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Setting this down for a while I ll probably try this again when I m not so busy. Overall, the book left me with mixed feelings It was undeniably well written with vivid and evocative descriptions and realistic and exhilarating battle scenes at least at the beginning Towards the end the kidnappings or attempted kidnappings , attacks, narrow escapes, rescues and almost inevitable accompanying fight scenes seemed to become a little repetitive, predictable and dare I say, overdone or over reliant on action Also, the apparently invincibility of the hero Marcus Annan and his servant Marek seemed to stretch credibility with the former able survive numerous wounds, to fight with broken bones or other injuries, and the latter surviving being thrown off a balcony all of when other characters are killed with far less Was really that easy to cut through chain mail Another scene in which one of the villains broke into a castle guarded by precisely one man at the main gate seemed decidedly implausible Seriously, I doubt a castle in the Middle of potentially hostile territory would have been so poorly defended, or so easy to break into twice and destroy with only a few men The hero Marcus Annan could be a frustrating character His actions were sometimes inconsistent or hardtop work out wanting to be rid of the monk Gethin one minute then riding off to save him shortly after Also, the characterization of a Crusader cum pilgrim with religious doubts is perhaps not the most original, as similar protagonists can be found in other books and movies Like them, Annan s skepticism, apparent bias against the Crusaders, and some of his other beliefs and attitudes seemed rather too modern There were also a number of historical issues the most notable being the depiction of events that took place after the capture of the city of Acre in 1191 the controversial order given by Richard the Lionheart to massacre 2700 Muslim prisoners In the novel it is made out that Richard gave this order after only a few days when Saladin hadn t produced the sum of money demanded as part of the negotiated terms of surrender and he is made out to be the bad one for having broken his oath to Saladin to deliver the prisoners and acting dishonourably Yet in reality, Richard made no oath to Saladin, and the impetus was on him to fulfill the terms of surrender, who acted just as duplicitously as Richard by playing for time, trying to change the terms, and draw the Crusaders into battle Also, over 30 days elapsed, the agreed deadline for fulfilling the terms of surrender, before the order was given Finally, it is claimed that women and children were among those massacred, when this is not mentioned in any contemporary sources, and at least two modern historians have asserted those slain consisted entirely of fighting men Admittedly, the origin of this inaccurate depiction was in the sources the author used, not she herself, but given the capacity of historical fiction to influence people s perception of history, it bears mention One other inaccuracy was ironed out towards the end, and further historical details suggested a good amount of research I also seriously do wonder whether the leading characters would have been allowed to get away with murdering or plotting to murder, their fellow nobles, or the rape of a noblewoman, right under the king s nose so to speak Medieval nobles were generally quite assertive in defence of their rights to the point that they even rebelled against Kings who abused their power So I certainly think the nobles would have acted to defend themselves against the villains of this story, or complained to the KingMy final complaint was some of the language such as repeated use of the nineteenth century nautical slang term bucko I think this and other phrases might have been used because they sounded British but I m a Brit, and I d never heard of it Overall Behold the Dawn was a worthwhile and I might say somewhat compulsive read, and was certainly an engaging story with solid Christian and well presented Christian themes of redemption and forgiveness , but d required perhaps suspension of disbelief then I like On the other hand I probably would read it again. Marcus Annan, A Tourneyer Famed For His Prowess On The Battlefield, Thought He Could Keep The Secrets Of His Past Buried Forever But When A Mysterious Crippled Monk Demands Annan Help Him Find Justice For The Transgressions Of Sixteen Years Ago, Annan Is Forced To Leave The Tourneys And Join The Third CrusadeWounded In Battle And Hunted By Enemies On Every Side, He Rescues An English Noblewoman From An Infidel Prison Camp And Flees To Constantinople But, Try As He Might, He Cannot Elude The Past Amidst The Pain And Grief Of A War He Doesn T Even Believe In, He Is Forced At Last To Face Long Hidden Secrets And Sins And To Bare His Soul To The Mercy Of A God He Thought He Had Abandoned Years Ago Oh my I am totally astounded at this book Having only read one other historical fiction book set during the Crusades that I wasn t impressed with, I wasn t sure what to expect with this From what I ve seen of this author I hoped it would be good and it was More than that, it was amazing The characters were full of depth and so real Annan, struggling with his past, is a tourneyer only to appease his conscience Then there is Mairead, a countess wife, her fear and need of safety found in the man Annan And Marek He made me smile and laugh and added that spice of humor that the story needed.There is a lot of fighting in this book which some readers might find disturbing There is mention of a woman having a child out of wedlock, but never is detailed and I appreciated that The romance is sweet and just right for my taste The evil men were portrayed