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I enjoyed this AUDREY ROSE a great deal when I first read it as an adolescent I enjoyed reading it just as much as an adult However the perspectives were much different As a child, I enjoyed what was a fascinating tale I was particularly taken with the creepy autopsy notes at the end I had never read a tale whose resolution was presented in such an unconventional manner.My perspective as an adult was emotional As a middle aged man, I am the father of a nine year old daughter My attachment to the emotional turmoil of the parents, and of Hoover having lost a daughter to such tragic circumstances transfixed me than the unconventional ending.What makes this book interesting is that there are no real villains The Templetons love their daughter Bill, acting with the male instinct to protect, is trying to shield his family from this unpleasantness, even when the evidence clearly demonstrates the truth of Hoover s belief Janice acts with the maternal instinct of doing anything, no matter how desperate to protect her daughter Hoover has no desire to wreck the Templetons lives He is a grief stricken father who is certain he has found a way to reconnect with his lost daughter and will risk his life to make that connection.What emerges from the story is the selfishness of all those involved Although the story revolves around Ivy Templeton, her character is not developed It is never told from her point of view DeFelitta uses her and her actions to advance the story But she is not a central character in the narrative The story is told from the point of view of the adults, each acting to satisfy their own independent needs.Bill allows his daughter to die because his resolve to have Hoover put away forever motivates him Hoover would have been found guilty, jailed for life, and been out of Ivy s life forever had Janice not testified Since it was Hoover s presence that triggered Ivy s nightmares, had she not acted, her family s life would have returned to normal.Then there are the judge and the defense attorney who were the most selfish The attorney puts forward his fantastic case to defend his client But important to him is the headlines and reputation he will garner The judge, bitter about having a nondescript judicial career, allows the dramatic theater of the case to proceed, not because he thinks it is sound jurisprudence, but because he will finally be able to make a name for himself.All of this goes on while the life of an 11 year old girl hangs in the balance Other than Janice, none of the characters in the story pause to think of Ivy and her fate.My only criticism of the writing is DeFelitta s need to show us what a snob he apparently was His description of the apartment s architecture and artwork read like a marketing brochure and was entirely overlong as was his descriptions of the various meals and liquors consumed by the characters These were but minor distractions however DeFelitta otherwise told a riveting tale with seldom a lull in the tension.As an author, Frank DeFelitta had an obscure career He published this book and a 1982 sequel entitled FOR THE LOVE OF AUDREY ROSE, and THE SENTINEL which was also made into a movie This is a shame For a first book by an author, Audrey Rose is a stellar effort.DeFelitta was a screenwriter by occupation The dust jacket says he was the writer on a number of television documentaries His IMDB entry lists several movie scripts he penned along with numerous television scripts and directorial credits.The book, movie, and author may be lost to the ages now, but if you can lay your hands on a copy, the book is well worth reading. First, this book, though widely touted as a HORROR novel, is not horror I would definitely think some supernatural work is here, but not horror I wonder if it is the time period in which the book was writtenbefore sci fi fantasy and supernatural thrillers were the norm, so, Horror was the closest genre to what it was.Second, it DRAGS It repeats itself over and over It could have been much shorter.Third, the trial is worth reading, but you don t get that until the last 100 pages of the book Everything before is the set upan awful long set up if you ask me.Ok, so overall I didn t HATE the book, but, um, not really all that fun to read either It is a supernatural crime drama or court drama And the ending was, um, while not predictable, not really a surprise either Audrey Rose needed to pass on she came back too soon, and so, Ivy must die Sad, but even Ivy s mom came to understand completely a side notethis is the 1000 book I have added to Goodreads Wow, where do I start You saw the five stars Let me add to that the fact that I spent all day today, Thanksgiving day, sitting on the couch reading while my daughter played with her dollhouse on the rug and my wife made preparations for our festivities tomorrow It was a perfect day to read, and read I did I tore through the last 275 pages of the 460 page book today That s probably the most I ve ever read in one day It s also likely the most I ve ever been gripped by a book Ever.Seriously, this is one of the best books I ve ever read I don t, for the record, believe in reincarnation But I did in the book Does that make sense The author was able to suspend my disbelief so that while actively engaged in the story, I believed it He presented the case in a superior and professional direction, which left little to doubt My sister read this book when she was a young girl, and has always spoken of it being a good book My sister has read books than I can ever dream to get my hands on So the ones she says are really good, are at least worth adding to my TBR list I finally got my hands on a copy of this one and read it in a little over two sittings.The first hundred and change pages turned pretty