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Abel S Place In His Familiar, Mouse World Has Always Been Secure He Had An Allowance From His Mother, A Comfortable Home, And A Lovely Wife, Amanda But One Stormy August Day, Furious Flood Water Carry Him Off And Dump Him On An Uninhabited Island Despite His Determination And Stubborn Resourcefulness He Tried Crossing The River With Boats And Ropes And Even On Stepping Stones Abel Can T Find A Way To Get Back Home Days, Then Weeks And Months, Pass Slowly, His Soft Habits Disappear As He Forages For Food, Fashions A Warm Nest In A Hollow Log, Models Clay Statues Of His Family For Company, And Continues To Brood On The Problem Of How To Get Across The River And Home Abel S Time On The Island Brings Him A New Understanding Of The World He S Separated From Faced With The Daily Adventure Of Survival In His Solitary, Somewhat Hostile Domain, He Is Moved To Reexamine The Easy Way Of Life He Had Always Accepted And Discovers Skills And Talents In Himself That Hold Promise Of A Meaningful Life, If And When He Should Finally Return To Mossville And His Dear Amanda Again

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    I actually thought this was a children s book I was getting, but I read it anyway It was a lovely quick read William is a fantastic writer He has a great ear for vocabulary At first, I didn t know if I liked our main character Abel He seemed rather snooty, but he changed so much throughout the story.One thing I have learned is that when you put person vs nature, that is usually when some of the biggest changes happen in a character They really have to learn to trust themselves and rely on what they can do.Abel and his girl are on a picnic when a storm blows up suddenly They run to shelter and the water is washing everything away Abel s girl looses a scarf and Abel thinks he can get it for her as it s her favorite He gets it and then is swept away to an island where he must learn to survive on his own for a whole year It s a nice story and the end went really fast Abel has got plenty of personality It s a cute story and I will see if my niece is interested in reading it as well.Cute.

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    This is my favoriate book of all time Favorite Number 1 Should be scripture .com ReviewOne summer day, newlywed mice Abel and Amanda are out for a picnic in the woods when they are caught in a sudden storm a full fledged, screaming hurricane to be precise As they take refuge in a cave, a wind scoops up Amanda s scarf, and Abel foolishly lunges from safety to retrieve it So begins William Steig s Newbery Honor Book Abel s Island, the ensuing adventures of this rather foppish mouse as he comes head to head with nature Amazingly, Abel is swept up in a stream, then a river, then eventually marooned on an island about 12,000 tails long He is sure that his rescue is imminent It s certainly gotten around that Abelard Hassam di Chirico Flint, of the Mossville Flints, is missing, the society mouse speculates But he is not so lucky What will this intelligent, imaginative rodent do to get off the island and back to his beloved Amanda He busies himself with finding ways to get to shore including bridges, boats, catapults, stepping stones, and gliders figuring out what he should eat everything from mulberries to roasted seeds and investigating where he should take shelter in a rotten log As the weeks and months go by, he misses his books, his paintings, his comfortable stuffed chair, his stylish clothes now damp, torn, and lumpy , but above all his precious wife Amanda, whom he thinks about constantly As the mouse faces his new life Robinson Crusoe style, Abel discovers what it s like to be in tune with the natural world as well as his true nature

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    I was afraid this book would be about a mouse on an island.I was amazed that this book is about a mouse on an island And it s great.Sometimes, a story is so beautiful that it becomes mythic The Old Man and the Sea is about than fishing The Stranger is about than bad funeral etiquette And Abel s Island is about than a foppish mouse who gets stuck on an island It s about inner strength It s about persistence and determination It s about finding joy in hard times Most of all, it s about an enduring love for someone who is absent.I would also argue that Abel s Island is an advertisement for clear, direct prose and a gimmick free approach to storytelling Behold By the end of the month of August he knew he was an inhabitant of the island, whether he liked it or not It was where he lived, just as a prison is where a prisoner lives He thought constantly of Amanda Her image was in his mind, as clear as life sometimes, and he smiled with wistful tenderness, remembering her ways Amanda was dreamy It often seemed she was dreaming the real world around her, the things that were actually happeningWherever he went about the island, he wore Amanda s scarf around his neck, the ends tied in a knot He would not leave it in the log pp 42 43

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    Abel is a happily married mouse When a Picnic lunch that he and his wife Amanda have become rained out, they quickly seek for shelter Before Abel can retrieve his wife s scarf, he is quickly swept away by a raging river which sends him toward an island Abel is determined to get home and back to his wife but will he succeed Read and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good animal fantasy and survival story I loved the illustrations in this too If you like these types of stories, then definitely look for this book at your local library and wherever books are sold.