quite well Hatred and power is shown in their lives Although the end is victorious, it made me sad how useless those people spent their lives I was very surprised at something toward the end.I was able to follow the story relatively well Sometimes I was confused with who was who, but it wasn t enough to ruin the story line for me at all The redemption message is wonderful Annan could not defeat evil on his own He needed God.The author has written a fabulous book,and I will be reading it again in the future. OKAY THIS WAS A REALLY GREAT BOOK, FAM Like, I m Having Feelings And I Have a Feeling I won t stop Having Feelings for awhile, because I Have a Feeling it ll take me a few days to process this book.I mean the story is so intense for such a long time, and that meant that I was rather tense while reading it It almost seemed to twist up my insides a little bit But it was really good Wow I feel like I don t really know what to say Before I read it just going by the synopsis and the things I d heard from the dear frens who recommended it to me thanks, frens I anticipated it being like Robin Hood and Ivanhoe but with, like, GOD, and that was honestly how it turned out to be Which made me happy I m usually a little bit wary of modern authors trying to write in old fashioned styles, but somehow this worked I mean, I thought nay and aye were used a bit too much, but that s a minor thing Also, the vocabulary is amazing I had to look up words P Okay, but I do need to talk about one thing view spoiler So you know the scene where Mairead the names are so A in this book, btw and Marek have fled Stephen s castle and they find Annan And then Mairead and Annan have their moment of truth Well, that was an amazing love scene, BUT it was kind of open ended, and then some of the things that were said afterwards sort of made it seem like they actually spent the night together spent the night together, if you know what I mean And that didn t seem quite right I mean, they were married, yes in name but especially given what Mairead had gone through, it seemed inappropriate unrealistic in terms of timing But that s just my opinion, and maybe I misinterpreted that whole incident anyway hide spoiler Fast moving, enthralling novel of the Third Crusade A tourneyer, Marcus Annan, is convinced to join the Crusade by a mysterious crippled monk from Annan s past There is much fighting but the main story is that of Annan s guilt for his actions sixteen years previously, his self forgiveness and redemption As one character says, and I m paraphrasing Each new dawn brings with it a new beginning with the new day.I figured out part of Annan s past early on, but I wish the rest had been explained earlier in a clearer form rather than in bits and pieces What exactly happened at St Dunstan s monastery that affected Annan s and the monk s lives The complete explanation was not given until near the end of the novel I disliked Annan s sidekick, Marek I felt he was impertinent and a complainer I saw no humor in him, but yes, he did fill a niche in the story I liked the neatness with which the story was wound up.Highly recommended. Compelling and riveting historical fictionGet ready for a novel by KM Weiland that will grab you and hold on until you turn the last of its captivating pages.Behold the Dawn opens in the year 1192 when Crusaders under King Richard I battled Saladin s Muslim forces in the Holy Land in an attempt to recapture Jerusalem At the same time, Marcus Annan engaged in deadly mock battle as a Tourneyer Annan, fought today for the same reason he always fought it was the only thing his life had left him fit for Under threat of excommunication, tourney participants such as Annan continued to ply their trade After a day of dealing death, he s troubled by the sight of a faceless monk, a face hidden within the shadow of a cowl By the time the spark of recognition brought flashes of hidden memories from 16 years past, the monk disappeared Annan collected his spoils and ransom from battle while a chain of unfolding events propelled him from Bari, Italy to the fields of battle in the Holy Land.Annan and his sidekick Peregrine Marek, a Scottish lad indentured to his service, would face deadly challenges from former comrades at arms in addition to threats from avowed enemies A onetime believer in Christianity, Annan now felt his soul beyond hope a conscience seared from a life running away from a nightmare called St Dunstan Gethin the monk, also known as the Baptist, raged against the Church, the Pope, the Holy War and especially against Roderic the Bishop These words resurrected memories of the tragic day as he had tried to forget all those years.During an encounter with Roderic and men at arms allied with him, Annan agrees to kill a former colleague by the name of Matthias, but refuses to kill William, Earl of Keaton his former mentor, his wife Lady Mairead, and the Baptist By doing so, events are set in motion that take Annan and Marek to the Holy Land.Not long after landing on the beaches of Acre, Annan and Marek found themselves in the heat of battle, tasting victory as Crusader catapults breached the walls of Acre Just when the battle appeared to be won, Saladin s cavalry breached the flanks of Christian fighters Annan took an arrow from a Saracen volley as it passed through his mail shirt A Moslem blade disemboweled Annan s mount Annan fell, the world around him faded When Annan woke, he found himself in a prison camp in the care of Knights Hospitalers and in the presence of Lady Mairead the Countess of Keaton, wife of William of Keaton Annan is one of 2,500 prisoners Eventually, Annan gained an audience with William after making a plea to Mairead During that meeting, a dying William made a daunting request, a request to escort Mairead from the