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Throughout LateInto Early , An Epic Struggle Raged Over The Skies Of Germany Between RAF Bomber Command And The Luftwaffe This Campaign Had Been Undertaken By The Commander In Chief Bomber Command, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, And Was Baptized The Battle Of Berlin The Berlin Campaign Was A Hard, Desperate Slog Struggling Against Dreadful And Bitter Winter Weather, Bomber Command Went To Berlin A Total Of Sixteen Times, Suffering Increasingly Severe Losses Throughout The Winter Of In The Face Of A Revitalized German Air Defence The Campaign Remains Controversial And The Jury, Even Today, Is Ultimately Undecided As To What It Realistically Achieved Illustrated Throughout With Full Colour Artwork Depicting The Enormous Scale Of The Campaign, This Is The Story Of The RAF S Much Debated Attempt To Win The War Through Bombing Alone The consequence of the bombing of German cities is without question I own thousands of feldposts or German military letters and time and again you read about the affect on morale It was devastating and the populace wanted the war to end particularly after the Stalingrad debacle and North African forces surrendered Strategic bombing was not a means to an end but certainly contributed to winning the war against the Nazis It was necessary against a country that would not surrender unless unconditionally Loss of life particularly among women and children in German cities was unfortunately high But one must remember that bombing then was highly inaccurate.In the military for 38 years one appreciates the lethal affect of bombing either carpet then or precision now but so long as there is human error there will always be unintended consequences This is an excellent booklet 94 pages on the RAF attempts to destroy Berlin and compel the German Nazi government to capitulate Or rather, it describes the wishful thinking and fantasy of Sir Arthur Bomber Harris, the chief of Bomber Command, that strategic air power could win a war by itself.The book focuses on the RAF tactics in conducting the Battle of Berlin It discusses the bomber attack routings, diversionary raids, and Mosquito or Pathfinder marking and spoof raids It also describes the German Luftwaffe defensive tactics and accomplishments There is little contemporary detailed assessment of the real effects on the bombing effort In fact, this was one of the most amazing issues of the entire affair There were only TWO photo reconnaissance assessments of the damage caused by the bombing There may have been a significant destruction of buildings but the German government would never surrender because a lot of apartment buildings, department stores, office buildings, and movie theaters had been destroyed There were never any intelligence indications that the German government was about to crack and contemplate surrender as a consequence of the bombing of Berlin Yet, Harris and his Bomber Command staff persisted in claiming this was bound to occur.The final chapter Aftermath and Analysis summarizes the results of the Berlin bombing campaign, based on a combination of information known at the time and post war assessments.I happen to be one of those people who believe that strategic bombing has been grossly overrated Strategic bombing did NOT win WW II, the Korean War, or the Viet Nam War.A couple of other books related to this subject that I think are very interesting are Grounded The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force by Farley 2015 Essentially the book s author argues that the US Air Force is a financial, strategic, and procurement failure, if not outright disaster In Iraq and Afghanistan the US Air Force has been, and still is, using billion dollar stealth airplanes to destroy peasant villages and Toyota Land Cruisers The whole system is nuts The overall problem of the perpetually exaggerated effects of air power are summarized on page 189.., the siren song of air power continues to appeal to civilians committed to doing SOMETHING This siren song is the core problem Berlin at War by Moorhouse 2010 It discusses a variety of subjects apropos to Berlin the almost worship of Hitler in 1939 before the war began, the discrimination against and deportation of the city Jews, the gradual effects of RAF and American bombing, the increasingly severe food and clothing shortages, rationing in general, the omni powerful Gestapo and SS, the evacuation of children, and finally the Soviet army assault and occupation of Berlin in April May 1945 I thought the book underplayed the effects of the bombing especially the heavy RAF night attacks in 1943 and 1944 and the incredibly violent Soviet assault on the civilian population at the end of the war. thank you