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Short story collection from the great man touted as the companion piece to High Cotton , although not even close in scaling the hillbilly noir dementia of the previous collection This is his earlier work and he has yet to find that demented voice, this isof an EC comics horror sort of vibe He even references Ray Bradbury yikes in several stories so you get that smelly Waltons Mountain horror groove in some stories A few stories cook, though, like Chompers , The Fat Man , and Bestsellers Guaranteed , but get his other sludge before you dive in this muck pool. Read this book to see of Lansdale is as good at short fiction as he is in long form He certainly is These stories were absolutely terrific, very short for the most part, clever, with nice barbed twists in the end Reminded me very much of the late great Richard Masterson s short fiction Same eerie ambiance Similar succinctness to the writing Each story came with an introduction by author, which was great, made the reading experiencepersonable Must read for any fan of Lansdale and an excellent intro to those unfamiliar with the author s work Recommended. Joe R Lansdale Compiles And IntroducesOf His Own Favorite And Most Violent Dark Horror Tales In This Review Of His Work God Of The Razor Introduces The Dark God Behind Serial Killers A Martial Arts Fight To The Death Between A Reluctant Champion And A Sadistic Alpha Male Is Featured In Master Of Misery Human Sacrifice To Ensure Prosperity And As A Coming Of Age Ritual, Are Themes Of On A Dark October And Duck Hunt In The Fat Man, Young Boys Learn The Hard Way That Some Mysteries Should Not Be Investigated Many Of The Tales Are Truly Weird, Such As Chompers, A Story Of False Teeth With An Appetite All Of The Stories Are Individually Introduced By Lansdale, Who Explains The Humorous, Weird, And Sometimes Sad Genesis For Each Lansdale seems to have mastered the short story, which is not an easy thing to do He knows that there s only so much you can convey in a short story, so he conveys exactly what he wants the reader to know Once again, that s not as easy as it sounds.While some of the stories worked for me better than others, it sa matter of personal preference because Joe got across what he wanted to If you re a fan of Lansdale then you ll surely want to read this collection If you haven t read his work before and enjoy short stories, this wouldn t be a bad one to pick up. This is no secret, Lansdale is one of my favorite authors I have read several of his novels and have enjoyed them all When I found this story collection at the library I was excited to give it a whirl And I am damn glad that I did Like all story collections there were a few stories that did not quite flip my switch However looking back on it I would have to say that there were only like two stories that did not catch my spinner Other than that all the other stories are true gems The great thing is that with some stories, at only a couple of pages, these were still extremely entertaining Now for those who have not read Lansdale take note for he does have a very dark side to him And in this collection that darkness shines through So some might think these stories to be a bit warped However if you like that type of thing this could be the story collection for you. Joe R Lansdale, Bumper Crop Golden Gryphon Press, 2004 For the majority of its all too short time on this mudball, I was a devoted reader of Rod Serling s The Twilight Zone magazine I was lucky enough to stumble upon the first issue by chance on a newsstand, and after that I subscribed until the bitter end Many of the authors I still revere today I first found in the pages of TZ, including Joyce Carol Oates The Rose Wall, reprinted in her collection Raven s Wing, was the strongest story in that first issue and Dan Simmons whose first published story, The River Styx Runs Upstream, was the winner of TZ s first fiction contest But through all those years, I didn t remember seeing Joe Lansdale s name a single time So when I checked the pub credits page and saw TZ s name by a number of stories, I got to wondering Then I read the preface, and Lansdale says these stories stick with you I got to wonderingThen I read The Dump, and the second I saw the name Otto, I bowed to Lansdale s superior firepower Note, The Dump is a story I haven t read in over twenty years, and within the first few words, I remembered it Memorable is an understatement.Bumper Crop, the second following High Cotton volume in Lansdale s personally selected Best Of collections of his short fiction, is, in short, a whole lot of fun The stories here, most of which are exceptionally short, run through the early part of his career like a vein of adamantite in a mountain of pure silver It s all great stuff, but this is just that little bitrare,coveted, and harder Chompers, The Fat Man, and, well, just about everything here will leave its mark on you Two stories will be recognizable to those who have read The Nightrunners Lansdale, during the seven years between the book s completion and its purchase, took pieces out of it and revised them into stories a number of times One of them, God of the Razor, is one of the strongest pieces here, and very highly recommended.If the book has a weak point, it is Master of Misery, the last story It sounds too much like something But I can t for the life of me remember what But, jeez, don t let that stop you This is great stuff. Bumper Crop was a bit of a mixed bag There were some stories that I really enjoyed, and some that were complete duds that I wanted to get past quickly, hoping that the next story would be better In general and in this short story collection, Lansdale has a very easy going and pleasing style I think he leans on a first person narrative a bitthan he should to my liking Because of this easy going style, this collection was a breeze to get through Mostly, the problem was that some of the stories were just out there, and I didn t get.My favorite story in the collection was the final one Lansdale put to good use his extensive martial arts background in crafting a tightly written tale about a kickboxer going through hard times living in a tropical locale after he inadvertently killed a competitor in a kick boxing match The villain in this story is a Muay Thai fighter, who is a complete and utter bastard, and treats his girlfriend absolutely horribly He lures the story s hero into a battle to the death a fight that is completely unsanctioned with no witnesses other than the girlfriend To add to the epicness of this confrontation, a massive tropical storm is about to hit the