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New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with a sizzling Angels of the Dark tale about a winged warrior renowned for his ruthlessness and the woman who becomes his obsessionA tormented past has left Thane with an insatiable need for violence making him the most dangerous assassin in the skiesHe lives by a single code no mercy And as he unleashes his fury on his most recent captor he learns no battle could have prepared him for the slave he rescues from his enemy's clutches—a beauty who stokes the fires of his darkest desiresElin Vale has her own deep rooted scars and her attraction to the exuisite warrior who freed her challenges her every boundary But Thane's unwavering determination to protect her means she must face her greatest fears—and enter a world in which passion is power and victory means breathtaking surrender

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    Thane's book??? I hope this is awesome

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    It was good REVIEW TO COME

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    Fav Scene Trembling fingers stroked over his feathers in a single innocent moment of communion flooding him with sensations he'd never before experienced Sultry heat arced through his wings spread through hid body His blood crackled and fizzed with something akin to contentment An impossible contentment ThaneI’m literally out of words I love Gena soooo much and her works never disappoint Burning Dawn just became one of my favorite books For real this was one of her best books and having read most of her books I know what I’m talking about I’ve been waiting so long for this book Ever since I read Beauty Awakened I’ve been “patiently” waiting for this one Kendra a powerful seductive Phoenix has captured Thane and is using him as a slave bound to do everything she wishes Elin sweet Elin is also a slave to the Phoenix camp and seeing Thane gives her hope that she’ll one day be free So Elin decides to free Thane thinking he’ll rescue her as well Elin gets her wish but Thane is consumed by his need to revenge the phoenix Not just Kendra but all of themI loved loved this book Thane was nothing as I expected him to be His consumed by his need for revenge but at the same time he wants to win Elin’s affection He was such an “ambiguous character” He’s strong determined unpredictable scarred will do anything to get his revenge but he’s also admirable led by his love for Elin and his friends Bjorn and Xerxes Above all he’s loyal and he’d sacrifice his own happiness if that meant his friends would find their own Thane is not the monster he thinks he is In my opinion I think that he’s perfect He tries so hard to be good for the people he loves that he doesn’t realize how “noble” he is On the other hand Elin was not the typical “Gena heroine” She wasn’t that strong she wan’t that powerful and she wasn’t that brave When I first read about her I was like “You’ve got to be kidding me That’s not Thane’s match” However as I kept reading I realized that she indeed was Elin changes throughout the book I can’t even compare the Elin in the beginning of the book and the Elin in the end of it She was independent strong and funny I felt so bad for her for the horrors she had to endure But that made her stronger and compassionate Gena did well with Thane and Elin’s pairing They completed each other and in the end healed themselvesAs far as the secondary characters are concerned I loved Xerxes and Bjorn They were loyal to each other and they shared the same past with Thane They had to endure horrible things but managed to escape and survive together They were major part of the book and they totally supported each other I loved the fact that they were all so “united” Fav chatview spoiler Bjorn Distracted?Thane YesXerxes May I suggest knitting? It’s very relaxingThane No reason to suggest it I’m already knitting a night shirt for your motherBjorn Mother jokes? How low the sophisticated Thane has fallen hide spoiler

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    Ahhhhh Thane I can't freaking wait I hope the heroine is Maleah Please let there be lots of steamy scenes; And I want to read about Bjorn Xerxes AND AXEL Especially Axel I love him ♥♥♥

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    Oh my god what happened? It's like with every book the language just degenerates The first book was amazing the second was okay and this one just skipped bad and went straight to awful It's like reading a horrible fan fiction I tried so hard to finish this book but I couldn't take it any

