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There are only two books that have made me cry Granted, I was in sixth grade when I read this for the first time But like most books I review on Goodreads, I sat down to read this again before posting my review My sentiments about Bridge to Terabithia haven t changed much.I don t remember a lot from my pre teen years Little fragments crop up from time to time when I see an old commercial on Youtube or I play an 8 bit classic on my Wii This book I remember And as I re read it I started recalling the circumstances that surrounded my initial reading of this book I remember the girl I had a crush on who sat behind me in class I remember growing my hair out and listening to Iron Maiden, experimenting with image, stripping away those last external indicators of child like innocence and trying to begrown up Then I remember crying in my closet near the end of this book Years later I have a career, a daughter, a wife I still listen to Iron Maiden, but I don t wear the oversized metal shirts like I used to, and my hair is cut short most of the time I don t have to try to be an adult any What I was pushing back then I reflect on as an inevitable development now Now I find myself retracing my steps, trying to go back to that time in my life, but like Rita Dove observes in her poem Driving Through, it isn t always as easy or clear cut as we hope it to be I m a different person now, at least that s what I told myself when I started reading this book again a few years ago How strange that sometimes drawing a connection between the person we were and the person we become happens inadvertently, at the most unexpected moments, when we spend half of our lives trying so hard to move forward and half of lives trying so hard to go back So there I sat,than a decade later, with the same emotional reaction I had as a child telling me to stop reading, and nostalgia and the comforting memory of childhood ebbing me back towards youth. This is one of the books that taught me that Books Can Hurt It was part of what I now consider to be my fourth grade teacher s reign of terror she read Where the Red Fern Grows and Bridge to Terabithia out loud to us and those are just the books I was in her class for , and I seriously think she did it for the days when, inevitably, the entire class would spend the afternoon weeping at our desks.That said, though and it needed to be said this is a good book it was so engaging to me at that age that I got it from the library after the first day she read it to us and finished it by myself later that night Admittedly, this was not uncommon behavior for me I did not like reading at other people s paces Of course, this meant I got to cry twice, and also spend the intervening time trying not to cry because I knew what was coming The characters are engaging The story is memorable even 25 years later But this is the book that taught me two important lessons do not trust Katherine Paterson as far as you can see her, and do not trust fourth grade teachers, either. Jess Aarons Greatest Ambition Is To Be The Fastest Runner In His Grade He S Been Practicing All Summer And Can T Wait To See His Classmates Faces When He Beats Them All But On The First Day Of School, A New Girl Boldly Crosses Over To The Boys Side And Outruns EveryoneThat S Not A Very Promising Beginning For A Friendship, But Jess And Leslie Burke Become Inseparable Together They Create Terabithia, A Magical Kingdom In The Woods Where The Two Of Them Reign As King And Queen, And Their Imaginations Set The Only Limits The movie is farworth it. Even when I was 12, I thought this was a crap book.What s with all the hype This was so fucking boring I read this in 6th grade, during a time when I was prone to sobbing at anything We watched Ben Hur in class and I cried like a baby I don t even remember why We read Where the Red Fern Grows aloud in class and I was sobbing in front of everyone I didn t shed a single fucking tear for this book. This is absolutely a great book I loved to read it I don t know if you ever watch the film from 2007, if you do, but you haven t read the book, I can tell you that the movie is a good adaptation BUT it can mislead you in the fantasy factor, even I used that label in my review but only because, at this moment, I don t have a better label to describe the book in a fair way.I tell you all that since in the film, they gave a lot of emphasis and screen time to all those magic creatures , however, they don t exist, in the book, the kids are really clear on that, they are playing sure, but they don t start to watch magic creatures from the thin air, they just using something called imagination.I tell you that too, just to make you understand that if you want to read this book expecting something in the style of Harry Potter or Narnia, you will get a real disappointment, BUT if you are looking to read an amazing, coming to age story, you will read one of the best books in that area, genre and or topic.Due to clumsy reasons, this great book has been banned in many libraries What I can tell you is that the kids here talk and think in a very real and honest way, so I don t think that can be a good reason to ban this book.This is a truly great novel about growing, about maturing, about the impossibility of controlling life and that you have to treasure each moment that you are living since you never know when something will change forever.Also, you won t understand the reason for