Holy Land to a convent in Orleans, France.Annan accepts the request that will lead to a series of attacks on Annan and Mairead The story progresses through a series of narrow escapes Enemies abound Friends die Mystery compels constant diligence Mairead, a deeply religious Christian, prays for Annan, not for his life only but that he accept God s redemption While doing so, barriers she had placed between them, fade Her persistence causes him to question his lack of faith Maybe there is hope after all.KM Weiland thoroughly researched the period then used her amazing gift of expression and talents of turning the right phrase and delivering memorable quotes Readers become part of the field of battle, experience thrilling suspense, and visualize colorful tapestries as she paints poetic word pictures of earth, sky and sea I ve read and enjoyed other novels and short stories by KM Weiland and have a new favorite in Behold the Dawn.Don t miss this fascinating read I was so excited to read this based on other reviews I read and was disappointed Please note, I majored in Pre Modern European History, so I was totally stoked for the subject matter But it was SO hard to get into, I had to push myself through the first quarter of the book or so By the time it started to pick up, I was already losing interest But it did pick up, and became much exciting This is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 it did improve a bit I managed to finish it Met up with the women at my Christian Fiction book club, and it was pretty much the same across the board It s too bad, I really feel like there was a ton of potential there. Okay, it s taken me a long time to write this review Partly because I ve been busy, but partly because I m still not sure how to review this book But it s been over a week, so I m jumping in and doing it anyway Here goesConfession 1 I really liked this book Confession 2 I still cannot figure out why It was definitely very well written, but good writing doesn t make or break a book for me, and this one had several elements that usually are not my favorite, so I m seriously at a loss to explain what it was that made me enjoy it so much.Characters Tortured, not so heroic heroes who have given up hope of redemption are not my favorite archetype But somehow Annan was written in such a way that I hadn t given up hope for him, and I just kept begging him to turn and accept forgiveness and redemption Mairead was a bit hard to get to know at first, but I ended up liking her as well And Marek Definitely my favorite, although again, I can t pinpoint why I just know I felt surprisingly disappointed when he disappeared from the scene, and I kept hoping he would turn up again, however improbable it seemed I was also impressed at the depth of layers found even in the minor characters With the exception of some of the villains, just about everyone was drawn in shades of gray instead of black and white And while I love my true blue heroes, I really appreciated the depth shown here.Setting Absolutely stellar There was just about nothing in the descriptions, the writing style, the dialogue, or anything else to pull me out of the medieval world that was so carefully crafted here In fact, in almost every case, my reaction to something unexpected was I didn t realize that instead of that doesn t sound right That, my friends is extremely high praise My one historical nitpick the terms knight and man at arms seemed to be used interchangeably, which doesn t fit with other historical books I ve read But aside from that, nothing that felt out of place.Plot Good gracious Kept me on the edge of my seat for just about the whole book Guessing, suspecting, wondering, hoping and even though parts of the ending weren t what I wanted or usually like , I didn t end the book disappointed and sad Again, that s huge, and again, I can t explain whyA quick note on content there was quite a bit of violence involved, but not than I ve seen in other stories with similar settings, and it wasn t written graphically Also, the sexual content involved in some characters backstories was handled with a light enough touch that I felt like my eyes were being turned away from it instead of toward it, which is unusual for me with this kind of content, but which I very much appreciated.The that I think about it, maybe the fact that I can t point to any specific thing and say that s why I liked it is the biggest compliment I can give this author Somehow, K.M Weiland managed to take a bunch of bits and pieces that I wouldn t have liked on their own and make them into a whole that I really enjoyed I m not sure what kind of talent that takes, but it s got to be high praise D4.5 starsContent violence, including wounds and deaths not graphic mentions of crimes committed by a priest, including murder and illegitimate children mentions of a woman having been raped and her resulting fear of men handled lightly veiled references to intimacy between a married couple mentions of cursing no words various saints names used as exclamations one or two questionable uses of God s name references to various practices and abuses within the Catholic church a few misunderstandings regarding men s treatment of women I hesitate to write reviews of books I have not finished, because you never know if the book really does turn out to be amazing without finishing it So please be sure to read some positive reviews as well This is just my personal opinion of the book view spoiler I was uncomfortable with the romantic content from the main female character s past and how the relationship between the leads seemed accidental than an intentional outworking of love I only made it about 2 3 of the way through the book, so maybe it does improve I may give it another try someday D hide spoiler