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A Liverpudlian West Side Story Twin Brothers Are Separated At Birth Because Their Mother Cannot Afford To Keep Them Both She Gives One Of Them Away To Wealthy Mrs Lyons And They Grow Up As Friends In Ignorance Of Their Fraternity Until The Inevitable Quarrel Unleashes A Blood Bath Willy Russell Is Less Concerned With Political Tub Thumping Than With Weaving A Close Knit Story About The Working Of Fate And Destiny It Carries One Along With It In Almost Unreserved Enjoyment Guardian One Of The Longest Running And Most Successful Ever West End Musicals, Blood Brothers Premiered At The Liverpool Playhouse In January

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    This was a wonderful book which my grandson absolutely loves He is studying this book for his GCSE O level exam and has thoroughly enjoyed reading it and watching the play on You Tube He has repeatedly told me what a fantastic story lies behind the book and how much he has enjoyed it He wants to go to the theatre and watch a stage production of it and has increased his love of books, which has always been great , but now thanks to Blood Brothers is unbelievably strong Thank you for this book it is superb

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    GCSE set text Perfect for studying the text at home.IMHO not a read for pleasure but a read for necessity for exam students studying this text.

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    I liked some of the story but found the constant repetition of certain phrases irritating As a Nan, I was not too keen on the use of bad language I read this book as it is my granddaughters GCSE text and I am going to do the same work on the book as she is set by her teacher.

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    I ordered this product and it took a week to get here After ordering a bunch of other GCSE texts too ,and them coming damaged, i was hesitant to see what this book would look and read like However, all my worry was unnecessary as it came absolutely better than i expected Yes, the book is a bit smaller than anticipated but it makes up for that by providing everything a GCSE drama student needs Would absolutely recommend to anyone My only problems are that i wish there was a bit space for annotation and that if it came a bit faster, but would buy again.

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    Enjoyed this production at the theatre which in turn encouraged me to buy the book it is a great story and just as moving when you read it Would recommend to buy it.The service I received by this book company was second to none very speedy delivery would certainly deal with them again.

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    Willy Russell describes a dramatic, yet tragic tale, of two women that share a dark secret Set in Liverpool during the 60s 70s, Willy Russell s musical provides a window into the lives of two families, that are socially poles apart Mrs Johnstone, a single mother struggling to make ends meet has no option but to give away one of her baby twins to Mrs Lyons, a wealthy woman that has yearns for a child of her own The secret transaction must never be revealed, however, the twins become friends, unaware that they are actually birth twins The play explores the hardship between the class divide and demonstrates the impact of family secrets, guilt and conscience There are occasions of humour and innocence, which later becomes sinister and tragic, as neither family can escape the ultimate betrayal This heart warming book transforms into a gripping, dramatic play, which touches on the heartstrings of all audiences After reading the book, watching the play is a must The emotion transmitted through the music, singing and actors performance does not detract form the dialogue within the book, but definitely enhances the harsh realities within this story I read this book and watched the play as part of my GCSE course, and would strongly recommend reading this, even just for pleasure It certainly makes you reflect on your own day to day lives and gives relationships another perspective.

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    Excellent book, thought I was getting the music as well, my mistake I searched for libretto and got this instead,no matter, still brilliant.One of the finest plays with music ever written.

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    Bought for my daughter, for her GCSE school work Small and slim, as good a book as any, script format.