Textbooks Burned: The Inside Story of the 'Cash-for-Ash' Scandal and Northern Ireland's Secretive New EliteAuthor Sam McBride – Autowiringdiagram.co

Gift for husband Very informative. One Of The Most Shocking Scandals In Northern Irish Political History Originally A Green Energy Initiative, The Renewal Heat Incentive RHI Or Cash For Ash Scheme Saw Northern Ireland S Government PayFor EveryOf Fuel The Public Burned In Their Wood Pellet Boilers, Leading To Widespread Abuse And Ultimately The Collapse Of The Power Sharing Administration At Stormont Revealing The Wild Incompetence Of The Northern Ireland Civil Service And The Ineptitude And Serious Abuses Of Power By Some Of Those At The Head Of The Democratic Unionist Party DUP , Now Propping Up Prime Minister Boris Johnson S Government And A Major Factor In The Brexit Negotiations, This Scandal Exposed Not Only Some Of Northern Ireland S Most Powerful Figures But Revealed Problems That Go To The Very Heart Of How NI Is Governed A Riveting Political Thriller From The Journalist Who Covered The Controversy For Over Two Years, Burned Is The Inside Story Of The Shocking Scandal That Brought Down A Government I don t know what I expected of this book but it is an absolute page turner We think we know what happened but this is scarifying in its lucidity and clarity It is not a tirade which makes it evenhorrifying I am still trying to absorb some of it We needclear eyed journalists who can write like this. This book lacks structure and feels like a stream of words The author seems to have a limited vocabulary which makes it boring I am sure there is a good book with the material available but sadly this is not it The story itself is also intrinsically profoundly depressing which does not help Gave up reading it. A must read, jaw dropping eyebrow raising , really brilliant account of RHI NICS, Sam McBride is a thoroughly professional author what a fantastic book, sincere thanks to Sam. Remarkable examination of RHI scandal, insightful analysis of dysfunctional Stormont and DUP. I ve just today finished this book, and I found it riveting, unbelievable and shocking I live in Northern Ireland and the author, Sam McBride, deserves huge praise for his courage and tenacity in not giving up on the incredible story that powerful people never wanted to see exposed It s a story that reads like fiction, but every word is true, and it s a story needed to be told It exposes the secrecy, the arrogance and the sheer incompetence of the politicians who were in power, the Special Advisers who had their own Agenda, and the ineptitude of the Civil Servants who were in thrall of the Ministers and their Spads, so much so that they were incapable of putting proper checks in place or questioning the most breathtaking decisions that actually encouraged companies and individuals to burn heat 24 hours a day, leave doors and windows open, and wait for the payoff One of the most important books to have been published in Northern Ireland and it shone a very bright light into some very dark corners of our political world Thanks to Sam McBride, his employers and work colleagues, and for the ordinary people who came forward with information to help him write this book. A thorough investigation into the scandal that was RHI, and put into words which makes this book a very interesting read.