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During World War Two The Special Operation Executive S French Section Sent ThanAgents Into Occupied France At LeastNever Returned And Were Reported Missing Believed Dead After The War Twelve Of These Were Women Who Died In German Concentration Camps Some Were Tortured, Some Were Shot, And Some Died In The Gas Chambers Vera Atkins Had Helped Prepare These Women For Their Missions, And When The War Was Over She Went Out To Germany To Find Out What Happened To Them And The Other Agents Lost Behind Enemy Lines But While The Woman Who Carried Out This Extraordinary Mission Appeared Quintessentially English, She Was Nothing Of The Sort Vera Atkins, Who Never Married, Covered Her Life In Mystery So That Even Her Closest Family Knew Almost Nothing Of Her Past In A LIFE IN SECRETS Sarah Helm Has Stripped Away Vera S Many Veils And With Unprecedented Access To Official And Private Papers, And The Cooperation Of Vera S Relatives Vividly Reconstructed An Extraordinary Life

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    Historia del fracaso del espionaje britanico en FRancia y responsabilidades__Lastima que V ATkins se llevara a la tumba tantos secretos

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    I am a writer and have many author friends To write reviews for them would be all consuming So I don t This may be the first book I ve reviewed on A Life in Secrets is the best narrative nonfiction I ve ever read Kudos to Sarah Helm for her dazzling research and brilliant portraits of not only Vera but several SOE women and men whom she sent behind enemy lines She has gone deep inside the WWII years to create a harrowing depiction of events that must not be forgotten A deeply affecting book.

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    Interesting story about the beginnings and inner workings of the SOE, the behind the lines secret operations unit of the British Department of Economic War The story centers on real life Rumanian born Vera Atkins who was instrumental in organizing the French section The author was able to peel away much of the veil of secrecy and obscurity of British bureaucracy to reveal details of the lives of many unsung brave SOE agents in WW2.The book features a lot of original research the author traveled to many obscure villages and towns to ferret out people who knew Vera or her family members She also interviewed countless family members of other murdered SOE agents to discover the true story of the work of the SOE agents and how many of them perished executing their assignments or in the camps If you like this book you may also like Donovan, Master Spy about the WW1 war hero who organized the American version of the SOE, called the OSS, which was the forerunner of the CIA.

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    Churchill s line about Russia, that it was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, is an apt description of this fascinating book about spymaster Vera Atkins and the missing agents of WWII A Life in Secrets tells the riveting story of the heroic agents who parachuted into France to aid the anti Nazi resistance It painstakingly documents their movements behind the lines and their fates in the last years of the war In the process, it slowly reveals the mysterious character of Vera Atkins, a Romanian born Jew and, technically, an enemy alien, who recruited and trained women agents for the French section of Britain s Strategic Operations Executive A Life in Secrets is a great piece of investigative journalism and far exciting and heartbreaking than any fictional spy novel I ve read Each chapter takes you deeper into the layers of personal danger and bureaucratic intrigue Leads seem to take the story in one direction, only for it to be derailed or redirected elsewhere Just when you think you know what has happened, information is discovered that puts a different spin on things Throughout the book, the heroism and sacrifice of the agents makes you ache for answers about their fates And you root for Vera Atkins persistent efforts to account for and honor her missing agents.I agree with everyone here who has praised Sarah Helm s outstanding research and writing The number of people she interviewed, the extensive war documents she quotes, and the multiple verifications she obtained to confirm information result in an extraordinary achievement This book is so layered It s not only an important history of Britain s spy network in France, it s a major biography of the mysterious Vera Atkins It includes dozens of shorter biographies of secret agents, military officers, concentration camp survivors, SS officers and prison guards There s perspective on the deteriorating circumstances of the Jewish community in Romania and Hungary in the 1930s and lots of information on the war crimes prosecutions in 1945 47.My only warning to readers is to be patient and really take the time to carefully read this book The large numbers of people, places and times can be daunting to keep track of but your patience will be rewarded I ve read it twice to fully appreciate it The Anchor Books edition includes a map and list of characters at the beginning which are helpful references Highly recommended.

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    This book is so well done and the authoress has done extensive and thorough research about her subject You get fascinated by each and every character in the book you find yourself looking at their pictures time and time again Those people who are heroes, you find yourself rooting for them, and those that are villains you just want to choke them We learned so much from this book We recommend it 100% to anybody who is interested in World War II, and spies, and partisans You will also learn how the war efforts were so flawed and in many ways.

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    This book documents what happened to the female and some male agents who the SOE sent into France during WWII It was an extraordinary effort on the part of Vera Atkins, and Sarah Helm does an excellent job in documenting what occurred after the shooting stopped My problem with the book is that what we know of these agents is so limited that it is difficult to remember who did what with the exception of Nora Khan A brief bio of each woman in the back of the book would have been hugely helpful Despite the sketchy characterizations, Helm succeeds in making us care about what happened to these women, but it is at that point that the author brings the book to a complete stop in order to tell us Vera s personal story from her birth forward However, my interest was now focused exclusively on the agents and what happened to those responsible for their deaths I did a speed read through this part of the book There is very little in this book about training and almost nothing about what motivated these women to drop behind enemy lines One woman left behind a very young child Why If you read this book with E H Cookridge s Set Europe on Fire, you will have a very good overview of these very brave men and women However, I can t imagine anyone reading either book without experiencing confusion and anger.