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I am loyal but I will betray you I am strong but I have scars I am an angel but the devil I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air She swooped in making me smile But then she left taking my next breath with her Her smile could light up a room making my black heart pitter patter I found her again ten years later with a syringe in her arm Blood coming from between her legs She was broken and I was glad she was broken She wouldn't think less of me and my damaged ways

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    275 StarsThis was just an OK read for me The storyline was good but it felt like some parts were missing I didn't fully connect with the characters I love books with enigmatic and mysterious heroes who lead a reclusive life and keep to themselves but sadly Black didn't wow me The writing style is good but I had trouble connecting with it The author uses short chapters and sentences with a lot of dialogue creating a certain rhythm and flow of the story which didn't suit me The atmosphere of the book is mysterious and dark but sometimes it felt weird and despressingThe best part of the book is the ending which is totally unpredictableOverall rating 3 stars Writing style 3 stars Story 4 stars Flow of the story 3 stars Character development 3 stars Heroine 3 stars Hero 4 stars Secondary characters 4 stars Tonemood of the book 3 stars Emotion evoking 3 stars Originality 4 stars Enjoyment 2 stars Effect on me 2 stars

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    I could not put down my kindle I was so mesmerized by this story I finished watching the sunrise This is a very emotional read With some dark scenes But that's what I like about The Authors writing is she tells the story in such a way that you are drawn into her mind I love that This story just grabs you and takes you on a journey About two lost souls who have to fight just to breathe I can't wait to read the next installment The cover is right on for Mr Black

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    FREE on US today 512017Book 1 of 3 Series completeFREE am loyal but I will betray you I am strong but I have scars I am an angel but the devil I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air She swooped in making me smile But then she left taking my next breath with her Her smile could light up a room making my black heart pitter patter I found her again ten years later with a syringe in her arm Blood coming from between her legs She was broken and I was glad she was broken She wouldn't think less of me and my damaged waysFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 600 books

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    35 3 Where's Book Two At Stars Well once again I seen a hot cover and was intrigued by the blurb so I bought it before I was done sampling Black pulled me in uickly I was up reading this baby all night until my eyes just had to shut Then some where after the halfway mark it started to fizzle out but I still kept reading it because I wanted answersOne night Rose is sitting in the park and she's sad She sees the schools bad boy Liam Black walking by and she instantly is drawn to him Liam doesn't know what to think of the sixteen year old girl he's seen at school hanging with the popular crowd whenever he bothers to show up But he's drawn to her and for a month they become close friends spending every day together until one day Rose is gone Years later Black is at his best friends motorcycle club and sees the girl that he's always wondered about Rose is thin She's hooked on drugs She's a club whore and will do anything for her next hit Liam debates with himself if he wants to leave her or help her So he takes her to his house and locks her up until she gets clean Both Rose and Liam have secrets but we aren't sure what they are yet Liam is nothing but black He kills people for a living and he loves it His soul is black and he doesn't like to be touched He likes it that way He needs Rose to leave and get away from him so he doesn't turn her world black Once she finds out what he did she will hate him anyway These two have never forgotten each other all these years Now I was really into this book at first Black was mysterious and I couldn't wait to see what was going on But for some reason I just couldn't connect with Rose or Black as a couple I found myself at the end scratching my head and pissed that it ended the way it did I wish I could say the sex was hot but it wasn't that memorable to me I'm not one to worry about typos because hey I'm not the best either but I'm not publishing my work lol So I noticed many typos Words were missing or in the wrong place making me reread sentences But anyway that didn't really make my rating drop The drop was because I didn't feel the love between these two The secrets that came out were not as wowing as I thought they were going to be I was kind of saying to myself really? That's the reveal? I also felt a few things were still left unanswered I doubt they will be answered in the next book Will I be reading the next book when it comes out? Maybe but I won't be rushing to buy it

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    TITLE BlackAUTHOR TL SmithGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE January 29h 2016MY RATING BEFORE Black starts us off by showing us Black and Rose two childhood friends both from different worlds she hung around the rich kids he was a loner until one day out of the blue she spoke to him then like that day out of the blue she disappeared without a trace Have you ever loved someone so much that the thought of them hurts? NOW At a bikers compound Black reconnects with Rose in not such stunning circumstances she doesn't recognize him though he recognizes her that night and carries her out of the compound and takes her home cleans her up feeds herEvidence of who I am is written all over her now stricken face You she says accusingly Me I smile at her finally being able to tell her the truth of who I amBlack is a very dark complex man a hit man he does what others won't do for a price Rose is a junkie I was once known as Rose before before I was broken I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this before the authors writing style takes a while to get used to in the beginning it's almost in poem format but once you to get used to it your hooked into the story I will kill for you I'm the fucking exeutioner I wouldn't class this as dark only because I've gone as dark as one can go with books black is a dark character someone you wouldn't want to cross a man of very few words Black surrounds me Rose If you’re with me near me black will surround you too Then it will drown you Taking everything you are with it As you progress further into the book you see the many layers of Black get stripped away at first he reminded me of the movies Rocky you know the ones where he hardly spoke this was Black but slowly you see him opening up showing us of what makes him tick what made him the man he is he's hard tough scary but then a softer side will reveal itselfThey say I bring nothing but black darkness Though when I'm with you all I see is color and fuck it's the best thing I've ever seen roseThat ending GAH Can't want to get my hands on the next book This book surprised me on so many levels the biker element Blacks job Rose this had me sitting on the edge of my seat freuently