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    I have read and loved this author’s books in past So stab me for having such a high expectations for this one and who can blame me look at that cover Writing is flawless story and the world she created new intriguing and fascinating Then what happened?I’ll bloody tell you what happened after escaping the villains with the help of heroin they reach his world And at this stage they both are very attracted to each other Bad enough they also have a connection And then hero chooses another woman infront of heroine in his bar and have se with her He have certain needs so it was bloody raw with some bondage and things This scene wasn’t detailed but enough information was given it was barf worthy Already heroine had to hear about his reputation and certain needs from others and now this As that wasn’t enough then she was the one who had to go cleanup with another of her colleague to the room where he takes these women She sees the woman help her to clean then show her out And then he had the audacity to go after her and blah blah At this stage solely because of story I continued Still I couldn’t forget So at 34% I decided to skipThat’s allLike I said teeeny tiny problem or not

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    Final rating 355 stars “I told you You own me I'm yours All that I have been All that I am All that I will ever be Your happiness is mine Your fury is mine And your needs will be met before mine I love you and to me that means placing you first and giving to you what I will never give to another Power over me” Considering how much I love this series this time i can only say this Could have been better I had high expectations of this book What I love the most in this series is a wide array of different characters and great world building Now that I have finally read the third book in the series I feel a bit disappointed Mostly because of the characters since the story was very good but only last 40% actually Now I will write out the problems I've had with it ♦ ♦ ♦ First The world building for this whole series is great But this book didn't focus on it at all Except for a bit information on Phoenix and appearance of one Demon Prince it wasn't really important because of the love story in the middle of it♦ ♦ ♦ Second I wasn't very fond of the characters which is sad I like Thane but sometimes it just felt like I was reading about a completely different character On the other hand I didn't like heroine Elin I don't know but I just didn't fall for their chemistry i guess? Not to mention there was an insta lust of which I am not really fond of ♦ ♦ ♦ Third I enjoyed reading about secondary story and characters than reading about the main characters and their story So yes I was pretty much bored for half of the book But overall the last 40% were better than the first 60 where finally things started to happen The beginning of the book left me a bit confused so i uickly reread all the parts with Thane Xerxes and Bjorn in the previous book which had helped a lot considering how it ended with cliffhanger in previous book CHARACTERS ♦ Thane Thane is the leader of Thane Bjorn and Xerxes trio and also the boss of his club Downfall He is one of the Sent Ones from the Army of Disgrace under direct command of Zacharel After the emotional trauma he experienced in the captivity by demons he learned that he enjoyed inflicting pain on others and experiencing it himself he is basically SM He doesn't want to bond with anyone or sleep with anyone than once until one Phoenix Kendra screws him up by changing her shape into different women he slept with and ultimately bonding with him making him her slave the moment he killed her since she is a Phoenix she can resurrect every time stronger than before And this is exactly how the book starts with him being a mindless slave of Kendra Until Elin another slave helps him remember who he is and saves his life I like Thane really I was always interested in his character and when I saw he was getting his book I was delighted Except of course something happened and Thane didn't give off the same air as Thane before Well that is actually a good change since it was positive but he very easily changed his moods and he sometimes really irritated me like the fact that he is judgmental and maybe too obsessed with Elin Too obsessed means trouble right? Anyway his relationship with Elin went into total different direction the fact that he showed that he could be someone else with her was interesting but so out of his character i don't really know how to explain it ♦ Elin Elin Vane is the heroine of our story She is a halfling half human half Phoenix She was married to a human Bay and lived with her mother and father Her mother was pure blood Phoenix and was married to a human Everything was well and great until Phoenix clan found them They killed Elin's father and husband and took her mother and Elin to their camp and made them into slaves After a while her mother died too and Elin was left alone Her life was suddenly utter catastrophe being forced to act like an animal being constant target of punishments and humiliated all the time But then she saw the opportunity to escape in the Sent One they had captured I didn't really like Elin I couldn't even love her Mostly because she gave the air of being immature I never enjoyed reading her POVs even though in the end she became stronger and bolder heroine Maybe it was the writing style that made me dislike her because to me it didn't feel like i was reading about the woman who was once married and who has 21 years instead it felt like i was reading about a horny teenager from young adult novels ♦ Bjorn and Xerxes Thane Bjorn and Xerxes have a special bond Being captured by demons not so long ago made them all mentally and emotionally unstable but they still try their best to function like they should Except sometimes that isn't enough and their only comfort is each other After Bjorn's sudden disappearance in the previous book he is back but with secrets he cannot disclose with his brothers He has to disappear from time to time and whenever he comes back he is in worse shape than ever before which greatly worries Thane and Xerxes I want to know about these two so I hope they will get their books as well ♦ Everyone else There were plenty of Lords of the Underworld characters and sadly i haven't read their books so i couldn't connect them and i believe i would have enjoyed reading about them in these books had i known them i am interested in Lucien and William the mostI am interested in that McCadden guy and i can't figure out if he belongs in LoU universe or in this one If he is from this one then I really want to know about him in the upcoming books I liked the girls from the club Octavia Chanel Savy and Bellorie Adrian was interesting as well although I just can't remember if he had appeared before but I guess he hadOf course there was also someone who irritated the hell out of me and it was Kendra the Phoenix She wanted revenge on Thane for many things and she delighted into having him submit to her and do what she wanted Until Thane escaped and made her life miserable once again I don't pity her at all in fact I despise her as much as Thane does OVERALL Even though i was disappointed with this book and even though I probably won't remember much about it i still have high hopes for this series because all of the precious angels that have yet to get their books like Xerxes Bjorn and Axel i want to read their stories no matter how they turn out to be ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● MY ANGELS OF THE DARK REVIEWS ◉ Wicked Nights Angels of the Dark #1 ◉ Beauty Awakened Angels of the Dark #2 ◉ Burning Dawn Angels of the Dark #3

