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Hapless Chicken Plant Guard Hap Collins Gets Into Trouble When He Takes His Best Friend Leonard On A Caribbean Cruise The Two Find Themselves Abandoned In Mexico, Saved From Armed Attackers By A Geriatric Fisherman And His Lovely Daughter, Who S Currently Having To Fend Off A Mexican Mobster Who Is Also A Practising Nudist Trying For Once To Stay Out Of Other People S Business, Hap Returns To East Texas But Is Overwhelmed When He Learns Of The Senorita S Murder He Then Persuades Leonard To Return With Him To Mexico To Even The Score

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    Hap and Leonard go south of the border, and there hasn t been a trip to Mexico end this badly since The Wild Bunch As Warren Zevon once sang, they ll need lawyers, guns, and money to get out of this fix.The guys have new careers as security guards at the local chicken processing plant As Hap is leaving work one night he breaks up an attack on a young woman by a drug crazed maniac The fight scene is Lansdale at his best I didn t know whether to laugh or scream as I read it Usually good deeds don t go unpunished, but this time Hap is actually rewarded for his heroics with some cash and time off work so he decides to treat Leonard to a sea cruise.Unfortunately, with their usual knack for trouble, things go badly at one of the cruise stops in Mexico, and they end up as the victims of a machete wielding gang of muggers And since Hap Leonard can always make a bad situation worse, they find a way to get thrown in a Mexican jail They get out with a little help from their friends, and for once, they try to do the smart thing and return to the U.S without getting further involved But trouble follows them home and costs them dearly.This was the last Hap and Leonard novel that Lansdale wrote for 8 years until the publication of Vanilla Ride, and it feels like he may have been a bit burnt out on the series While there s always been a bit of a melancholy tone to the HL books, this one has several elements that are depressing that the other ones The humor is still there, but the guys seem worn out and sick of getting pulled into their violent adventures Lansdale would write a lot of very good books during the break he took from Hap and Leonard, and the two would return refreshed and lively again in the next one so that makes me feel better about Captains Outrageous because I thought for years that it may have been the end of the series.On a trivia note Crime fiction fans might recognize the character of the lawyer Veil as Lansdale s tribute to his friend and fellow crime writer Andrew Vachss It s a fun little cameo You gotta love a lawyer with an eye patch.

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    When Hap comes into some money, he and Leonard go on a vacation and wind up stranded in Mexico True to form, they end up helping a fisherman and his daughter with a problem they re havingThis is my third read of Captains Outrageous but the first time in over a decade so it was like a completely new book.Captains Outrageous sees Hap and Leonard going up against a Mexican loanshark and his goons It also brings the crew back together with Jim Bob Luke, Marvin Hanson, Charlie Blank, and Veil Unlike a lot of series mysteries, Lansdale isn t afraid to upset the apple cart in a big way.Hap and Leonard go through quite a bit in this one and we all needed a break after it, even Lansdale, for this was the last Hap and Leonard book for something like eight years While hilarious, crude, and full of violence, it s also really bleak.There s a lot of interesting stuff going on but it s easily my least favorite of the Hap and Leonard books up to this point It felt unfocused at times and might have worked better as two linked novellas.All things considered, though, it was a pretty good read Hap and Leonard had some good character moments and things ended with the pair in a good place for once, a place they d stay in until Lansdale brought our boys back in Vanilla Ride Three out of five stars.

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    I ve been listening to these Hap and Leonard books on audio and it s been quite the experience If you ve never listened to the audio versions I recommend buying or borrowing copies Narrator Phil Gigante does a terrific job of bringing these guys to life in all of their over the top glory and has a friendly, humorous, comforting southern drenched voice that I could listen to all the live long day Captains Outrageous is book 6 in the series I recommend reading them in order because this book does reference previous mishaps and mayhem from the previous books Leonard and Hap are two unlikely best friends who when together manage to get themselves in all sorts of dangerous, over the top situations Leonard is big, black and gay while Hap is straight, white, very average in looks, brain power and penis size And they love each other like brothers Their camaraderie and dialogue is something to behold It s usually vulgar and could be insulting if it weren t so damn funny Hap doesn t understand Leonard s sexual activities and Leonard feels the same about Hap s attraction to a woman s parts I like a big dick A big tit don t really do you any good You get to suck on it or whatever you heterosexuals do, roll it around in your palms or rub your head with it Whatever Frankly the thought of it kinda disgusts me You re not accomplishing anything there Just buy a beach ball Now a dick, there s something got a purpose Hap starts off the book a little morose He s lost his love and is working at a chicken slaughterhouse The only thing he s got going for him is his sense of humor and the fact that Leonard is working at the same crappy job and they get to spend some time chit chatting after their shifts When leaving work one night Hap hears a female scream, witnesses a young lady being attacked and recklessly chases down the culprit Apparently Hap hadn t read The Summer I Died because he might ve thought twice about following up on the scream Regardless, he saves the girls life because he s a good guy and his rescue sets off a series of events that will find Hap and Leonard in Mexico where they, of course, find trouble, violence and lots of dead bodies This story moves along at a good clip with plenty of raunchy humor and a dark streak of mean but somewhere after they return from the mess in Mexico I felt like it should have been over Things were getting wrapped up, it seemed, but then very bad things happen and they return to clean up their mess and the book starts to drag a bit Maybe I had just had enough of the mayhem and death at that point I m not sure but I do know my attention started to drift and for that reason this one squeaks by at four stars and that s because the humor and narration were done so well.