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    LIVE US UK comau Black is a fast paced intriguing romance about second chances in both life and love It’s a dark story told in first person and from the dual perspective of the hero and heroine So where to start? I’ve thought about and discussed this story at length in terms of how I should rate it and convey my thoughts There are aspects I absolutely loved but there are elements within the execution of the piece that didn’t work so well for my personal reading tastes I finished the story on a high feeling a genuine WOW but throughout my read there were times when I uestioned aspects of the prose and story arc Not everything felt as cohesive as it should have which would normally lead me to dislike a book but curiously for me I enjoyed the bones of the story arc and the portrayal of the characters The protagonist’s shared history and re connection is engaging and drew me into their story uite uickly We discover why Rose was drawn to Black way back all those ten years ago In present time she’s plucked from the depths of darkness a possible unsalvageable situation Black is professed to be a dark character of the underground world and he’s convincingly depicted this way throughout the course of the story His cold and callus nature magnifies the darker elements of the plot It’s not for the faint of heart; brutal in places there were times towards the end that I had to pause to take a moment but they were the times that my anticipation and interest intensified I simply had to know how this first part ended As the story began to unfold I felt a lack of consistency in some areas and the transitions in my opinion were not always smoothly executed There’s so much content in this story maybe too much I truly feel not all of it is essential to the telling and I think conseuently elements felt underdeveloped and a little rushed which in places may have caused me to misinterpret and believe there were inconsistencies when actually maybe there weren’t any As I debated my feelings and thoughts about this story I didn’t once uestion the motivation of the protagonists the author tapped into her character’s inner minds and whilst I occasionally found some of their inner thoughts to be contrived than character driven I believed their actions and thought processes most of the time an aspect which is hugely important to my reading enjoyment On finishing I was stunned by what had happened which enhanced my overall enjoyment of the story A story that's suspenseful dark and story driven and despite some of my conflicted feelings I liked reading Black and very much enjoyed the climax of the story which left me anticipating the next part in the series Note I believe this is a two part series Advanced copy received for my honest review thoughts

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    Black generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review2 What a beautiful devil he is StarsThis is a really hard book to review for me Black told from the first person points of view of both the hero and heroine took me for a wild ride Contemporary romance surrounded by dark subject matter the story of Black and Rose is a complicated web of betrayals depravity and hard subject matter shrouded in mystery The two main characters of this book and their plights intrigued me throughout Black himself is very cold detached and emotionless which I truly felt and even connected His presence is consuming and while he has an air of danger surrounding him the promise of his protection wraps you in a net of safety His warnings of the kind of man he is are as unheeded by the reader as they are to Rose Rose is desperate longing and in need of love and care which as the reader I also felt and connected with Her life is not pretty it's the most grotesue part of the book in my opinion yet without it we wouldn't feel as strongly about her The meat of the plot the complex history coupled with the present provides a great story one in which you want to sit down and just absorb The problem for me is the execution of this complex plot and the style of writing I often found myself very confused as to what was happening with the characters and how certain actions even come to fruition A lack of clear transitions and underdeveloped tangents of plot were found throughout the story Structurally the writing is uite different for me At times where I think the story was supposed to be cloaked in mystery it came off as confusing There are few spots where plot points were never finished or inconsistent with previous action Black overall was on OK read for me I'm intrigued to the point that I want to know where the story will go and see how the characters find their way It's for fans of darker subject matter

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    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book surprised me The plot really took me by complete surprise especially the endingBlack is a dark mysterious man with a very lethal job Rose is a woman with a heavy past and a very tough presentBlack Rose have huge history and so when they meet again their lives are forever changed The book contains some dark themes that might disturb some readers but if you are a lover of the dark side delve into this oneI liked how fast paced the story was It did not drag out and I liked the element of surprise in the endI had one tiny problem with the main hero though I did not find Black captivating and that put me off the story a bit He read a bit flat to me and frankly he gave me whiplash Rose was a woman with a difficult life and we get a few surprises from her I liked thatI am curious where the author will take the story in the second book375 Stars

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    ARC received from author via blog tour35 ★GAH After I finished reading this I ask myself “Elle Elle Elle why do you do this to yourself??? Why don’t you pay close attention to the cover or the blurb??? How do you miss the crucial part where it says it’s a series??? Now you just finished another book with a crazy cliffhanger ending and you’re left hanging again??? runs to Goodreads and read the book details again Wait It doesn’t say anything about series anywhere?? SONOFATL TL why o why must you do this to me??DangI’d say you can read the blurb over and over again and you still won’t be prepared for the ride that you’re in for So I say just dive right inThere’s enough depth to both characters Rose is a broken character She’s fragile but she showed strength For all the messed up stuff she’s been thru she managed to rise above it Black is a fascinating H or antihero His profession and his history guarantee that All the emotions are buried deep deep down Stoic but feels strong emotions Despite the evil that surrounds him or lives in him I saw what Rose saw in himThe story itself or certain parts of it is familiar giving me the feeling of having read it before yet uniue enough to make me wonder where it’s goingAnd now you probably wonder why I didn’t rate it higher Frankly I really wanted to I really didThere’s too succinct a feeling to it that I couldn’t shake off which I really wished I could’ve because I felt it prevented me from completely connecting I also really wished that their history included Rose’s POV because I felt it didn’t allow me to fully buy into Rose’s feelings about Black I felt like I missed something important to make me understand her younger self better And I really wished that this was longer Yes there’s such thing as meandering and adding superfluous details but on the other hand it felt like I was only getting a summary or an overview of certain events when I would’ve really loved a descriptive narration Oh and whispers there were some typos But you know what this is just me ok?The last 20% def made up for a lot of things in my head Over all though you wanna talk about suspense? Oh you’ll get it alright You wanna talk about dark? Oh you’ll get it And of course how can I not mention the cover?? Franggy SighNow I just really really hope that I’ll be fortunate enough to get my grubby lil fingers on book 2 I have to grinsDang

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    what the fuckwasted an hour of my life reading this confusing boring shit ugh i hated this garbagertc maybe