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    A local biker is murdered and Leonard is the prime suspect After being bit by a possibly rabid squirrel, Hap gets out of the hospital and starts investigating Can Hap and Leonard escape a web of blackmail, murder, bikers, and less savory things My reread of the Hap and Leonard books I haven t written reviews for continues In this, the fourth volume, Lansdale introduces a couple new characters to the Hap and Leonard mythos that will be important for years to come Hap s hot nurse girlfriend Brett and Jim Bob Luke, the cockiest detective in the world At least one long running character makes his exit.The case starts simple enough A biker who d been seen with Leonard s boyfriend is found shotgunned to death and all fingers point to Leonard, who goes on the lam Hap tries to hide Leonard while figuring things out and steps in a hornet s nest of grease nappers and brutal videos of gay men getting raped.This is the fourth Hap and Leonard book I ve re read and I m continually shocked at how brutal the early tales were compared to the recent ones Even though the Lansdale humor is in full effect, I never get the feeling the guys are working with a safety net, a feeling common in series detective books.As usual, the bad guys were pretty vile, although I wasn t sure who the true villains were for much of the book Since I was a beardless young man the first time I read this, it was like reading a new book for the most part The ending was pretty brutal, as a lot of Lansdale endings were in the early days Uncle Joe sure doesn t mind putting his characters through the meat grinder.The Hap and Leonard series continues to roll on, mojo style Four out of five stars.

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    Hap returns home from working a gig on an oil rig and is promptly attacked by a rabid squirrel Thanks to crappy insurance and a grumpy doctor he has to stay in the hospital in order to get his rabies shots paid for While Hap is left to the mercy of the American health care system his best friend Leonard has been having problems with his boyfriend, Raul Raul has been two timing him with a biker, and it s made Leonard so angry that he s doing crazy things like beating the biker with a broom handle and shooting up bars and motorcycles When the biker turns up dead and Raul is missing, Leonard is naturally the prime suspect But it isn t all bad news Hap has met a hot foul mouthed red headed nurse named Brett, and they ve taken a shine to each other Once upon a time, Brett dealt with an abusive ex husband by hitting him in the head with a shovel and setting his hair on fire Hap may have found true love.This was the first book by Lansdale I ever read and with the opening chapter that details the squirrel attack on Hap, I laughed so hard that I thought I did myself permanent injury I knew then that I was going to a Joe Lansdale fan for life, and he hasn t let me down since This is probably still my favorite Hap Leonard novel Like the others books, it s obscene, violent, politically incorrect and one of the funniest things you ll ever read.

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    I started reading this series earlier this year, but Hap and Leonard already feel like a couple of old friends In this wild installment, while Hap is stuck in the hospital awaiting rabies shots after a run in with a crazed squirrel and shitty health insurance, he discovers that not only has Leonard gone missing, but Leonard is also the lead suspect in the murder of Horse Dick McNee, a biker that stole his boyfriend Raul In his quest to clear Leonard of Horse Dick s murder, he will discover a plot to steal grease from restaurants, meet a new love in his life, and risk forfeiting what measly insurance he has The Sound of Music, I d rather have my dick nailed to a burning building than have to sit through that shit again, and I don t care if the popcorn is free and you re giving me each bite with your vagina This just might be the funniest book of the series so far The opening chapter of the squirrel attack, the section with the job interview at the chicken processing plant, or anything involving Charlie Blank, are just some of the sections in this one that caused some serious out loud laughter But, this one isn t just all chuckles and political incorrectness It s also just as violent and menacing as the others, with some really stomach churning bodily harm this time I also love the network of friends that Hap and Leonard are managing to collect the supporting characters are just as entertaining as the two stars themselves I m happy that Hap has met the dirty mouthed, kind hearted nympho Brett, who seems to be a perfect match for love lorn Hap She had legs that would have made the Pope abuse himself in the Vatican toilet Hopefully we see of her, as well as of the private dick Jim Bob Luke And as usual, the book is filled with Lansdale s pitch perfect prose and genuinely insightful looks at life that really help to balance these stories, making for some entertaining reading Life s like a bowl of chili in a strange caf Sometimes it s pretty tasty and spicy Other times, it tastes like shit

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    Hap getting hospitalised by a squirrel and a dodgy combination of insurance companies might be one of the all time most original setups for a crime novel At least that I ve read It sets the tone for both hilarity and violence and Lansdale follows it up with so many great moments like it in the first half that it pushes the weaker second half through its slow and repetitive patches before a shotgun death or two electroshocks it back in to top gear, proving once that these two guys in the hands of their talented creator are crime fiction entertainment of the highest order.