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    3.5 Stars Hap and Leonard have been in some pretty bad situations over the years but nothing can prepare them for the open seas After Hap gets a sizeable reward for saving a teenage girl from a tweaked out murderer, he decides to go on a cruise ship vacation with Leonard But rather than the restful trip they had planned, they end up on the cruise from hell and find themselves balls deep in trouble as usual, when their ship leaves them stranded in a Mexican beachtown One weird thing that stood out is that this novel felt like the most negative Hap and Leonard installment With how much they constantly nagged, it felt like everything that the boys experienced was the absolute worst thing to ever happen to them from the ocean, to the food on the cruise ship, to the hotel in Mexico and every person they meet along the way In the past, our heroes have usually been pretty positive throughout everything, but here, both Hap and Leonard felt like those friends you have that just complain about everything under the sun But, this book is ultimately a big improvement over the last one, Rumble Tumble, because of its much engaging storyline The story takes it s time to get going, but once it does it really takes off and you forget the grumbling first act The action is clear and concise, many of the supporting characters really come into their own here, and the new characters really shine, including Leonard s new boyfriend John Even with issues, it s hard to resist reading about the adventures of Hap and Leonard, and this novel is no exception.

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    A lot of suspense, a shi load of fun, a slew of horribly good one liners, unending thrills, enough action for even the most impatient of readers, beatings galore, tons of shi talk and a worthy addition to the series.Just a butt hair short of being as outstanding as the 5 previous books in the series though no one and I mean no one writes like Lansdale or as good as Lansdale.This one s got Hap Leonard heading to Mexico on vacation after Hap receives a large sum of money from circumstances surrounding a horrible, gut churning situation And like you d expect of the duo, things go from good to bad to ugly faster than a machete chop to the neck We got an ocean voyage, trips back forth to Mexico, romance, kidnapping, murder and mayhem Not necessarily in that order And this time around we got a whole slew of characters, old and new.But I can t tell you the whole enchilada That, you will have to ingest yourself.Sorry, mon amigos LONG LIVE HAP AND LEONARD

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    I m not sure whether I m just getting tired of this series or my expectations were raised after reading his excellent stand along novel The Bottoms , or maybe this one just was a bit of a dud, but I m going to have to stick with only 3 stars for this one It had a lot of good lines and unusual phrases that are typical of the stories, but the violence was pretty horrific, with plenty of descriptions This killer liked to really get into his work, often subjecting his victims to terrible tortures to get information Cutting off a finger was just a minor little thing for him, and if he doesn t need information, he might only kill you quickly So, he deserved to die, but our dynamic duo seemed to contribute somewhat to some of the deaths, although not knowingly.I ll likely read of the series in the future, but not right away However, I ll look for some of his stand alone books.

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    Holy crap I bought this book on Sunday night and finished it in about 3 days This I think is quite possibly my favorite Hap and Leonard novel to date It has EVERYTHING, romance, rescuing of young ladies from drug crazed psychopaths, a cruise to Mexico, women of loose morals, machetes, giant prison rats, even vengeance This series is about two great guys from East Texas who are tough as nails and attract trouble like a magnet attracts iron shavings This one is no exception We see the death of a beloved supporting character and the events that death sets in motion If you re reading this and you haven t read any Hap and Leonard novels then stop and go get Savage Season right now These book are as to fiction as swiss clocks are to the world of time pieces They are not overly long but every word is used and is so well placed I have a short list of my 5 top tier authors and Joe R Lansdale is on it Nuff said.As always please support brick and mortar bookstores

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    The first half of this was really, really slow for me, but the second half roared I love Hap and Leonard Lansdale is a hell of a writer.

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    This is a just okay entry in the continuing misadventures of Hap Leonard Hap saves a chicken plant mogul s daughter from getting killed, and as a reward he and Leonard are set up on a Mexican vacation Of course things go wrong, and the vacation turns bloody Really bloody Lots of dismembered and tortured bodies There are almost no quirky characters here, and it s not until they re missing in a Hap Leonard novel that you realize how integral they are to your enjoyment of the series So I missed that And the ending is rushed and anticlimactic Not bad, but not one of the better books in the series.

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    After six books, Hap and Leonard are starting to wear a little thin This doesn t mean I didn t like Captain Outrageous I am still enthralled with the East Texan odd couple and Lansdale s visceral style continues to make me laugh and horrify me at the same time But this time it reads a bit formulaic I think the main problem is that Lansdale himself may be tiring a bit with this series After this book, he took a eight years hiatus from the series only to return to write a last one Vanilla Ride due to the urging of his fans.But after all this criticism, I need to say Hal and Leonard can still fight and snarl with the best of them Hap is still an idealistic push over and Leonard is still bailing him out with than a hint of sarcasm and cynicism This is still the best modern crime fiction series around.