the title of this book until you read it, but please, don t do any research or investigation, since the impact of the story depends of that you don t know anything ahead.This is a short book, just read it and it will live in your heart forever. No, I m not crying There s just a log in my eye Okay, so I read this YEARS ago Maybe when I was 14 I saw the movie first and that absolutely ruined me I think this is about my 3rd reread, which proves this book is timeless As well as, you know, heart ripping I thought I d be okay reading this BUT I WASN T I JUST WAS NOT I JUST ABOUT CHOKED UP WHEN THE DAD SAID Lord, boy, don t be a fool God ain t gonna send any little girls to hell.I don t know why But I really just started crying there This book is amazing for it s little lines that just hit home so powerfully It s a few sentences and BOOM it s gotten under your skin and into your soul.Also, I never really cared about good writing before now, butTHIS IS SERIOUSLY GOOD WRITING Sure there are chapters were it s mostly told what s happened without actual scenes But the dialogue It s perfection and natural, but not weighted down with unnecessaries or dialogue tags Omg, it s just beautiful And the story flows so perfectly There are TWO foreshadows to the ending, which I only noticed now of course And, towards the end, I just started feeling outright SICK because I knew what was coming I noticed other things, being an adult reading this, that I wouldn t have picked up on originally Like There s quite a bit of fat shaming here Both Janice Avery the school bully and one of Jess sisters get teased about being fat It was sad and I felt uncomfortable, particularly when no one felt bad for doing this When the teacher reads out Leslie s essay she says this is an unusual hobby for a girl which sort of tainted the chapter for me The whole Ms Edmunds taking Jess to the city for the day wasweird I mean, logically She was just being nice But you d never get away iwth that in a million years these days Especially since Ms Edmunds didn t even talk to his parents I know, I know, she told him to get permission and it was finebut you know what I MEAN.I m not saying these are heinous faults I think theyjust colour the book from the era it was written in And if a book can still be timeless through all this Then just GIVE IT A MILLION STICKERS AND HUG IT Or slap it Because it made me cry, dangit.I love the themes of uncanny friendship, of Jess feeling under appreciated and overlooked and like a fish out of water in his family, and of being bullied and turning into the bullies There is literally so much packed into this book And of course, the gut wrenching happenings of Leslie Burke.Also the ending made me freaking sob again Darn this book When Jess took May Belle into Terabithia ERMAGERD I CANNOT RIGHT NOW Aren t I supposed to be the mature reasonable adult here Hand me the tissue box This book is a warm, soulful classic that broke me and I hate it but I love it And that s all I m gonna say. I don t see how a middle grade book can do this to somebody. You would think that even after seeing the movie and knowing how this ends I wouldn t cry, but here I am This book was very enjoyable I can t remember if I read it as a kid, but it was definitely worth reading now that I m older.The writing is pretty and gives you a very country vibe with vibrant imagery and cozy settings, but I felt like the characters lacked a lot of description Maybe it s a children s book and i m not used to the shorter pace, but it felt like a lotneeded to be fleshed out The relationships between the characters Day to day activities Dialogue scenes It all just happened very quickly and it was hard to gauge how much time was actually passing, and it felt like the characters and plot were progressing faster than they probably actually were.I really need to pick upchildren s classics because reading a book written and presumably set in the 70s was so captivating References to the Vietnam war and the fearlessness about talking about religion and God was just something I rarely see today, and adding in details so particular to the time period almost 50 years ago now was just very cool I couldn t get the movie out of my head when I read this, even though I haven t seen the movie in years Baby josh hutcherson is so precious that I think it added a spark to the book just seeing his face in my mind However, comparing the book to the movie was a little bit detrimental because I think I liked the movie a littleJust because it tooktime to flesh out the characters and add detail to the world of Terabithia, whereas in the book Terabithia was, ironically, rather underexplained.I loved how it described Jess as having a nervous gut There were references to Jess having anxiety in this and i m glad it wasn t portrayed as something like HE NEEDS TO MAN UP HE S AFRAID OF SWIMMING AND HIS DAD PUTS A LOT OF PRESSURE ON HIM TO BE PERFECT, HE SHOULD BE THE MAN OF THE FAMILY Instead it s approached as if fear and shyness is natural and you need to work through it organically, and I thought that was really beautiful and encouraging. Oh I loved this book too Its so sweet, and sad and wonderful I cried My teacher read it out loud in my 5th grade class and when the character died, I turned to the little boy next to me , and said, That s not true is it and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and nodded It was probably one of the first mature interactions I ever had with an icky boy.