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    I really like this series by Showalter Having just finished my re re re read of Burning Dawn probably missing a re there I can say it remains an enjoyable read for me Showalter’s writing ensures that Thane and Elin are wonderfully constructed characters their chemistry intense and sizzling off the page Elin is such fun once she comes into her own and Thane oh boy – they are together and individually fab This third book in the series has depth and emotion I was drawn in from the get go and stayed engaged throughout

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    45 sexy fly away stars What a fun read This was such a coming home for me I needed a good PR book to whet my appetite after not having any luck the past few months and this worked I felt the writing and overall tone was a big step up from Gena's recent work This wasn't perfect and there were a few things that I had problems with but I couldn't put this down and found myself absorbed a good 85% of the story What I loved Can you blame me? The sexy time was off the charts I really felt like I was reading Gena's earlier work with all the sensual play and dirty talk Delicious I was all a uiver I'm a sucker for a man who gives the headboard a serious workout Yes Good gravy Thane fans self I was honestly impressed with the love scenes and playful sexy banter between Thane and Elin Nothing was held back and it played in line to who Thane is with all his varying sexual appetites This was something I was worried would be toned down or missing but thankfully it wasn't I also appreciated the fact that Gena didn't have Thane going mine mine mine 20 pages in The push and pull both of them trying really hard to fight off the attraction between them and deny it was very refreshing and much realistic especially for Thane Thane was another surprise for me He never really impressed me before this I found him too cliche with the playboy attitude dark tortured past and gorgeous fallen angel looks But good gravy this guy is sex on a fucking stick He compelled me seduced me and lured me in with his presence dominating attitude and those gorgeous wings He's a wonderful package of domineering and arrogant yet tender and super protective and so playful Take me baby and call me kulta love him And I was a little obsessed with his wings So sexy and pushed all the right buttons for me What I love is Gena's attention to detail to her world building every nuance to how these Sent Ones move and work with their wings is wonderfully captured and very accurate realistic I could picture everything so clearly From using it to protect others to flirt to show dominance or excitement with just a ruffle of their wings I found very enthralling and so damn adorable and sexy Another thing that I found addicting was Thane's PAs Not a big fan of those myself but good lord he carries it so well those barbells drove me insane As for Elin I liked her She's sweet fun compassionate and pretty innocent in contrast to Thane's world What did bug me however was her sometimes uick knee jerk reactions to certain things I found it dramatic and tiring near the end Which comes to my only hold up and part of the reason I straddled between a 4 5 star rating What didn't work for me was the super sappy dialogue and the silly contrived tension in the second half of the book Gena loves her girl power ass kicking heroines and that's fine I just think she tends to get carried away with the 'crazmazing' gab talk and the gushy lovey dovey talk In fact it's prominent now than before I don't remember the dialogue being like this in the beginning of her LOTU series The females come off like High school cliues rather than thousand year old immortals and adults Ok technically Elin is 21 pretty young but stillthe cutesy talk got a little too heavy handed in the end And the constant misunderstandings and the flip flopping Elin does in the second half was the most frustrating thing of all and made my head hurt Way too much This girl was one confused emotional mess after the couple's first big fight Her 0 to 100 reactions to every single misunderstanding I found a bit bratty and schoolyard worthy Dissecting every little thing a guy does or doesn't do can only go so far And stomping around huffing and puffing and throwing attitude around suited for a 15 year old isn't very cute and just asking for a slap This to me is my biggest complaint with Gena's writing other than that I love her characters and world building and her sexy alpha heroes When it was all said and done the world building and overall storyline bumped up the rating Thankfully none of the 'we must bond be married before having sex' happened here Yes I noticed that Elin didn't sleep with her fiance until after they got married caught you there Gena But still it gives me hope that she isn't attached to this new formula and is willing to change things up againLooking forward to seeing who gets a story next Xerxes Bjorn or Axel? And shout out to Window Seat on a Rainy Day book blog for my ARC copy of this Thanks so much