easily I was anxious to get back to it, of course, when I did finally have to put it down But the last half of the book, wherein the bulk of it takes place in a courtroom, I absolutely could not stop reading The way the author was able to cover all the bases to think of everything, as it were was striking and powerful He really did convey a sense of knowledge about something none of us really knows anything about Very effective.The way the characters made heartfelt and believable decisions the way the stress got the best of them and made them behave like real people the way they were overcome by grief, exhaustion and fear to the point where they began to act out of character questioning their beliefs and what they thought was best for their daughter It was all done so masterfully well that I would present this book as one of the best ever written Again, I m a religious or at least very spiritual man and do not believe in reincarnation It goes strictly against my beliefs But I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read Its premise is terrifying and fascinating sickening and painful And its inevitable end is haunting and disturbing while yet completely believable.Yes Go find a copy of this book and read it Bravo, Mr De Felitta Five stars in all categories.I think I am going to start adding a new section to the end of certain select book reports It will be called HHIWHEI Here s How I Would Have Ended It, if I think the end was weak or could have been better Well this book didn t have a weak ending, but I think as an alternate, this one would have been even terrifying Check it out view spoiler At the end when they hypnotically regress Ivy back to the point before her life where she was Audrey Rose, and the doctor counts back and says, Ivy, wake up she obviously can t wake up because she s not Ivy Well, the doctor catches onto this, or Audrey tells him, Ivy isn t here or Who is Ivy or whatever So the doctor then tells Audrey, Okay well you re going to snap out of this hypnosis when I count down to one, and of course it wouldn t work Because Audrey Rose wasn t hypnotized Ivy was And you can t unhypnotize someone who never was to begin with So instead of dying of something that isn t there which doesn t physically make a lot of sense, and in fact the author had to explain in the autopsy that there was nothing wrong with her lungs or throat she stays alive as Audrey Rose Now Audrey got her wish and she s back alive Since she doesn t know Janice and Bill Templeton her body s parents , she finally ends up going to live with her spirit s dad Elliot Hoover.For me, this would be even terrifying and possibly heart wrenching than losing my child to death Losing your child in this way where she s still physically alive, but inexplicably another person now, would be horrifying beyond comprehension Knowing you could never reach her Could never break through and have her be your daughter again to remember you as her parent and have memories of her other life Yeah, eff that hide spoiler It s strange that so many of the reviewers here have said the same thing, but I too read this book when I was probably much too young to do so I was 12, and I remember the book not scaring me, but definitely intriguing me I re read it a few years ago and found that it was better as a memory Still, I have to give it five stars because of the impression it first left.Just as a side noteI HATED the movie. Man muss sich die Templetons als gl ckliche Familie vorstellen Bill und Janice f hren ein privilegiertes Leben in New York und sind mit einer h bschen Tochter gesegnet, Ivy Die Zehnj hrige litt als Kleinkind unter furchtbaren Alptr umen, die schlie lich aufh rten Doch nun beginnt der Schrecken von neuem und zugleich tritt ein Fremder in das Leben der Templetons Dieser Mann, Hoover ist sein Name, behauptet, dass in Ivy die Seele seiner Tochter Audrey Rose wiedergeboren sei, die als F nfj hrige bei einem t dlichen Verkehrsunfall im Auto verbrannte Die Templetons tun alles, um den Kontakt mit Hoover zu unterbinden, aber die Situation eskaliert und Hoover zieht schlie lich sogar ins gleiche Haus ein und entf hrt Ivy.Der Roman gliedert sich in zwei gleichlange Teile Im ersten beschreibt de Felitta, wie sich Hoover ins Leben der Templetons dr ngt und schlie lich sogar Ivy entf hrt Im zweiten Teil steht die Gerichtsverhandlung im Mittelpunkt, in der zu kl ren ist, ob Ivy tats chlich die Reinkarnation von Audrey Rose ist oder ob sich Hoover der Entf hrung schuldig gemacht hat.Der Unbekannte, der den Templetons nachstellt, Ivys schreckliche n chtliche Anf lle und schlie lich die Enth llung, in Ivy stecke auch die Seele der verbrannten Audrey, das alles sorgt im ersten Teil f r Spannung und Schauer.Im zweiten Teil geht es in gewisser Weise weltlicher zu, wir erleben, wie ber den Prozess und die Sorge um Iyv die Templetons sich entfremden und wie die Gerichtsverhandlung zum Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten wird, auf dem sich Verteidiger, Ankl ger und Richter in einem u erst medienwirksamen Verfahren einen Ruf machen wollen, gibt es doch keinen Pr zedenzfall.Und tats chlich haftet der Idee etwas skurriles an, gerichtlich feststellen lassen zu wollen, dass es die Reinkarnation gibt und Hoover als quasi Vaterrechte hat.Auch wenn AUDREY ROSE als ein Roman voller Schrecken untertitelt ist und die Klappentexte die Reinkarnation als gegeben annehmen, hat es mir gefallen, den Roman wie Henry James The Turn of the Screw so zu lesen, dass beide Erkl rungen m glich sind ein paranormales Ph nomen genau so wie ein Kind, dass unter einer psychischen St rung leidet.Und gerade das Drumherum bietet so viele M glichkeiten die Schilderung der Verzweiflung der Eltern, die die Familie zerrei t und Bill Zuflucht beim Alkohol suchen l t die bizarre Gerichtsverhandlung, in