island This had a great setup and a great climax.Carl Alves author of Battle of the Soull Human cruelty vies for attention with unspeakable supernatural horror alongside stories so grotesque they border on hilarity The stories border on the crude, raucous and subtle as a sledgehammer, but my, do they leave a mark I found myself chuckling as I read one sample, Chompers and wondered if Gandhi s teeth really were that bad Mr Lansdale s stories have a distinct Southern feel, as indelible and remarkable as Stephen King s stories of the little town in Maine He knows his subject and his people and sprinkles his stories liberally with Southern hot sauce sharp enough to burn the senses. A mixed bag of an anthology filled with weird and creepy stories, but mostly of them are real good ones and if you are a Lansdale s fan this book is just a must read.The God of the Razor Second time I ve read this story, first one was in the Tales of Jack the Ripper anthology A weird, gory and disturbing tale about the dark god of serial killers, originated by Lansdale s never published The Night of the Goblin, later edited and released as The Nightrunners A short dark gem leaving me craving for .The Dump A not bad Twilight Zone Creepy style short tale about the owner of a rubbish dump and the garbage creature who lurks there It inspired a funny episode of the Love, Death Robots animated series on Netflix that I liked a lotthan its inspiring stuff.Fish Night A weird tale about two guys breaking their car in the desert and taking a dream like deadly trip Not bad at all, just not my cup of tea It inspired another episode of Love, Death Robots.Chompers Picking up used fake teeth from an alley and wearing them is not just antihygienic, but sometimes is going to be deadly too A funny weird story.The Fat Man Two kids swear on a dead cat to sneak inside The Fat Man s house and learn the hard way that some mysteries should not be investigated A scary tale with echoes of Bradbury and Lovecraft.On a Dark October A grim halloween tale about sacrifices to ensure prosperity with a social criticism that made him rejected by some publishers worried about it Very good and it left me craving forLansdale says in the intro it is connected to his Night They Missed the Horror Show tale so I have to look for it sooner or later.The Shaggy House Another weird tale inspired by The Nightrunners about a creepy living house feeding on other ones Lansdale published a kids book with the same story calledSomething Lumber This Way Comes that was the original title rejected by the author s edotor.The Man Who Dreamed A light Dead Zone style tale about a man and his gift to see things weeks before their happening But sometimes fate just can t changed.Walks An old man tails his son worried about his walks, but which of them is really hiding something A great short and twisted mistery tale.Last of the Hopeful A young girl escapes on green wings from the warring forces of Kamehameha the king who united in a kingdom the hawaiian islands in 1810 after years of conflict to keep alive her tribe s legacy.Nice.Duck Hunt Young Freddie Clover s first trip with his dad s Hunting Club ig going to be far different than expected A brutal and twisted rite of passage tale.Down by the Sea Near the Great Big Rock Murray s family goes camping to a beach dominated by pale sands, big waves and a great big rock Not long after they start having murderous thoughts an odd, creepy and disturbing tale with a great final twist One of the best stories in this anthology.I Tell You It s Love A creepy and morbid love story from the point of view of a dangerous mind with a thing for pain A dark, depraved and disturbing read later adapted in a graphic novel that now I really have to look for.Pilots written with Dan Lowry Crippled war veterans push their post traumatic stress disorder to the extreme, assaulting trucks on lonely desert roads This could have been an insane Duel meets The Car horror flick screenplay, sadly the bit of film interest about it collapsed and never happened Such a shame.In the Cold, Dark Time A kind of prose poem about the ugliness of war, necessary or unnecessary The ending was a creepy, disturbing and shocking one.Bar Talk Two gentlemen in a bar have a conversation Sometimes you can t trust a stranger A funny little story with a creepy twist It inspired a short movie, you can watch it here Sometimes people are so shy, ordinary and lonely that they are invisible to others This funny short tale is about one of them.Personality Problem A funny tale about the most famous ever monster, made of stitched body parts, looking for psychitiatrist help Hilarious.A Change of Lifestyle written with Karen Lansdale A weird tale about a siberian husky changing into a man after eating a one week old hamburger Not much my cup of tea.The Companion written with Keith Lansdale and Kasey Jo Lansdale An old fashioned scary campfire story about a fisherman meeting a vampire scarecrow, wrote by Lansdale as a collaboration with his children Keith and Kasey A creepy gem.Old Charlie If you got the right bait, you can catch everything A fishing tale withthan one creepy twist in the end.Billie Sue A brilliant, weird, short story about love and perversions filled with dark humour The shocking final climax left me speechless then laughs come.Bestsellers Guaranteed Are you an author Do your novels sell not as much as you would like Don t worry, Bestsellers Guaranteed is going to give you success, fame, respect and millions of dollars We can guarantee that you ll hit the bestsellers list once a year, every year, no matter how bad publishing may falter or if you should have trouble writing one.For our help we ask only one thing, a small favor every year A favor for each book of yours we make a bestseller Each year you assassinate someone for us, it s a deal.Fire Dog A weird Twilight Zone tale born from Lansdale s joking one of his martial arts students the author is also a martial arts expert, and even started his own martial art ,who was working for the forestry service about being a replacement for fire dogs.Too much bizzarro weird for my tastes.Cowboy A touching short tale about racism and the lacking of black cowboys in the western literary genre.Master of Misery The cherry on the top of this anthology is an intense The Most Dangerous Game meets Enter the Dragon tale about sea, abusive sadistic husbands and martial arts fights to the death Excellent I m not real big on anthologies, but Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe Lansdale really nails this one He is a master of the modern horror short story This is a stellar collection from Hisownself