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Lauren has a secret when she whispers the magic words her pony Twilight turns into a beautiful snow white unicorn Lauren is sure that the little pony Moonshine is really a unicorn But Moonshine has to find a special friend to make the magic work Lauren wishes she and Twilight could help but what can they do? Then Lauren has a brilliant idea

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    I nearly cried reading this book again Moonshine is such a wonderful character and I used to get so sad when I thought someone horrible like Monica Corder was going to buy her or when I didn't know it was Michael's adoptive parents coming to get her When they did however the way that scene was written just made me so happy I always wanted to cry sometimes I even did and even though I'm 15 now I still just teared up Gah these books are amazing I don't care what anyone says Linda Chapman is brilliant and I love her for giving me such a wonderful childhood

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    Based on Linda Chapman’s own experiences with nannying a pony obsessed little girl My Secret Unicorn follows a young girl named Lauren and her pony named Twilight who is secretly her unicornNow I enjoyed this book series as a kid I recall reading each book when I was in Year 3 I decided to re read the whole series again to see if it holds up but I am afraid that it does not First of all there are the characters in the book series Explaining the plot further A nine year old girl named Lauren Foster moves with her family from the city to Granger’s Farm where she meets a bookstore owner named Mrs Fontana who gives her a book about Arcadia and unicorns After buying a pony named Twilight from an auction Lauren finds out from her unicorn book that there are key ingredients and steps to unlocking her secret unicorn a moonflower petal must fall when the first evening star arrives while she recites a “Turning Spell” and an “Undoing Spell” that can change him back to a pony After this first time Lauren only has to recite the secret spell without anything else There is much to the lore of the series like Arcadia itself how the unicorn cycle works and the magic system but that is a general ideaLauren Foster is a very flat and sometimes unlikable character She has nothing that defines her besides being horse obsessed and she often makes brash decisions that cause trouble than what is needed such as arguing with Twilight or her friend Mel whenever they are stuck in a snowstorm or fire hazard Not only that but the book series also focuses too much on Lauren almost at times pushing Twilight aside For example in Book #9 Snowy Dreams Twilight learns about the time limit regarding Unicorns Friends where he will eventually have to choose between returning to Arcadia or staying with Lauren but we only see this from Lauren’s point of view on how she feels rather than Twilight’s point of viewTwilight is a boring character All he is defined is as Lauren’s unicorn friend Further because he is dull as a funeral service on 025x speed I cannot grasp the relative importance of any of his problems – however few there are It is not Twilight’s fault though; he has an excellent setup to do something interesting However the book series is worried about Lauren and her problemsThere is also missed potential with other characters After reading Book #10 Twilight Magic where Lauren saves Jade I thought the next book would have been about Lauren and Mel making friends with Jade and Monica finally putting their rivalry to rest and getting to know them better However it did not do that There is also a bully girl named Kate in Friends Forever who excludes Lauren from her circle of friends when Mel reunites with them While Kate does do some genuinely terrible things such as moving the flagposts in a game of Capture The Flag she does not have as much character as she should have If Kate was manipulative and gaslight Lauren and Mel into thinking they should not be friends then she could have been a genuine threat There is also another Unicorn Friend named Michael who is one of the few people that knows that Twilight is a unicorn but the series does nothing with himNot to mention the magic system in the series as well as keeping Twilight a secret gets increasingly inconsistent and contrived For example in Friends Forever Book #7 Twilight is turned into a unicorn in broad daylight in a clearing where anybody could see what was happening but nothing comes of this Another example is Book 13# Moonlight Journey where we finally get to see Arcadia but much of Arcadia feels unexplored underdeveloped and the illustrations make Arcadia look bare and boring It does not help that the book series rushes over all the fantasy elements like they are not much of a big deal which undermines the magical value of what we are experiencing What is Arcadia and who are The Unicorn Elders? Who is Sidra? Twilight already knows this but how? How did Mrs Fontanta learn about unicorns? Who invented the Keeper Of Magic system with the magic resources in the first place? Moreover why can’t we be clued in too? Things feel missing in the book series It fails to introduce build or set up any of the conceptsHowever my biggest problem with My Secret Unicorn is that Twilight and Lauren’s relationship does not feel genuine Sure they spend plenty of time together but their scenes feel forced rather than natural and the dialogue often feels like the characters are saying what they are expected to say rather than wanting to say it For example Lauren often says that she loves Twilight as both a pony and a unicorn but because they cannot communicate with each other when Twilight is a pony and only share their most intimate scenes when Twilight is a unicorn it makes her statement meaningless Several books will tell you that the success of this duo is due to them working together but you will uickly see that Twilight does not need Lauren at all There are times when Lauren is disadvantaged because she does not have magical powers like Twilight and it feels like the conflict could have been easily solved if Lauren was written out entirely I am okay with Twilight being an independent hero but when the book series tells me Lauren and Twilight need each other I call nonsense on that nonsense Lauren is treated with much scene time than she deserves which ultimately makes the story weaker despite her lack of strengths or advantages making her uselessNevertheless my last problem with My Secret Unicorn is that I do not understand why Lauren cannot tell any about Twilight? If you look at fantasysupernatural stories regarding secret identities and objects you realise that they do not keep secrets for the same reason – their reasons need to make sense to the story For example Fetlocks Hall kept its unicorn side secret because it wanted to keep itself away from prying eyes and the potential villains could do if that happened – and that made sense because it was a well respected school with high fees and A standard students In My Secret Unicorn we are never told or shown why Lauren has to keep Twilight a secret There is nothing at stake if she does since there is no villain or massive threat there is a memory wipe potion introduced in Book #3 so there is no prolonged tension in the story Lauren at the end of the series is given the position of Keeper Of Magic where she has to help and look over other Unicorn Friends which is barely explained and raises far too many uestions which ruins the point of keeping unicorns secret to begin withEven if we assume that keeping unicorns secret is to protect Lauren’s friends and family telling certain people would help with that There are several times where Lauren struggles strictly because no one knows that Twilight is a unicorn and if she told certain people it would make her life 10x easier When you go off of tropes of a genre but those tropes go against the particular story you’re telling it feels lazily thought outTo conclude this has been one of the most disappointing childhood revisits I have ever had because My Secret Unicorn does not hold up very well in my eyes It has unlikeable and underutilised characters rushed pacing that overlooks essential beats and an adventure that lacks fun Everything is hollow offensive or unpleasant I honestly never expected myself to dislike “My Secret Unicorn” before re reading it It had a fun idea but it failed in its execution

