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Bullets And Blackmail And Beachesa Hit Man And A Hurricane And A High Stakes Political Campaign And Night Falls Ramps Up The Action And Suspense When Pensacola Native Shelley Goodnight Finds The Body Of A Murder Victimbut Not Just Any Victim Dead Man Farrell Gilbert Worked At The Desk Next To Shelley S In Her Father S Real Estate Officean Inconvenient Fact The Authorities Can T Ignore Add A Hitman, Hurricane Ivan, And Conscientious Deputy Clay Cameron From Santa Rosa County To The Mix, And The Tension Tightens Like A Corkscrew

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    This drew me in from the start, and I was well and truly engrossed right to the end I really enjoyed this Tommie wove intrigue, murder, suspense, and romance into a well conceived and well plotted thriller Shelley Goodnight becomes an unwitting suspect in the murder of a blackmailer, who happens to have been an office colleague The blackmailee is very close to home Deputy Clay Cameron is the honourable policeman who pieces things together and in whom Shelley not only puts her trust, but comes to rely on and falls for The story is compelling Tommie leaves no loose threads and masterfully squeezes the right emotions from the reader for each of the characters the good ones, the bad ones, the weak ones, and the greedy ones, and keeps you guessing about those with a huge question mark over their heads I did like Shelley the daughter of wealthy parents who has become used to a privileged life style with Daddy sorting her life out when it goes awry I liked her for seeing that there was a real world beyond all that privilege and for turning her back on the bank of Mummy and Daddy Standing on her on two feet made her grow up and become independent, not just financially, but emotionally as well Clay Cameron was delightfully in an old fashioned way honourable and upright, seeking to protect an innocent Shelley This was well written there was tension, action, and mystery keeping you enthralled right to the very end This was my kind of book, and I m going to read from this author.

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    Tommie Lyn is a great writer This book kept me turning pages all the way to the end The characters are well rounded The romance was real The suspense was thick The danger was intense I didn t know who the man behind the killer was until the very end As someone who has never been to the south east, I appreciated the attention to detail given in description You ll really feel like you are in the heat and humidity not to mention hurricanes I m looking forward to reading from Tommie Lyn.

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    I found much to like about And Night Falls, and a few things that didn t quite work out for me The prologue set the stage well and drew me into the story However, when I started chapter one, where we first meet the protagonist, twenty something Shelly Goodnight, something felt off, although I wasn t sure what In this section, Shelly, who has lived with her parents in the nine months since her divorce, is telling her Mother that she wants to stand on her own two feet and her first step is going to be moving into her own apartment It isn t that her claim lacks in sincerity That is true, but intended I don t think it was anything in the author s writing style Whatever it was, I quickly got past it and was drawn back into the story.However, I did find later instances where Shelly s actions didn t ring true The most egregious was a situation where she pulled out a pen and paper and began writing down notes about the situation she d found herself in That part was mostly credible, but then it evolved into an exercise in free association that seemed unrealistic, not just for this character, but also for most people It was also a crucial point in the story, where Shelly makes some mental connections and realizes a few things that enable her and the story to flow to the logical conclusion.The ending was mostly satisfying Each of the different story threads were tied off in an acceptable fashion, with two exceptions One involved possible repercussions to Shelly s father This was left vague, with Shelly concluding that whatever happened would be alright This felt too wish washy and, for Shelly to conclude anything without having a better idea of what might happen, it was hard to believe she would know how she felt The other loose end is related to a subsidiary character who was apparently a red herring I shouldn t say anything about this, but can say the explanation, while implied, created new questions.Despite some sticking points, I was able to get back into the story each time My suspension of disbelief was temporarily shaken, but never permanently shattered With the exception of these bumps in the road, the story was quite good Different sub threads are woven together in such a way that I could see how they related, but enough was held back to give the reader plenty of new discoveries to make as the story reaches its climax Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy.

