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Born A Crime Is The Deeply Personal Story Of What Has Shaped Trevor Noah, South African Comedian And Host Of The Daily Show An Astonishing Memoir That Details Growing Up In The Midst Of A Crumbling Apartheid, It Illuminates His Unique Vantage Point And How It Prepared Him For A Life In The Public Eye This Is A Sharply Humorous, Engaging And Unforgettable Record Of Noah S Life And At Its Heart, A Love Letter To His Remarkable Mother The Compelling, Inspiring Often Comic Coming Of Age Story Of Trevor Noah, Set During The Twilight Of Apartheid And The Tumultuous Days Of Freedom That Followed One Of The Comedy World S Brightest New Voices, Trevor Noah Is A Light Footed But Sharp Minded Observer Of The Absurdities Of Politics, Race And Identity, Sharing Jokes And Insights Drawn From The Wealth Of Experience Acquired In His Relatively Young Life As Host Of The US Hit Show The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, He Provides Viewers Around The Globe With Their Nightly Dose Of Biting Satire, But Here Noah Turns His Focus Inward, Giving Listeners A Deeply Personal, Heartfelt And Humorous Look At The World That Shaped Him Noah Was Born A Crime, Son Of A White Swiss Father And A Black Xhosa Mother, At A Time When Such A Union Was Punishable By Five Years In Prison Living Proof Of His Parents Indiscretion, Trevor Was Kept Mostly Indoors For The First Years Of His Life, Bound By The Extreme And Often Absurd Measures His Mother Took To Hide Him From A Government That Could, At Any Moment, Take Him Away A Collection OfPersonal Stories, Born A Crime Tells The Story Of A Mischievous Young Boy Growing Into A Restless Young Man As He Struggles To Find His Place In A World Where He Was Never Supposed To Exist Born A Crime Is Equally The Story Of That Young Man S Fearless, Rebellious And Fervently Religious Mother A Woman Determined To Save Her Son From The Cycle Of Poverty, Violence And Abuse That Ultimately Threatens Her Own Life Whether Subsisting On Caterpillars For Dinner During Hard Times, Being Thrown From A Moving Car During An Attempted Kidnapping, Or Just Trying To Survive The Life And Death Pitfalls Of Dating In High School, Noah Illuminates His Curious World With Incisive Wit And Unflinching Honesty His Stories Weave Together To Form A Personal Portrait Of An Unlikely Childhood In A Dangerous Time, As Moving And Unforgettable As The Very Best Memoirs And As Funny As Noah S Own Hilarious Stand Up Born A Crime Is A Must Listen

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    Trevor Noah has always been unapologetically open and honest about the world It s what makes him such a great host of The Daily Show He gets the right balance of humour to go with his casual storytelling style.Reading Born A Crime was such an eye opening insight into what was actually going on during and after Apartheid Firstly, Noah is only 33 Apartheid ended in living memory It s a terrifying thought, how recent that is Which leads onto my next point we weren t taught about this nearly enough.It s always different hearing about these sorts of experiences from someone who lived through it Particularly because Noah is biracial He didn t look black enough to be black, despite growing up around black people and never seeing himself as anything else But he also wasn t white enough to be white His family weren t particularly well off He didn t have the latest brands He fit in enough that he was still an outsider, always flitting from group to group.His mother, thought, is a force to be reckoned with She s incredibly strong and independent As a single mother with a biracial child she had to be She actively sought out ways to undermine the white authorities It was Noah and his mother against the world A team It was wonderful to read about such a strong family bond Despite everything going crazy around them they had each other.This isn t just the story of a young man s rise to fame, but a story of family, support, and unconditional love.

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    I ve always enjoyed Trevor Noah as a comedian so wanted to read about his life Having seen him in a few interviews I had a vague idea of what to expect his life story and book exceeded my expectations.I found his journey and that of his family especially his mother fascinating Not only do we get to read his bio, but we also get an insight into what it was like being a child growing up during apartheid in South Africa.His writing style and his personality reflect how he is on tv, he is intelligent, funny, charming and honest.Without spoiling anything be prepared for a roller coaster ride.Was very disappointed when I got to the end of the book I may have to read it again I thoroughly recommend it.

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    Unbelievably moving Will have you laughing and then tearing up a few sentences later.This excerpt literally, mind blown Yes, it was horrific But I often wonder, with African atrocities like in the Congo, how horrific were they The thing Africans don t have that Jewish people do have is documentation The Nazis kept meticulous records, took pictures, made films And that s really what it comes down to Holocaust victims count because Hitler counted them Six million people killed We can all look at that number and rightly be horrified But when you read through the history of atrocities against Africans, there are no numbers, only guesses It s harder to be horrified by a guess.

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    I m a big fan of Trevor Noah, so when I saw this book come up as a recommendation I thought I would give it a try Written as a series of vignettes from his life growing up in South Africa and the influence of his non traditional mother, it offers insight into life in South Africa before and after apartheid and the events that shaped Trevor Noah s life I liked how especially in the early parts of the book he tied in general information about apartheid with specific events in his life I learned a lot about South Africa s recent history and culture Trevor Noah is a comedian and whilst there are some funny scenes, this book is not a comedy Very interesting and enjoyable read.

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    Interesting book in the sense that I feel I learned a lot about South Africa and some of its inhabitants, but the story in itself doubles back quite a few times this is an autobiography so you would normally have a fairly linear narrative ark but it is literally all over the place for instance , you are reading about Trevor at that school from year 1 to 5 as an example then you go back to his early years from a different prospective , then to his Teen age years the double back again to his early childhood and so on.Also , the author contradicts himself a few times , which makes me think that perhaps there is a bit of poetic licence in this book Also , there is virtually nothing about hoe he started in his career , we leave him freshly out of Jail , and it then jumps to his Mum being shot and all we know is that at that point he had been estranged from him Mum a, living with his cousin and was a comedian Ok How did all of that happen A shame, really , as with some editing it could have been a good book.

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    I liked this memoir It is written well Despite spending many years in South Africa, I was pleased to be introduced to new perspectives There are some interesting and surprising anecdotes, especially TN s home life that raised my eyebrows from time to time.The over riding question for me has always been, how did he manage to scale such heady career heights so quickly from a disadvantaged position His intellect, confidence, story telling and quick wit are evident on stage and behind the camera but it takes than this to achieve the success that he has The book provides real clues to this conundrum It gives good insight into his motivation and diversity of his skills and experience He made it his business to be curious about life, people and the way the world works He is the doyen of all street smarts.Enjoy this read and hopefully he writes a follow up soon to describe his career.

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    I have seen Trevor s documentary about his life in South Africa which was really interesting I saw this book in the kindle store and saw the positive reviews thus decided to try I am happy I did as so far it is a great read and find this to be just as interesting as his documentary Growing up biracial in the United States in the 70s 80s I can relate to some of his experiences regarding race and not quite fitting in to either race, but his experiences in South Africa make my experiences seem like a cake walk.