der es mehr darum geht, sich einen Namen zu machen, als die Wahrheit festzustellen und Recht zu sprechen eine Wahrheit, die gar nicht feststellbar sein kann, so wenig, wie es einen Gottesbeweis gibt, wird sich die Wiedergeburt der unsterblichen Seele nachweisen lassen ber 400 Seiten nimmt sich de Felitta Zeit, die Geschichte zu erz hlen, und h tte sie nicht so viel Potenzial, das dann leider nicht zur G nze ausgesch pft wird, w re ich sehr zufrieden So aber bleibt ein Gef hl milder Entt uschung und der Wunsch, de Felitta h tte noch genauer hinsehen m gen, h tte alles aussch pfen m gen, was in diesem Roman von ihm angerissen wird, h tte noch genauer die Befindlichkeiten der Templetons ergr nden m gen und detaillierter auf die religi se Vorstellung der Reinkarnation eingehen m gen Im Fazit trotzdem ein lesenswerter bernat rlicher Thriller, der sich vom Gros der Genrekost erfreulich abhebt. I wasn t a huge fan of this The premise never really grabbed me but my love for seventies horror made me check it out anyway It lacked the intensity of contemporaries like The Exorcist or Rosemary s Baby The pacing is slow and the plot isn t very interesting.I received a free copy from audiobookboom The narration was top notch. I have such fond memories of the days when everyone was obsessed with reincarnation. Audrey Rose is a well known 70 s horror novel which I have always wanted to read as it is touted as a classic It was also made into a film which I have not seen.The book introduces the Templeton family, Bill, Janice and their daughter Ivy who live in New York City Ivy suffers from severe nightmares which entail her running around shouting and screaming hothothot as she pushes against windows This is scary, nerve shredding and heart breaking not just for the Templeton s but for the reader as well.There is also a creepy male hanging around Ivy s school and home This is Elliot Hoover whose wife and daughter, Audrey Rose, died in a horrific car crash fire However, Elliot believes that Audrey s soul and spirit lives on through reincarnation He just has to find the physical host.The 3 main characters are very well written, and none are nasty or evil Each has their own reasoning for their behaviour and beliefs The story revolves around the adults and little is told from Ivy s perspective.The story starts to drag when it moves to the courtroom drama, introducing 3 characters in the form of prosecution, defence and judge All 3 have their selfish reasons for keeping the case going on and on without any concern for Ivy The supernatural aspect disappears, and the book reads like a courtroom thriller rather than a horror.The ending brings the pace back up and moves back to the horror of the situation There was a sequel, For Love of Audrey Rose, which I am going to read now. Courtesy of Valancourt Books Audiobookboom, thanks I have vague memories of being afraid of this movie when I was a kid and that was all I remembered so when the chance came around to listen to the audio I grabbed it I m terribly impulsive like that.The Templeton s have a lovely home in Manhattan, a beautiful young daughter and an all around perfect life You know that s all blessedly coming to crashing halt right now, don t you One day a strange man starts lurking about, sending gifts and doing other strange stalkery things Who is this weirdo and why is he tarnishing their perfect world with his pestering He eventually reveals that their beautiful daughter Ivy is the reincarnation of his deceased little girl Audrey Rose and he wants to be a part of her life Oh no.That s scary stuff for any parent, even these two I say that because in one of the most disturbing scenes for me, they both ignored the fact that their adult neighbor friend looked at Ivy s blossoming bosom and made a lewd comment she s 10 or 11, btw and then they all continued on with their festivities Are you kidding me I d like to think that things weren t that different in the 70 s That pedo should ve been stabbed in the manparts and unwelcomed forever This didn t give me hope for the well being of poor Ivy Moving along the stalker man thinks it a wise idea to kidnap dear Ivy who is suffering from terrible night terrors and a courtroom drama consumes the plot for way too long This is where the book pretty much lost me No fault to the book but courtroom dramas are one of my least favorite things in the world Seeing as I didn t particularly care for any of the parents and the woo woo wasn t that interesting to me, I started to wish I were reading something else.The only thing keeping me going, and I do not exaggerate here, was the narration by Matt Godfrey I swear that man and Will Patton could read their grocery lists and I would be enraptured Godfrey s voice is comforting and calming to me and he does great work with all of the characters I know for an almost fact that I would ve DNF d this book had I tried to read it in paperback Kindle form because I have no tolerance for books that bore me and that s what this one did.If you want to revisit the 70 s with this book, make sure you grab the audiobook I d give the story a 2 but the narration a 5 which averages out to a three hey, my review, my math. When Elliot Hoover Loses His Wife And Daughter, Audrey Rose, In A Fiery Car Crash, His World Explodes To Heal His Mental Anguish And Claim Some Peace, He Visits A Psychic Who Reveals To Him That His Daughter Has Been Reincarnated Into Ivy Templeton, A Young Girl Living In New York City Desperate To Reclaim Anything From His Daughter S Past, He Searches Out Ivy, Only To Discover That The Unbelievable Is Shockingly True His Daughter Is Back Now, In An Effort To Save Her Life, Hoover Must Choose Between Two Horrifying Possibilities Leaving His Daughter S Soul In Torment, Or Taking The Life Of The Young Girl In Whom She Now Lives