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    Shelley is a spoilt daddy s girl who moved back in with her parents after her divorce and treats work at her father s real estate office as of a hobby than a job She has decided to be independent but not that independent that she gets a job elsewhere and moves into her own place Her life is pretty sweet, but on a camping trip with her buddies she discovers the body of her colleague Her father is already suspected of wrong doing by the authorities and the massive coincidence makes Shelley a target of their investigations too With plenty of people around her double dealing she soon finds her life in danger for what she might know Her new relationship with Deputy Cameron gives her an ally and someone to help her run for her life Now the plot of the book is pretty good, and had a nice mix of blackmail, politics, corruption, old family vendettas and danger I would also say that I quite liked the author s narrative style, and the balance of description and action was pretty good However for me the book just didn t work that well Firstly I couldn t warm to Shelley, she was just too spoilt, selfish and childish, and frankly a bit dense She has been toting round a couple of letters that she didn t recognise, the names on them were a pretty obvious clue but meant nothing to her until someone pointed them out at the end Her developing relationship with Clay was too syrupy for my taste too, and in places overpowered the main story I also felt that at the end I knew who had done what, but in some cases I couldn t quite figure out why, or exactly what influence others had been exerting over them It felt like it was meant to all be tied up nicely but bits of the puzzle seemed to be missing, although in fairness it is possible I didn t pick up clues as to how it all fitted Although it is largely typo free there were a few instances where the main character s name was spelt wrongly.I also had a problem with the format of the book I was given a copy by the author via Smashwords As there is no specific Kindle friendly format available on that site, I downloaded the PDF which was so small I found it difficult to read If you are going to buy this book for kindle I would seriously recommend getting it from so you can change the text size if it isn t suitable for your eyes.

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    From the opening scene, we know there s trouble Like the coastal storm of the setting, we see it coming.A young woman discovers the body of a co worker and is soon put on the suspect list Officer Cameron arrives, develops a crush on Shelley, and works to learn the identity of the murderer before the hurricane hits the town of Pensacola.A few items pulled me out of the story Usually the main character has the strongest goal, the most to lose, and is responsible for the resolution of the final conflict Here, it seems that Clay Cameron does the investigating and solving for Shelley s dilemma, although she does have a lot invested in this particular crime So who really is the main character Clay or Shelley Shelley and Clay s romance raced too fast to I love you and mainstream readers won t buy Clay s purity and chastity themed choices unless labeled as a old fashioned Christian romance I also did not buy that William didn t know about the memo paper near the phone, call waiting, or caller ID as he is always using that phone.Nonetheless, there are many discoveries happening in the story We learn something about the characters, and they learn something about each other Tommie Lyn slowly pulls us into the story with sprinklings of character definition, exposition, and development by showing not telling Shelley s collection of shoes and clothing, her choice to leave and have fun instead of work at the office, and her place in society when Mr Adair did not feel the need to perform a background check with the rental agreement And at first, only the audience can see the swirling mess of a marriage Shelley s mom has been enduring Like putting up shutters to keep out the view of the storm, Shelley s mom knows that the storm is still out there and her marriage will be the debris she has to clean up.Although there are some unpolished segments, do grab a southern flavored iced tea, head on out to the front porch with this book, and enjoy a little escape from your day.

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    Tommie Lyn has crafted a real page turner of a tale For me her characters leapt off the page and took on a life of their own Some of those characters were pleasing individuals while others were manipulating and loathsome The world she constructed mirrored our world very well and made the story quite believable As she revealed and details of the story I was continually draw into the tale With each new character her story takes on a richer and heartier flavor It became a southern gumbo of enjoyment I m not usually a fast reader, but I read this book over Christmas vacation in three days I loved the ending and was completely surprised This book left me hungry for of Tommie Lyn s magic.

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    Although I absolutely love the writing of this author I could not get into this book as the romance was a bit to heavy for me I however did like the storyline and it was believable and intriguing but the romance just kept holding the plot down I believe it is still worth it but would flag this as mostly romance.

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    Lots of romance and suspense Except for much of the romance portions, moves at a quick suspenseful pace The ending didn t seem to wrap up well but neither was there a dragged out epilogue.

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    Compelling characters and intriguing storyline make for a good read The characters were engaging, making it hard to put the book down.

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    Good Book