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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Le Carr Delivers A Tale For Our Times A Demonstration Of The British Spy Thriller At Its Unputdownable Best Robert McCrum, ObserverNat, AYear Old Veteran Of Britain S Secret Intelligence Service, Believes His Years As An Agent Runner Are Over He Is Back In London With His Wife, The Long Suffering Prue But With The Growing Threat From Moscow Centre, The Office Has One Job For Him Nat Is To Take Over The Haven, A Defunct Substation Of London General With A Rag Tag Band Of Spies The Only Bright Light On The Team Is Young Florence, Who Has Her Eye On Russia Department And A Ukrainian Oligarch With A Finger In The Russia Pie Nat Is Not Only A Spy, He Is A Passionate Badminton Player His Regular Monday Evening Opponent Is Half His Age The Introspective And Solitary Ed Ed Hates Brexit, Hates Trump And Hates His Job At Some Soulless Media Agency And It Is Ed, Of All Unlikely People, Who Will Take Prue, Florence And Nat Himself Down The Path Of Political Anger That Will Ensnare Them All Agent Running In The Field Is A Chilling Portrait Of Our Time, Now Heartbreaking, Now Darkly Humorous, Told To Us With Unflagging Tension By The Greatest Chronicler Of Our Age A Rich, Beautifully Written Book Studded With Surprises Narrative Is A Black Art, And Le Carr Is Its Grandmaster Andrew Taylor, Spectator Blisteringly Contemporary Each New Book From Le Carr Is Refreshingly Different And Uniquely Compelling Economist Astute State Of The Nation Commentary Guardian Subtle, Wry And Seamless, It S An Utter Joy, From First Page To Last Daily Mail The Master Espionage Novelist Takes On Brexit And Trump In This Tense And Chilling Portrait Of Today Evening Standard Times Books Of The Year New Statesman Book Of The Year Guardian Books Of The Year Sunday Times Books Of The Year TLS Books Of The Year Daily Mail Books Of The Year Mail On Sunday S Best Books Of The YearApple Best Books Of

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    I love Le Carre s books Always have The most relaxed style or writing yet elegantly providing copious detail This book, typically, flows with his usual eloquence But a story about a Brexit conspiracy that reflects the author s extreme anti Brexit views is just a step too far The conspiracy against the many honest citizens in the U.K who voted to leave, lead by MPs and the courts and supported by their privileged cronies like Le Carre is too much to bear I wish he had kept his politics separate from his professional life it is a sad day for me to read this book and I would rather have my money back than give it any kind of recommendation.

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    The book is a good read, although the political bias is quite hard to swallow, especially for those who do not share the writer s leftist views It is regrettable that J.L.C finds it appropriate to resort to slogans and insults in order to vent his personal frustrations at the current state of affairs in the world It dents his prestige as a writer and makes a negative impact upon the quality of the book Still, entertaining, to a point

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    Le Carre doesn t write bad books but this will not be high in the list of his best There are many of the familiar tropes analyses of the motives of suspected spies and who might be running them, office politics within the intelligence agencies, nifty dialogue but he s done this before and to greater effect The distinguishing feature is his despair about current politics, here in the UK and in the US I am not sorry to have read the book, just not very excited about it.

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    The book arrived a few days ago and I have not been able to put it down Hence the puffy, red, eyes this morning It s the closest thing to TV Binge viewing you can get on paper The hero is believable if a little too righteous A spy what else who is yearning for the old days yet seems to also have no desire to return to them It has all the classic characters you would expect even down to a beautiful Russian femme fatale At one point, I was sure the character was gender fluid but I guess that is going too far in Carre s book Like all Carre novels, it s the intricacies of the plot and subplots that take you in This time, it s set in a world that we will all recognise whenever we look outside A world of Trump lunacy, Brexit misdemeanor and widespread misinformation A world where Russia plays for high stakes That back story is presented by the hero s best friend Ed who, frankly, I found a bit annoying and trite Oh Well each to his own.People have criticised the book for being too political too Remoaner I m a no one just a member of the public but I d say that it accurately reflects the views of the community it pretends to portray Pretty sure that the hero and most his friends are posh school Londoners who are strongly anti Brexit My advice, get over it and read the book as a great bit of fictional story telling If you think it s real then well John Le Carre has done his job And, at only 300 odd pages, it will only deprive you of sleep for one night.

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    Hard work.The narrator, Nat , considers his boss, Dom , self serving and pretentious, yet Nat hopelessly over lards his narrative in Chapter 5 with Chers coll gues , especially , and other foreign phrases pretentious.moi The characters seem to be the types of persons that are best avoided like the plague.If Le Carr intended to write a commentary on the present state of this country, he must be congratulated on his prescience in getting it out in print at exactly this moment, but I, for one, would be not overly saddened if he followed his best creation Smiley into an obscure retirement, on the strength of this book.

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    A writer who always provokes the reader Here identities that slide, loyalties that can no longer be defined, political identities that reside with expedience and gain than recognisable parameters The new world order or rather disorder Brexit, Trump, complicities A great read but sorrowful, angry, grieving at the loss of where to find something to believe in.

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    Had this on pre order read from cover to cover in one day Le Carre still on top form BUT the ending is very weak and disappointing A little short too Good but by no means his best work.

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    Another excellent page turner which Le Carre has crafted as well as ever Brilliant characters interact in his evocative way that never disappoints Except maybe for Brexiteers and Trump fans who will not enjoy the way Le Carre vents his spleen as he witnesses the self destruction of the UK in our insane times He has contempt for this than the old KGB.