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    Aww these books remind me of my childhood

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    They meet another another pony and the pony likes a boy Since he was adopted boy he likes spending time with ponies and well you need to read it It has a nice twist and surprise

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    I read this as a kid came across it last week decided to read it It's a well written book I understood exactly what was going on even though I haven't in the past 15 years read the earlier books in the series Recommend to the younger target audience it is meant for or a re read for another adult who enjoyed these as a kid

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    This is an enchanting tale for young readers Lauren has a pony called Twilight who turns into a unicorn and can talk to herLauren meets a small pony called Moonshine at a local riding school She thinks Moonshine looks so like Twilight that she must be another unicorn But a different person has to be a unicorn friend for each pony to allow them to change Then Lauren finds that a boy who is only staying in the area has uietly befriended Moonshine His name is Michael and his parents want him to be a baseball player instead Lauren is not allowed to tell anyone about unicorns but she has to think of a way to let Michael know before Moonshine is soldI enjoyed it and there is a lot of information about caring for ponies plus some sensitive handling of young people who don't want to be what their parents want

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    A little young for me but this was very well written This was my daughter's pick from the library and I was curious so I read the first page afterwards I realized I was hooked and had to read the rest of it Well a few hours later I was near tears at the end Good book

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    This book was about a pony named Moonshine who Lauren thought was a unicorn like Twilight in disguise Lauren needs to find someone to have Moonshine so that she can be turned into a unicorn I learned to believe Auryn 12 years old 2016

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    WeLl I think the book was really good I liked the way Twilight and Moonshine turn into unicorns Lauren had a great unicornWell I cant think of any thing to sayBut I enjoyed it