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    William Steig is a wonderful writer Really, he s got a way with words This book was recommended to me by my mom and brother Who read it together and have continued to read most of Steig s books and altogether fallen in love with his peaceful, clean writing style and lovely stories.This book follows Abel, a grown mouse who while picnicking with his wife, is attacked by a ferocious storm causing his wife and him to venture into a cave His wife, who s name is Amanda, accidentally drops her scarf out of the cave and into the storm Being the kindhearted and brave mouse that he is, Abel goes out to retrieve his wife s scarf Only to be sucked into the storm once again and further stranded onto an island with a cherry birch tree Abel, who loves the quiet civilized life, is quite taken aback at first about his sudden new living style However over time he learns how to survive and both his skills and him grow He discovers his talent and mourns the company of his family He experiments with rafts and surviving the winter and makes a friend at last.Abel s Island will warm your heart and sweeten you like sugar A five star book for sure.

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    What an exceptional story So many wonderful layers Something for all ages to enjoy A Robinson Crusoe story for a mouse and therefore all ages to understand.

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    I loved this story It reminded me of Russell Hoban s The Mouse and His Child When Abel the mouse finds himself washed down the stream from his house and marooned on an island, he is forced to use all his resources to find food and shelter to survive The isolation also gives him time to reflect upon life, which, for me, was the most interesting part of the book Like Hoban s book, Abel s Island is for thoughtful readers who want than just an adventure story Highly recommended

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    Abelard Hassam di Chirico Flint, of the Mossville Flints, is a very pampered mouse who likes things just so Living off the wealth of his mother, he shares a comfortable house with his wife, Amanda, and lives a life that is predictable, satiable, and pleasant But on one particular day, during a perfectly nice picnic, Abel s life is turned upside down when a sudden hurricane separates him from everyone he loves and all that he knows Lost and alone, can one small mouse who has been surrounded by ease and extravagance all his life conjure up enough wit and grit to survive I grew up adoring William Steig s Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and so I was delighted to see that Abel s Island shared the same valuable moral possessions can never equal the riches and wealth provided by family Abel s cup overflows with friends, family, and fortune, but when circumstances place him in a life or death situation, he begins to question his life and his worth and wonders if there might be a bigger being in charge Was it just an accident that he was here on this uninhabited island Abel began to wonder Was he being singled out for some reason was he being tested If so, why All of us, at one time or another, have felt like Abel That just when life seems to be going along swimmingly, the rug suddenly is pulled right out from under us Is it because we ve become too complacent Too comfortable Or is it simply a reminder of how fragile and temporary life is and that every minute should be cherished and savored and never taken for granted.I love books for young readers that reinforce the idea that there is strength, resilience, and courage in each of us and these things are waiting for just the right opportunity to emerge A A Milne passed away twenty years before Abel was born on paper, but the words of encouragement that he offered to a bear full of stuff and fluff could very well have been meant for Abel as well You re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think In the end, Abel proved that he WAS quite able after all Silly old mouse.

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    I had forgotten this book existed until I stumbled across it at the library looking for a Rebecca Stead book in Children s instead of Teen YA But as soon as I saw the cover, it all came back to me I loved this story of a mouse lost and stranded on a small island I loved pouring over the pictures The cover art showing Abel perched in his birch captures the mood of peace and longing that runs through the book It s even magical once you read the book and know that he is talking to his own personal star Like Steig s The Magic Pebble, this is a book about isolation and separation Abel is stranded for a full year, missing his wife and other family He makes grand attempts to get back home, but at the same time builds a new home on the island, and that is where the beauty comes from Abel learns to commune with nature, and he embraces his own nature He recalls childhood memories, learns his own strengths, and finds the artist buried inside himself We don t learn the answers to key questions like what his wife did while he was away, and whether she really felt the mystical messages he sent But we really don t need to know we just know he s home those unanswered questions bothered me as an adult than they did when I was young When I was young, I remember being slightly puzzled that the main character was an adult and married maybe that s why questions about the wife didn t bother me but the adventures entranced me all the same I m giving the book 5 stars because I know how much I loved it as a child, and it is a wonderful read for an adult, too.

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    A simple picnic with his wife turns badly when they find themselves caught in a rainstorm Leaving his wife Amanda to find her scarf Abel is swept away to an island and marooned Now this socialite mouse must find a way back to the mainland and his beloved Amanda First the task of getting through the night Abel builds shelter, finds food, investigates his surroundings, and tries to find a way to get back A simple kids book, this was my favorite story growing up Follow Abel as he learns to live in his new surroundings.Reviews With inimitable style, Steig tells the story of a mouse, Abelard Hassam di Chirico Flint, who gets swept away in a driving rainstorm while rescuing his wife s scarf and winds up stranded on a river island for a year Abel isn t just a mouse He s a fastidious Edwardian dandy whose inherited wealth ensures the leisurely comforts he takes such pleasure in But Abel s high toned life of leisure conceals a soul full of true grit once faced with the necessity of surviving Abel rises to the challenge Starred, Booklist There was no trouble in locating the best book of the year, William Steig s Abel s IslandAbelard isresourceful, despairing, persevering and, eventually, triumphant And so is Mr Steig triumphant in the quality of his prose nor has he stinted on the quality and quantity of his illustrations George A Woods, The New York Times