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    This is another politically uncorrect wacky mystery featuring best friends Hap and Leonard Hap is an everyman sort of slacker guy and Leonard is a big, tough black guy who happens to like men Hap and Leonard love each other like brothers and are the unlikeliest of friends and their friendship has survived longer than any of their previous relationships They are hilarious together, especially in this book which, thankfully, isn t quite as dark as Two Bear Mambo, though it has its dark moments dog lovers beware.Things start off when Hap is bit by a rabid squirrel He has such shitty health insurance I hear ya, Hap that he has to get admitted in order to get his shots paid for so he doesn t turn all bitey and dangerous But he s met a sexy nurse who hopes to give him his next round of shots in the bum so it s not all so bad Meanwhile Leonard s boyfriend Raul has left him for a biker dude and Leonard is on a rampage When a biker turns up all headless horseman like all eyes are on Leonard who has mysteriously disappeared So once again Hap and Leonard end up knee deep in a mystery filled with a colorful cast of foul mouthed characters This one involves grease stealing and an underground group who are making a bundle selling videos of atrocious attacks on gay men.Lansdale is such a naughty writer and doesn t seem to care who he offends But his humor is funny and doesn t come across as mean spirited so you can t help but laugh as he pokes fun at his characters, their sexual habits, appearance and or lack of brains There s a lot of sex talk, bad words and unforgettable characters here and as crazy as it all gets there are a few downright sweet moments too This is one of my favorites in the Hap and Leonard series.

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    The 4th book in the Hap Leonard series, and I m thinking to myself, what makes these novels so readable Sure, they re heavy on the action and violence, and they dip their toes in humor quite a bit, but that can t just be it, can it Because, in contrast, there are plenty of quiet, calm, human moments too, conversations, slices of crusty, small town East Texas so vividly painted, they re basically real Yes, these books are EVEN That s the word I m looking for The story unfolds easily and naturally, as natural as if I or you were the one experiencing it, and all the twists and turns that befall the titular heroes are dealt with in relatable ways by relatable people, even when the things happening start to veer into the over the top or fantastic It s a true testament to storytelling, with no cheap tricks or gimmicks to hook you, just simple prose and great characters and a compelling plot Another winning book in a winning series.

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    If you want an irreverent, crazy, fast read, Hap and Leonard provide it Squirrels, tornadoes, nurses, rabies, shotguns

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    I love the Hap Leonard series and this one is quite a cracker This is one of my favorites in the series The shame of it is this one would have adapted well for the now cancelled Hap Leonard TV series.

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    Pulpiest, wackiest, most outrageous one yet.

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    I am somewhat relieved that this fourth book of the Hap and Leonard series returns to the hilarious wit of the first two books That isn t to say Lansdale lets go of the blood and grit that is liberally splattered through the other novels And the author keeps his realistic if cynical outlook on life intact as relayed by the idealistic Hap and the pessimistic Leonard But after all that, Bad Chili is mainly side splitting funny Just read the first 15 pages regarding a berserk squirrel and its aftermath and you will know what I mean Leonard s lover Raul has split again and taken up with a biker who is found dead and headless and the main suspect is Leonard himself Hap, as usual, comes to the rescue even though he s in the hospital doing a rabies vaccine series and meeting a new girl friend who just might not leave him or end up dead What You don t think that s funny In Lansdale s hands it is frigging hilarious But every Hap and Leonard novel should come with a warning sticker reading NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR POLITICALLY CORRECT.