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    “I told you You own me I’m yours All that I have been All that I am All that I will ever be Your happiness is mine Your fury is mine And your needs will be met before mine I love you and to me that means placing you first and giving to you what I will never give to another Power over me” ThaneI am gonna be honestdue to the mixed reviews to Burning Dawn the third book in the Angels of the Dark series also related to Lords of the Underworld i wasn`t that excited to read this instalment since the main hero is a man whore to the extreme and has to use BDSM to get off during sex But stupid mehaven`t i yet learned to never trust reviews and to just trust my own instinctsThose instincts saidthis is Gena Sowalter and she have never disappointed meBurning Dawn was so good i couldn`t put it downEverything about it seduced me and enthranced meThane and Elin are incredible characters that fits together like puzzlesI love how they try to resist each otherbut can`t stay away from each otherOnce they get to know each other i thought it the sweetest and steamiest romance the sex scenes are so damn steamy that it got hot in my roomWHEWWElin Vale is a half Phoenix and half human who helps Thane from his enslavement at the start of the bookas thanks he takes her to his Club and gives her job and a homeElin is also a widowher human husband had been killed a year ago and i appreciated that she truly had loved himHer character development is amazingShe was so fun and sweet and became confident of her abilities and was able to stand on her own throughout the storyShe made Thane work for her affectionand i looooved thatI am so happy the author created a heroine like Elin for Thanewhatever would he have done without herHer blooming friendship with Bjorn and Xerxes was so nice to read aboutThane is a Sent One warrior and a demon slayer who works under Zachariel`s command and is one of the warriors together with Bjorn and Xerxes who had been captured by the demons and gotten tortured for yearsWhile Bjorn and Xerxes had gotten beaten and rapedThane was forced to watch it all happen while being chained to a wallHis mind and soul was so broken for what he wished had happened to him instead since he love Bjorn and Xerxes with all his beingThats why he gets off on getting hurt during sex and hurting in returnAll that changes when he loses his heart to Elin`s sweetnessand i love the way he courts her when he realizes she belongs to him and he to herAll that flowers and chocolates and romance novels he gave herYUMMMMM Ahhhh how romantic