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This Is One Of His Best The TimesJack Reacher Is Back In A Brand New White Knuckle Read From Lee ChildIt S A Random Universe, But Once In A Blue Moon Things Turn Out Just RightIn A Nameless City, Two Rival Criminal Gangs Are Competing For Control But They Hadn T Counted On Jack Reacher Arriving On Their PatchReacher Is Trained To Notice ThingsHe S On A Greyhound Bus, Watching An Elderly Man Sleeping In His Seat, With A Fat Envelope Of Cash Hanging Out Of His Pocket Another Passenger Is Watching Too Hoping To Get Rich QuickAs The Mugger Makes His Move, Reacher Steps InThe Old Man Is Grateful, Yet He Turns Down Reacher S Offer To Help Him Home He S Vulnerable, Scared, And Clearly In Big, Big TroubleWhat Hold Could The Gangs Have On The Old Guy Will Reacher Be In Time To Stop Bad Things Happening The Odds Are Better With Reacher Involved That S For Damn Sure The conversation between the Author and the Publishers prior to writing this book must have went something like this Publisher Lee, your body count in you last book was around fifty, your readers were very unhappy, the plot was ponderous and dull, not enough gory killing and mayhem.Lee OK I ll try harder in future, sorry, I was getting bored with the whole Reacher character.Publisher to Lee after reading the first draft of Blue Moon This is brilliant, the body count is extraordinary, who cares about the ridiculous storyline and the crazy thought process behind each action Reacher and his new buddies take, it doesn t matter, bodies are all your readers want to hear about, most have brains the size of a pin heads anyway.Lee Thanks, I m glad you like it, can I have the rest of my advance now It was hard to follow some of the visual descriptions Also, he was killing when he didn t have to, which is a bit contrary to his usual moral code The cut off head was a bit too much, and the fact that the other characters didn t seem to mind, made them look a bit like psychos Not my fave Jack story. The Lee Child formula cranks into action once again It starts off well and then grinds its predictable way through violence and murder, Thread and counter threat until it arrives creaking at the inevitable end.It s a polished production that won t sell well in eastern Europe The characterisation hasn t changed since book one Why should it There are many pages of tedious slow motion that it s best to skip They don t add anything to the story, it just seems like the author is going through the motions.Time to call it a day, Lee Child, while you can still do so with some dignity, as Reacher would say.