dialog and action I pre read for my niece who is not a fan of too much dialog It has lessons of being kind to students in different schools It show the perils of cheating and finding a solution to correct it without being a “ tattletale” per say Creative and pleasing

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    Funny book I think some of my students will enjoy reading this one

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    Vampire School Casketball Capers by Peter BentlyVampire School Casketball Capers is about Lee Price and his interesting dayFirst there is school at St Orlok’s Elementary Ms Gargoyle is Lee’s teacher and he likes her very much She teaches them all the things they need to know so they can grow up to be all they are suppose to become Then after school or is it during school that was a bit confusing is the big basketball game to determine the Junior Interschool SeriesLee and his friends Billy Pratt and Bella Williams are eually excited especially when the opponents from Chaney Street Elementary arrive for the game There is a player that cheats whenever possible and a referee with occasional vision problems It is going to take some special skills and maybe a little extra help from a new friend if Lee’s team is going to winThere are one or two things you should know about Lee his friends his school his teacher and the opponents – none are human True Lee and his friends are young vampires who wake up at 8PM each evening for school Lee wakes up to the moon drinks his bloody orange juice and says good bye to Dad who is off to workLee’s school St Orlok’s Elementary is a school just for young vampires Mrs Gargoyle teaches things such as learning how to turn into a vampire bat – POP And back into a vampire boy or girl – POP The kids learn how to swish their caps properly stare scarily cool without garlic and other vampire must knowsYou also need to know that the game is not basketball it is casketball as in get the ball in the casket The Chaney Street Elementary School is a school for werewolves Werewolves do not play casketball very well How could they? It’s casketball not wolfball or nightball or even basketballBut this year they have a ringer and he cheats The referee Mr Tut doesn’t see the cheating when his eyes get covered with his head covering and Lee must figure out how to keep this from happeningThis is an inventive middle grade book originally from England There is excitement odd characters lots of laughs and an eual number of groans The black anf white line drawings are really cool even on a Kindle I enjoyed this very much despite not liking basketball boring or vampires the biting or werewolves the howlingFor anyone who does like basketball vampires and werewolves this is exactly the book for you actually it’s a series This is good fun and can be read in one sitting I recommend reading at night – for the atmosphereNote received from netgalley courtesy of the publisher

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    This is going to be a sure fire hit during spring booktalks The font size and layout including fun and slightly goofy illustrations make this a great choice for kids transitioning from the beginning reader section to longer chapter books The writing is well crafted and just right for 1st graders I think Kinders and 2nd graders will like it as well There's a bit of slapstick humor some puns just a slight touch of ick when one of the characters thinks about hiding in a trash can and an all around playful school story with vampires And werewolves And a real bat named Boris

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    looks like a great new primary fiction excellent font size and length several in seriesages 6 8ghoul trip book #2Lee and his best friends Billy and Bella are on the St Orlok's casketball team They're all getting ready for the big game against the Chaney Street Werewolves But when the other team arrives it seems that some of them aren't planning on playing fair Lee needs a plan fast Will he manage to foil the cheats before the whistle? SubjectsBall games FictionCheating FictionSchools FictionVampires FictionWerewolves FictionBats Fiction

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    wonderful for a beginner chapter book Lee Price is a vampire who attends school at night and is skilled at fang flossing cloak swishing and the like In this first book in the series the students at St Orlok's are having bat lessons and Lee meets a real bat who helps his team win a game of casketball like soccer but with a casket for a goal against a bully Familiar concerns for school kids but with a twist

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    The vampire school was playing casketball a vampire's version of basketball against a werewolf school It wasn't scary or funny It was awesome because the real bat that wasn't a vampire helped the couch mummy get the bandages off his face Then he saw what the bully werewolf was doing Then he stopped him And he got in big trouble