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John is thrilled to be out west and finally go to Yellowstone National Park He can't wait to see the sights hike the trails and take pictures with his new camera But on their first day in the park everything changes in a flash What happened? John and his Labrador Retriever Belle wind up in the Yellowstone wild and find out really uick that they aren't alone Can they make it back safely with the park teeming with wild animals? But how? What will they findorwhat will find them? Authorbio Back in 2008 I visited my first national park and became absolutely hooked Since then I've traveled to many national parks in the United States I hope to see them all one day My family and I love to spend time outdoors and enjoy watching nature change with each passing season I took up photography along the way and now I always have my camera ready Because of our love of nature and the national parks I became inspired to create The Flash Adventures Series I hope you enjoy John and Belle's adventures as they find out where photography will take them Enjoy the Journey R E Janet Keywords Yellowstone Adventure Flash Magic Wild Camera Wolf Alone Boy Dog Spring Animals

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    The concept behind this story is both simple and good a boy and his dog experience a magical journey around Yellowstone Park They are separated from the family by a magical camera which keeps moving them to different locations as pictures are taken Geology features like geysers and wildlife large and small are part of the adventureI thought the book could be improved upon in a couple of ways The cover image though interesting to me doesn't speak to young readers or promise a magical mystery tour Placing a boy and dog in it would help or some wildlife The language is generally a pre teen vocabulary but could be clearer When the boy is walking with his parents in a populated tourist area he is told in a seemingly random remark 'never press the bin' so I was expecting that the comment was about a litter bin Near the end of the book the boy recalls this comment as being to do with the buttons on the back of the camera which were not previously described This kind of issue comes about because the author knows what she means but the reader doesn't Another issue is that our hero doesn't actually have to do anything but keep taking photos He doesn't have to help anyone or assemble a collection of objects to find his way back to his parents Thus he remains as much an onlooker as the reader We can praise him for staying calm and trying to work it out but that's his only challengeI enjoyed the nature images and descriptions of the mist and geyser which might encourage a young reader to get out and see the landscape birds and animals